Monday, July 31, 2006

I've spent the whole Sunday at a stupid shopping mall...Mahkota Parade..Well that's the only place where u can shop in malacca.The purpose i went there was just to redeem the tickets for 8tv summer concert in jb.I was waiting for almost an hour just to get the tickets.Silly me !!!!!I was the 2nd last person to get the last 2 tickets.However,2 is not enough for me cuz there are 3 of us going.My cousin n sis didnt even come n look for me to find out if i've got the tickets.Luckily,mum came at the nick of time.She got the last 2 tickets....Thank God!!!!!!Mmmmm....i think mum was the oldest to wait for her turn to get the tickets.....anyway we did get 4 tickets all together..And...We get to go n watch the concert.....cousin n sis came later n guess what???They went for a drink at starbucks!!!What the hell????We were waitng for them for so long n they went for a drink.....they even brought the drinks with them for us almost finished.So CRUEL!!!!!
After we've got our tickets,we were hanging around aimlessly at the concourse area cuz there are many happening things which was organised by 8tv.The finalists of Malaysian Idol 1 came to sing a few song only la...not many...sis was crazy at Vic cuz she fell in love with him,mum did the same thing too.She kept on saying that he's so so so handsome.Oh my goodness!!!!!!Later then,jolene n my sis pushed me up to participate in a game.It's a catwalk competition!!!!So,I was forced to go cuz the host had seen me.The host is handsome dun mind to go up the stage.But the whole place was so crowded n many ppl were watching us...the girls had to choose their own partner among the 5 guys.I then simply chose one cuz none of them r goodlooking...the game ended well....
We went for movie later then..'pirates of the carribean'..The movie is damn bored man..maybe it's cuz i missed the 1st part so i didnt really enjoy the movie......watching movie was the last thing we did on Sunday

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hate it but it's nice too

Today i have to wake up 'damn' early cuz i have to attend a function in my high skool..not current high skool but it's a stupid skool that i've hated for 5 years.I've to go cuz its for those ex-students who had achieved flying colour result in the 2005 spm.Although i dun like that skool but it's great to meet my ex-schoolmates again after we've nvr met for almost half a year.I'm happy to be with them again......During the ceremony,i almost fell asleep cuz that stupid VIP was talking nonsense n kept on mentioning abt the death of few students from that skool.Wat the hell?????So,i kept myself entertain by chit-chatting with my frens..... that is much much better than listening to that stupid speech...From the beginning of the ceremony until the end he just kept on talking abt the death...not that he's the only one know abt that...everyone's knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!K,anyway that dun bother me anymore cuz i'd alot of fun with my's great to meet nadiah n william again.A smart gal n a funny guy....After the ceremony,everyone's left but william was stil there with his parents ... i did chit-chat with his parents cuz i know's a manner...his mum is's nice to talk to her...before nadiah left .luckily i get to take a quick shot with her...

Saturday, July 01, 2006


It's has been 6 years that me n my cousins in jb never met each other.Finally,there's a chance.But we just get to spend a day together.However,it's better than none.We hung out together for lunch,tea-time,visiting the historical places,dinner and clubbing .It was fun cuz we were very closed to each other before me n my family move to malacca and now we get to hang out with each other.After 6 years,everyone has changed.
Just heard a good news from a friend...Actually i dunno is it a good news or not?????2 of my friends just got married cuz they are..... pregnant!!!!!!!But they are around my age...Being a young mother did give me a bad impression cuz it's too early to get pregnant n maybe some of them can't afford to raise a child.However,it's changed my mind after an incident happened.Actually it's not wrong to get pregnant at this age and maybe it's something nice for a mother.Both of my friend get married after they are pregnant is something good for them.At least they dun need to kill a life!!!!!It's a child's life!!!!!!But they let their babies come to this world....Not a sin for them at all cuz they keep it n not kill it.If a mother abort her own baby,it's like killing her own flesh n wil haunt her forever!!!!Every baby is meant to born to this world n not being kill.The baby is innocent!!!!!