Sunday, July 29, 2007

I hate SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!I've never ever spent it wisely..EXCEPT Sleeping..haha...
piggy me~~~~~~~~~blah~blah~blah~ I JUST LOVE TO SLEEP!!!

Things that I've planned to do for sunday:
#wake up at 8am for a jog-{FAILED due to last night 'early' bedtime}

#Go for the blood donating campaign-{FAILED because i'm underweight-standard 48kg but i'm only 43kg}T_T

#shopping for sales-{FAILED because I don't wana spend it on something not worth it}

So,the 1st thing i've ever done in the morning was check my weight...MAMPUS!!!I'm damn light rite now....plan failed to donate my blood.............*disappointed*

Actually ,there another reason that i wana donate my blood besides helping those who are suffering.....I remember Gim told me that it can guarantee me to be safe whenever there's a raid ended up me in the 'lokap'(but i've nvr try before la)'s a good record tho...haha
just forget about it~~~~

  • breakfast-Dim sum

Place:A dim sum restaurant-dunno the name at all

air-conditoned,nice furniture,nice design(but i still prefer my favourite dimsum restaurant in JB)

Food:special dim sum,nice tea,the buns are not nice

Service:not bad

Price:not so reasonble


I want to highlight the service from a waitress there:

This waitress suddenly approached me and whispered something damn weird.I was so shocked because I didn't know what did she wana do at 1st.

Waitress:'your top is too low.."zhao kong "(in Cantonese) already.'

Jo:'u mean my jeans is too low and exposed my tattoo isit?'

Waitress:'no,it's yr top'

Jo:'thnx but my top is like this so nothing can do to make it rite'

it's so damn funny mann...I was wearing this pink MNG top with a wide cut at the collar and I always just leave it like this....used to it already.
But what i noticed was this restaurant full of 'KOLOT' I've suggested to my sis that next time I have to dress with my Japanese style the one below

ta......... this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Breakfast,mum went to buy something and I just tagged along.Guess what???I've found this ice thingy which I've never tried for years...It was back in primary school though..haha
I still remember mum didn't let us to eat this because it's junk food...not good for children...
So,I just reached my hand into the refrigerator and took 2 of the ice thingy..i dunno wat its 'real name'..haha

miss those days~~~
this is how i spent my precious time with it!!!

old school day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
almost finished!!!!haha..........
P/s: Please don't judge on my ugly side because I admit that I was ugly when eating it But I was too obsessed*

*right after I've finished it,my asthma attack*(weird la,it doesnt attack everytime I drink ALCOHOL)

Later then,I;ve done something which beyond my experience-Being a hairstylist!
Sis was not satisfied with her hair after came back from the saloon so she asked me to cut it.Actually I offered myself to do it 1st la..haha

Sis:'you know how to cut or not?'

Jo:'i know la..last time i cut josh's hair too'

Sis:'if not nice,u buy a false hair for me,i dun care!'

Jo:'won't be not nice la(jo's was worried it would be not nice..haha)'

Here it goes~~~~~~
After an hour...............................................

The result:
Jo's opinion~
*Jo' s satisfied about it,never expected it turned out to be the same as she went for the professional.Jo likes it!!!{SUCCESSFUL}

Sis's opinion~
*You can own yr saloon already...the same as the pro..nice la

~The before and after look of my sis~

Instead of spending our saturday night in the club,we spent it 'WISELY' with FOOD!!!!!!!!!!Gotta eat.....Hooray~~~~~

Siham is the food ..haha...kinda not hygiene to have this kind of food BUT we Love it so much....
When go for this 'not so hygiene' food,Aaron is the big's true k????
This is because when I haven't finish a plate of siham,he's finished 6 plates of lala...OMG!!!!
But last night,All i could hear was somebody kept on complaining that I'm so weak....and it was the 1st time to have siham with him..haha

Jo:'please "kopek" for me'

Gimson:'u r so weak la'
*wat he does was he almost kopek all for me..haha*

2nd round

Jo:'help me to finish it,i can't finish all(it's just a plate only and that's much for me)'

Aaron:'girl come,daddy kopek for you'

Jo:'sadly mummy is not here la..haha'

Aaron:'Terbalik pulak I've become yr daddy,if not ,u always have a bad habit not to finish it'
*because i'm always like this when we eat siham*
*guess what?He kopek the whole plate for me*

Jo:'hey,help to eat la,dun kopek only,i can't finish at all'

Aaron:'u can't kopek so i did it for u la.....u asked me to ma'

Jo:'where got????I asked u to help and eat la...but u kopek all for me'

Anyway,he did finish for me..haha

But we did talk about diet ESPECIALLY to me

Aaron:'...u r so skinny(after looking at me from top to toe),must eat more'

Jo:'i think so but jaz always scold me when I say that I'm fat d!!!!'

