Tuesday, March 29, 2011

KK Twestival "Local" 2011: Tweet, Meet, Give


Twestival Local in Kota Kinabalu,Sabah was held on the 24th of March.
This year, Twestival is going "Local" in cities such as Kota Kinabalu (KK), Manila, Melbourne and other countries that want to lend a hand in fund raising.

As for KK,Twestival Local raised fund for the Sabah Blind Society by organising interesting activites.
It's an AWESOME charity event!
The people are GREAT!

the Twestival banner!

grafitti art by awesome aritists!
It reminds me of Tribe back in Malacca where they have awesome graffiti art to vandalize decorate the dull looking walls!

pictures to capture!
the crowd
Elena is talking to the world about Twestival Local!
The volunteers at the beverage and snacks counter

@ the Origin Cafe
Boutique cupcakes
The coupons to purchase extra food and beverages are sold at the registration counter.
RM 5 per coupon and you can get yummylicious cupcakes and cakes!
Surprisingly, the cakes and cupcakes were selling like hot cakes!
Tracie and I were shocked and in less than 15 mins, the table was clear !
How awesome and generous the people are!

Generous buyers non-stop!
Jackie is talking to the world too!
Jackie is a super awesome lady!
Read her profile in her web to know more!

The place is full of love!

Tracie and I then decided to get a Twitter bird!
hahaha..sounds funny!
how can you miss out the face painting at such an awesome event!

face painting!

the face of the bird...
Purple on her

The people from the blind society did join for the games and activities that were organized that night.
They are good though!

cute bird!
cupcakes deco competition
the dwarf-liked deco
we love to camwhore!
the complementary snack! yummy!

There is a Braille Decoding competition too.

while waiting for Tracie

With Chloe ,Cassie from Hitz.fm
The picture that won USD $ 1000 in the world twestival

taste and sense competition
Jackie and moi
Jo and Kirksman
This Malacca guy really cheered the crowd up with his Watermelon song mann!

Eiji the Zombie

Drinking competition

Besides that, there is a bachelor and bachelorettes auction session to raise fund!
This is really something new to me!
Can't find it in West Malaysia!

Rica and Cassie from Hitz.fm

the t-shirt with the signature of Rica and Cassie
The t-shirt was bid at RM  100 in less than 5 mins!

Chloe with the handmade handbags from Caneeliea
Designer handmade bags were auctioned for fund raising too!

And I've got one for myself!

Bid it for RM80! LOVE!

Performance by Sabah Blind Society
They are super duper good singers!
They can dance too!!!!

bear with my cam-whore session
Hayden, Tracie, Jo

After spending the coupon for white wine with just only a coupon (RM 5), we finished up the last coupon with cupcakes from Boutique Cupcakes!

1st bachelor to be auctioned!
Chloe was bid by a Charming guy named James!
The hot 'selling' bachelor-Dino
Edgar-he dances Salsa to fascinate the crowd
he really makes Malacca proud!
Shy guy-Eiji
Eiji was really queit before his turn to be auctioned and he seemed nervous too.


His chests danced like a G6!!!!!!
The crowd during the auction session
The complete mural!

KK Twestival is absolotely a GREAT event!
Love the people here as they are so generous to play a part in raising the fund!