Sunday, August 31, 2008

A after 4 years reunion!

I woke up at 1 in the noon today!OMG!
I just couldn't believe it because this is the first time I slept until noon ever since I moved in.
What's wrong with me?
Maybe I'm too tired recently and spent the whole Saturday meeting someone whom I've never met for 4 years!
It's already 4 years and we're still keeping in touch!The best thing is we met each other for the first time 4 years ago and weren't not really close.

Here's the story...

It was a national level seminar.
She represented Labuan while I represented Malacca.
That's the first time we've really met.She's given me a very friendly impression when I've just checked into my hotel room.I was like OMG!!!!!She's way too friendly!
We were sleeping in the same room.It's a 5 star hotel so no complaints about that at all!

We had good times together during the whole seminar.Since then,we've started to contact with each other.Ok,we keep in touch all the time.
I only keep in touch with her and another guy.

So,yesterday was the first time we met after 4 years.
She's not chubby as before but getting prettier and prettier.Her boyfriend joined us along.He's a very funny guy.haha.....
He's a meat eater!I've found out about that when we went for lunch together at fish&co!
I ordered a salad and then came Vell with her story about her meat eater boyfriend.He doesn't eat fruits and greenies at all!OMG!!!!

It was a lovely day for us to reunion again after 4 years!

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