Aaron:'(after looking at me for the 2nd time)u r ok ok la'

No one says that I'm fat!!!!!Someone PLEASE say 'Jo,You've gained weight already/Jo,You're Fat already'
Anyone out there?????PLEASE say something about me that I'm FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We then went for a drink before picked Karwai up.........

We talked loads of stuff and now I'm kinda know 'WHY GUYS LIKE TO SHOW OFF'
Thnx guys~~~~~~

Later then,when another group of gang came to join us,they talked about some 'stuff' and I pity Karwai because he was mentally tortured by Gim..haha...damn funny wei..................

~Girls will never know why a guy does this and what does they think~

~girls can never read a guy's mind while guys can never read a girl's mind~

  • The Tattoo part
Aaaron and Gim were talking about the Tatts that their friends have and they kept on saying the art of it is damn CHUN~

Aaron:'My friend has a japanese mask tatt on his chest with flowers on it and it nice!The tatt artist did do a great job on it'

*my heart started to get itchy to have my next tatt from his tatt artist*

Jo:'hey recommend the tatt artist to me la..dun be so selfish'

Aaron:'He's a fren of mine and he does it for friends...his art of work is very nice'

Jo:'take a picture of yr friend's japanese mask tatt for me!I wana see'
'I'm planning a nice and special design for combination of my tatt'

Aaron:'Your mask tatt on yr neck isit?'

Jo:'Nope.It's my butterfly tatt.I plan to have it with other design which the whole design wil be on the right side of my waist till the front.I wana design by myself'

*Jo's GATAL..Always wana have tattoos until a friend of mine asked me and asked when will I have another tattoo again..haha*

Anyway,I have a special message to Gim and Aaron

"Guys,When do you wana have your tattoos?????I'm waiting!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Alien's" world with strange things

Saturday noon,just few hours before my class,I was searching a web which I always do.

Found out some WEIRD& STRANGE&RIDICULOUS& blah blah blah~~~~~~ pictures..

just wana share with u guys...some of the pictures are unbelievable!

here it goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
A fish which has teeth like human do
the most dangerous road in the world
*which i could experience it...haha....I love adventurous things*
illegal downloaded picture...haha

signboard:tokya duno die...i could only read this 3 chinese word in it
if u could undeRstand it then u know what it means cuz I want it to b SUSPENSE

the red warning box in this 'the right way to wear a bra' means "PLEASE DON'T USE THIS SIGNBOARD TO MASTUREBATE"

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Last paper for today ~BIZ.It was supposed to be on ..wait...i've forgotten..let me think.........*blur*
Ok.I remember...on Tuesday but the paper delayed 2 days later cuz some of the students ask for it.

The reasons are SIMPLE & EASY & LAZY&LAME&STUPID& are the reasons:

#no time to prepare for so many subjects for Tuesday because there r many things to memorise.....Maths,econ on Tuesday..wait(our many subjects are just 3 in a day but it's many for them d)

#laziness of everyone to prepare early..everyone has a very bad habit~burning the midnight oil....I've only done that for few subjects and didn't even study for the other subjects.Cool rite???This is due to my laziness..haha(too excited abt leaving here)

I was at a meeting this afternoon with my partners....we have many stuff to discuss but i just sat there n read the mag that I've paid alot effort on...while discussing about sponsorship,Eric said something which I agreed alot and it's quite dirty..haha..there a sponsor from FTS sdn.bhd.then something crossed his mind and said
"FTS?????FUCK THAN SUCK..haha...."

"u r rite!!!!But next time i have to be careful abt the signboard when i have my own business..haha'

ok...i dunno what the ending of the discussion as I was the earliest to leave.....

Last night,I was supposed to study for my Biz paper 1 but ending up watching 'Grey's Anatomy'....hehe...studying while watching!!!!

