Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wrestler fans to be!

Last night,after Suki's done doing my hair ,we then planned to have our supper at a mamak stall.We need to make a change and sit at mamak stall as we always go to expensive place to here comes the story..............................

The 3 of us ordered the same drinks~teh tarik.The 1st thing that came across my mind once I drank it was that teh tarik can cause diabetes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is because the teh tarik was SOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But don't care la!As long as I get to drink and it's not that I drink it everyday or 24/7.

Nowadays,many mamak stalls are fully 'furnished' with projector instead of LCD tv.So ,WWE was the programme of the night.I admit that I never really like watching wrestling at all but I was totally enjoying watching it at the mamak stall.Guess what???????A table with 3 girls kept on saying something not so 'nice' every 5 mins ESPECIALLY ME!!!!!!!!!As the guys didn't even say anything but just watched it......haha.....

Here's some actions that the female wrestlers used during the show and I noticed that almost everyone of them used the same actions!

Not updated stuff

I've left my 'SAYANG' blog for almost 2 weeks without updating any posts at all.Pity you!!!!!
It's not my intention for not updating any posts but it's because that I'm too busy like HELL recently.Anyway ,my BUSY~NESS gonna end in few days then I've got to relax and have fun!

So,let me update things that happened recently.

On last Saturday,my colleagues and I have spent the night drinking at a club.The 'live' band there is awesome especially with the sexy and hot female singer.She does really has a great figure.ME JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But I heard from them saying that she's taking up belly dancing class.And guess what????She's a great copy-cat of SHAKIRA!!!!!!!Luckily,she's got a nice voice.At least she didn't ruin everything with a 'so-called singer's voice'...haha

There's something interesting during that night .A nice nice and seducing performance by our MR.EDWARD LIM!haha.....He could be a sex icon though as he was pulled to the stage to do some dirty acts..haha.......

Oh ya!He's always the happy-go-lucky and funny guy in our company..haha

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Joke of the day

I've found this joke in one of my friends' blog.It's funny though!

Which animal has the biggest breast?

Answer:It's ZEBRA! Z Bra

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Then & Now

(the one 2nd from right absent herself during venus's birthday)


Everyone's changed and look different!Haha.......
Anyway,high school time made us look ugly..hehe

Mummy's clubbing daughter

Right now,I'm a clubbing daughter in my mum's heart now!
Guess what???She asked me a silly question this afternoon when we were on our way back.

Mum:'What time did you come back last night?'

The only thing that crossed my mind was that I was damn sick last night because of food poisoning.I came back early from work and slept quite early last night.So how could I be out?

Jo:'Huh?Did I go out last night?where did I go?I slept early la.'

Mum:'Oh ya!I've forgotten.I thought that you did go out last night.'

Jo:'You blur already is it?You think I go out everyday even if I 'm sick like hell?!?!?'

OMG!I can't believe that I'm not 'EXIST' at home.Maybe because of my BUSY schedule and hanging out with my friends every night.Haha.....


*clubber thought ends here*

Monday, January 14, 2008

An old friend's birthday

Venus celebrated her birthday in the year 2008 and she's turned 20 years old..OMG!!!!!haha....
No matter what she's still much much older than me..just 9 months only la BUT I must act like I'm much much younger because I'm scared to turn 20 years old as my age's gonna start from the digit of 2 and not 1 anymore!!!!!!

Don't keep in heart ya,Venus.

Anyway ,she always wants a grand birthday party for her birthday and continuously celebrated her birthday 2 years in a roll at a club.What to do?????SHE'S A CLUBBER!

When I've reached the salon and picked her up,she looked like gonna celebrate her 21st birthday and there's many people kept on asking me whether it was her 21st birthday but I just explained to them that she's just 20 and I couldn't imagine what would it be like on her 21st birtday....haha...

However,I pulak kena scolded by her for not wearing sexy clothes and accompany her.
Excuse me????It's yr birthday and I don't wana be the highlight of the night.

