Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a lil' P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L

my personal Sunday's weapons

started my day with a smile
fusion pink is the way baybeh!
souvenir form Egypt
the traditional castration methods

break the rule to enjoy your life to the fullest

my partner in personal

I didn't make it for the road trip with my coursemates. Just to have a personal time to do some thinking and do some reading.
Had omen instinct the night before the trip so decided not to go,instead.
My love for reading is getting deeper and deeper, but why can't I love someone just the way it is?
Good things always come late......

Monday, April 11, 2011

The BEST Way to Spend A LOVELY Sunday in Sabah

Woke up at 3-ish in the morning.
Hit the road at half past 3 up to Kundasang!
Just to catch the sunrise!

butterfly always remind me of freedom and how graceful it is

Grabbed for breakkie at the only mamak stall at Nabalu Park.

Sadly, we were not so lucky to catch the sunrise with orangy sky as the weather was cloudy.
But we enjoy the cooling weather.

peak of Mount Kinabalu
a more close-up view

such a cute name-ugly sister

My styling sense totally gone due to the unbearable weather.
My mouth 'produced' 'foggy' scene......
I can't stand of cold weather.

Mesilou golf course.Super foggy

Tai-chi for the morning...lol
we thought it's a spider web!
Countryside scene @ cow farm
milky Sunday!
the place that makes you feel like you're in New Zealand

My favo shot- the birds flying in a flock on top of the cows
group pic finally!
We dropped by JS Nursery Garden!

have you ever seen how a monkey jump?

rainy day with my bf
It was totally a spontaneous trip for us as we have got nothing much to do for the weekend. 
But we love last minute road trip!