But the episode was quite sad because Meredith 's dead cuz of falling into the sea when rescuing a victim..*SOB*~~too moody to study ~

Just after that,Someone called me.Honestly this special means alot to me and we always share our secrets and problems eventhough both of us are too far away...But we've been doing it for years.....My best friend called to ask me change the time of our gathering because we have to rush for something nice after that...Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna leave here soon!!!!!!
there's what ive been looking forward...hmmm....soon,i' have to to and fro to!!!!!!!!!!!
And I 'need' $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
Anyway I have prepare it for 'EMERGENCY'
But my schedule's gonna be hectic because I've promised to meet him when I'm there,Meet her there too...Meet them too!!!!!!!!!!!!Haiz~~~~~~too bz la

C ya guys soon~~~~~~~~~MUACKS~~~~

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cold Sales for me!

BIG SALES all over the country~~~~Hooray!!!!LOve it!

Exam on monday but i've prepared everything but jst for BIZ....Fuck up the other subjects~~as long as I do remember some of them then it's ok for me......
My memorising power is to the MAX!!!!!!
No worries~~~~Kke!!!(i learnt it from Navid a.k.a Maksim to my sis).if u guys don't know who the hell is he,then let me introduce to u guys..he's a famous piano player from the earth..haha

*regret for not taking History*~my favourite subject in my heaven...haha

Ok.Let's back to my carnival sales!
I'm damn fucked up with the stuff selling in this small town!!!!!HAte it!!!
For the others,here's a heaven n sweet hometown for them but not me....^Jo's struggling at this stupid place^

Went to MNG and tried to get some tops for clubbing,casual or blah blah blah..............................

10 mins later......................................

Jo walked out of the store with empty hands!!!!!!Damn pissed!!!
I have $$$$$ with me but didn't know what to buy...stupid place la!!!!All those are sales arrival also don't have...

But whatever it is,I'm gonna get out of here in few days time...woooohoo!!!!!

something nice happened!
i saw Alex went into a street wear store where I was there too but I wasn't sure was that him so didn't 'give' him a HI!

5 mins later......................................
retarded Jo received a msg from Alex and here it is

'hey ,aren't u there just now?"
I was like "i wasn't blur just now and it's Alex"...haha

'sorry for the late reply.I kinda saw u but nt sure was that u.'

'Me too.....was not sure too'

'haha...ya....both of us look different in the day cuz we mostly meet at night'

'u r with yr bro?'

'yup.and my mum.r u alone?'

'just wana get my stuff there..wana teman me?'

'i'm on my way back now.nothing much to shop here.Bored!'

'ok...see ya in pure then=)'

*the meaning of the msgs are something like this cuz I kinda forgot d...haha*

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Why people gossip????here's the point of view in ISLAMIC

GOSSIP is what people like to do.

Have they ever thought that will they get any return in the future for doing that?
Is that a good thing for them to do?
Are they the most perfect ones as they gossip about the others?
Have they ever thought that they may be worse than the person they gossip about?

In conclusion,everyone always thinks that they are the most perfect ones and they have the right to talk bad things about the others.

Being GOSSIP is what happening in my life.

I don't understand what benefits that those people who gossip about me can get.
The funniest is ,even the old one also like to gossip about me n TALK LOADS OF BAD THING of me in front of the others......and guess what???that old bitch is in her 50.(I'm not telling all this by 'IRRESPECTing' her but does someone who like to gossip bad things about me deserves something much much better than me?)
She doesn't even make a self-criticism on herself n her son but she wants to criticise on the others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my eyes,those who like to gossip about me are someone STUPID and IDIOT for me!
It's not that i'll pay them or they will pay me for gossiping about myself!!!

I've really learn something about 'GOSSIP' after watching a Muslim programme.

This is why people say that Islam is something pure and white.It can make someone better.

One of the Ustaz(leader in the islam) talked about WHY PEOPLE GOSSIP:

1)people who gossip are those who 'kekurangan ilmu'(not knowledgeable).
this is what I've always thinking about and IT'S TRUE!

2)people who gossip are those who never look themselves in the mirror which means that they don't know to find their own weakness and always think that they are better than everyone and therefore the others are worse than them

3)people who gossip are those who like to find the weakness on the others.
~for example,when someone gossip about a person,he/she would always want something bad happen to the one they gossip about and always think that they are weak.

there's no need for me to talk about the rest because it's about Allah.

Now I understand that those GOSSIP~ERS are an idiot.not knowledgeable.weak!

There's something for the 'victim' to go against all these devils are do something which is good for yourself and prove it to them.

There's no point for you to do the same thing as what they do to take revenge.

They will get nothing in the end but you.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Priceless life can't be replaced by anything at all!