She's the birthday girl.She uses cash but not credit cards
our 1st drinks.
Just for the few of us only...the others please layan yrself with the beers..haha
not blur yet cam-whoring seesion
2nd shot
just the both of us
moi n the birthday gal-Venus
cam-whoring session
ivian n jo
reunion for the 3 old friends during Venus's birthday
the last shot of 3 of us
here's the cake
the cake on the table with a smooth romantic look..haha
I don't know why is she always busy holding something in her hand?!?!?!?
cutting the cake

Her job was to cut the cake once and not into slices.So my job was to cut the cake and distribute to the others.She's the VIP of the night so have to give her nice nice service ma..haha

This is what happened in the pictures when you see drunkers busy taking photos.
Please be prepared to see these pictures.

kiss kiss
I'm supposed to give her a kiss and not her kissing me..haha...
Lesbian in sex!!!!!
This is what we call the DRUNKERS!!!!!!!!

P/S:Thnx to the guy who was the photographer of our drunk session and had to suffer seeing us posing SHIT.Kesian HIM!

cute shot from the birthday girl
She's the real drunker..haha..worse than me

Happy birthday gal!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The fact in love life!


Where should I stand when I'm stucked between a couple after breaking up???
Helping the one who is a player but is an old friend of mine OR backing up for the one who's hurt by a player????

I just wana surrender and let u guys settle everything.

To my old friend~the player,
Hope that you're happy with the new girl and don't regret for what you've done.I'm not sure how long can yr new relationship last for but all the best.I'm not intending to jeopardizes our friendship but just hope that you are happy.

To the one who's hurt,
Don't give up the whole forest just because of a tree.You must go on with yr life as guys is not the only reason for you to live but your own reasons.No silly things!!!!!!!

Jo Ann is feeling sorry for the both of them as they were the perfect couple.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Beer Belly ~The Killer Of FAT!

This is gonna be me!!!!
Actually,I realised that I'm not FAT but 'FAT' because of drinking too much alcohol.Nowadays,alcohol has become my 'NUTRITIOUS DRINK' since I've joined this company.My boss drinks,my colleagues drink and even me also drink!!!!!

This evening was having my dinner with someone who is very close to me and we always talk about clubbing,drinking and even my body figure.And this time he said that I'm FAT!!!!!!!
Wait a minute!at least he said that I'm fat because of drinking..haha.........Thank God!
But I'm not sure when can I quit drinking because I love to drink so much!!!!!!

Anyway,I should have get rid of my beer belly!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Countdown to 2008!!!!!New us!!!!!

New year eve!!!!!!
I'm gonna CREATE a new JO in year 2008!!!!!
no more sadness but happiness with my love ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly,I'm sick on new year eve!!!So suffering!!!But I still manage to spend time with my clicks especially the one who just came back from KL~my dear Sherlynn!!!!Ooopsss!!!I should call her CIKGU CHUA,as she's gonna be a teacher in Subang...

so,we've gone for dinner and shopping together!!!!!!!COOL!!!!!

cheesy gals
yanfun n me..our 1st shot
i was asked move forward just to make her face look smaller
me during dinner before new yr eve party
haha....ugly side...always get caught
the only cam-whorer
jaz n yanfun......

After dinner and shopping,we headed to Geographer for countdown.OK,this time no clubbing!
Cuz I don't have the mood to club...hmm....weird la..cuz i'm sick la!!!!!!!!
We turned to something nice and romantic...haha....

On the way to there,the 3 of us were stucked in a jam in the basement..haha...honestly,Jaz and I kept on asking Beatrice not to give way..haha.....and we've done that to many cars especially male drivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ladies always the best!!!!!!!!!
beatrice,jaz and jo
the 3 musketeers stucked in a jam....
the spokemodels for carlsberg..i wonder how much does the organizer paid them..haha
best friends forever
the loving couple~always!!!!!
jaz's bad skill....
the scene of Geographer
this situation makes everyone has to save a thing~the drinks!!!!
this makes me think of shisha~ing..haha
artistic pic.....good skill from this pic to the max
happy new year to me!i wana be a new me!!!!
the crowd @ geographer
innocent me..haha...kesian kena all those dirty stuff which contain chemical
man-made snow during new yr eve..haha
my bestest present from the one who always supports me

this is what the both of them did when the clock strikes 12.None of us could find them at way to escape being dirty

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!!!!!