Do they know what a mother is meant to be????Their child grows in their womb for 10 months n growing bigger day by day.Having their own kids is what every mother wants as baby brings alot of happiness in their life eventhough being a pregnant mummy is not easy.It's a MIRACLE!

However,What i've been listening n watching nowadays is a mother could kill her own child just for her lover's sake!

what the FUCK !!!
Your child is more important than everything..include the guy whom you love so much!!!So what if being a single mother????!!!!!Why do u care so much about other people's mind?!?!?!?! No matter what, kids always come first in a mother's life!!!!!A spouse is necessary but NEVER EVER PUT YOUR LOVER ON THE FIRST PLACE!

Honestly,I'm DAMN pissed,angry,sad,heartache and emotional when I found out that another girl's missing and was killed by her own mother just because her mum wanted to protect her lover!!!!!!!Does she has the conditions to be a mother ?????Does she know that her daughter's life is priceless???Does she know that it's a sin for her to do that?!?!?!? If she's planned everything to kill her daughter so why did she give birth to her?!?!?!?
She would never know how much she'd done n feels regret after losing her loved one...Or she never even loved her daughter at all???It could be a big possible as I have a friend who gave birth to her son and just leave him alone...she never even really looks after him and pretend that he's not her son everytime she brings him out with her sister-in-law....Such a sad situation!!!!

Last year,a girl was reported missing in JB and the police found her skeletal remained af
ter 11 days.What shocked me the most is that she's from my primary school!!!!! This was the first time happened in my school and i'm sad over it!!!!!How come all these could happened to an innocent girl?!?!?!You'll never think that her own mother caused her to death and end her bright future to be someone useful . I wonder how could a mother do that to her own child?!?!? Is it as easy as slaughter a meat at home?!?!?!Or it's like a hide and seek game?!?!

ching poon who went missing

last year and her
skeletal remained after 11 days

Do the girls in this world have done something sorry to the guys or their mothers ?!?!?!

Human is born to die but not by murdering by their loved ones in this world.It's ridiculous!!!Or the human in this world has back to the history in the 'JAHILIAH' era where the baby girls were to be killed once they're born.This is what they did whenever a baby girl is born where they would bury the child lively!!!!It's cruel !!!!

Frankly speaking,my emotion now is so bad and that's why i'm writting this post. I feel heartache for these children and wish I could be the one to save their life!!!!

Last but not least,to those future mothers there:

Monday, July 02, 2007

san pedro~clubbing~

san pedro night~the only festival that u can find in malacca at portugesse settlement
honestly,I dun really know about the real history about this festival but all i know is this festival is held for the memory of the sailors.....i think that's the meaning though..haha

it's the last night for the festival and guess what????i'm so lag this year because i only found out about this festival just few days before it ends ......I"ve missed alot of interesting stuff....*sob*

but we did make it for the last day and it was fun!!!!
There;s something new there which they didnt have it last year~~~Fun Fair!!!!
We were stucked at one of the game stalls there as the guy was so eager to win a big prize and
what I know is ,he was wasting his money there!!!!He spent alot!!!!He even asked his wife to pay it!!!!!!!OMG!!!!

At first,Gimson and I wanted to play the game as jaz n i will be in a pair and aaron and gim will be another pair.........But everything's nothing in the end because we didn't want to 'mensia sueykan' ourselves infront of everyone because of that guy....haha

therefore,We changed our mind to have some food(i need to eat something before i club)
We went for ikan bakar....the FUNNIEST thing was~we know to eat but don't know to choose the fish...haha..then,a lady chose one for us which is big for us 'physically' but we just said ok thing,that lady said something funny to us which i think she's a very good business woman
"this fish is fresh,this morning it was still swimming"

all of us felt funny about it......but it's nice though..haha

later then,I went to sunshine and meet Terence as he 'invited' me to join him to club there..
His 1st choice was at Pure but it's too early n it's quite empty....
I had aload of fun there..haha...joey made a fool at me about a mat saleh's perfect with clubbing...the real Jo's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
before clubbing

the nicest view

fun fair at san pedro nite
the one for me..haha..ive spotted this once i was there
the both of us were being bullied by gimson..haha
the big cam whorers
ikan bakar for four @ portugesse settlement @san pedro night
far right one~~~the one who wasted our drinks..haha
the things to get high
the darkness of black label n beers
havoc in the club~~~
it's SUX to get drunk!!!!