Sunday, June 29, 2008

The only word for me~

jo and jaz....
jaz and cathy
the 3 of us...........
the lazy one whenever i'm there..haha....he's a really good dancer and he impressed me alot!

the sex pistols!
the highlight of the night for me..hehe
my favourite!ADIDAS~~~~I want!!!!

the crazy one.....
1st attempt!
not another nice one
this guitarist really remind me of u...SHAUN!!!!!
the last attempt....finally
jaz just got the first shot with him and its much much better than my attempts
cathy's got a better one with him too
jo with the drunk's not drunk after drinking so much!hooray~~~~

The last party before I leave !

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm sure that I'm ready to leave!
I haven't been blogging for almost a week.This is due to my hectic life in this few days to get my things done before moving on my life into the Uni.

My study life gonna start all over again and I'll be taking International Business.I've never had any interest in biz until the day I stepped into A-level.A science student to a biz student.It's like a 360 degree changes for me as I didn't know anything about biz!

Anyway no one's think that I do look like a student at all as I'm wild enough to club.Whenever I meet new people,they would ask me what do I work as?
When I 'acknowledge' them that I'm a STUDENT,no one believed!
Ok,whatever.I don't wish to look like a student when I'm having fun like crazy !

Here comes the BUSINESS WOMAN in the future!*applause*
My odd routine:

10:00a.m:Get up of my 'sayang' bed.
(For the first time I woke up early after the drinking night)

10:30a.m:Fill up all the details in the form given by my uni

11:00a.m:Went to Putra medical centre for medical check-up
*'m satisfied with the service*

12:30p.m:Headed to Maybank

01:00p.m:Paid my fees in CIMB bank and opened an account

01:45p.m:Headed back to the medical centre for another check-up from doctor

02:20p.m:Went to the temple

03:00p.m:Headed to Bank Simpanan Nasional

0400p.m:Sent sis to her piano lesson

04:30p.m:Went to get the 'latest' look of me in the passport size photos


I was so busy until I've forgotten to have
my breakfast and lunch.
So suffering!

I've lost 1 kg !!!!
I only found out about it
during my medical check up la.....
Luckily the doctor didn't say anything
cuz of my drinking session last night!
It's not good to have alcohol in yr body when you
go for medical check-up though....
Jo's 'silly' advice.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Words from me~

I've got all the details for my uni!This is because someone msg me early in the morning and informed me about that.I"m DAMN excited sial!
But it's gonna be a rush as I have to leave either on next Friday or Saturday.OMG!I haven't pack my stuff yet!!!!

I realised that I have lots of great people in my life!
Proof:I have to inform many of them that I'll be leaving and during that moment ,I couldn't really count the amount of the great people.

I've got to manage my time and meet all of them!They wana meet me too before I leave.Haha...
*too perasan*
But that's the truth what.My 'affair' boyfriend said that la..haha...

I called my uncles last night just to inform them that I've got a place into the uni as they kept asking me for many times before this.So,when I called my youngest uncle,he was so narrow-minded la...*actually he's not and that's what kept me wondering*
"So far?You purposely chose a further place so that your parents won't control you ,right?"I was thinking that my parents don't even control me now so why should I purposely do that.OMG!
Then he said something so 'caring' that my parents didn't even think of it."If you are at somewhere nearby at least yr mummy and daddy can visit you.But so far,so it's difficult."My answer was:"I'll come back during holidays so I think it's ok."

I really can't imagine that he would think of that.Macam he's the only one worried the most.Thnx ya!
At least my another uncle not so worst la.The only thing he asked was"Is that your decision to go there and chose the uni?"Not so 'strict' like my youngest uncle..haha...

Just recalled back what my 'affair' boyfriend said to me last night..haha
"Before you leave we must go out together and have fun ,k?"
Lain kali you don't get to have fun with me when I've left.So do I.

This gang really cheer me up in my life!!!!

Another one-Aunty Lim.Actually she's young but we called her that cuz she's married but in a young age and has 2 daughters!
Together with another crazy one-Yen ting.

Our friendship has been 5 years .I met these great people during my first working experience!Haha....


Oh ya,this morning while I was browsing through someone's friendster profile and found out that this pretty one has a blog!
CATHY HAS A BLOG NOW!!!!hooray!!!!!!!!!!


Last but not least,I've still got to PARTAAYYYYYYY for a week!!!!Not gonna miss the party at PURE!!!!!

I think that's all for now.

TO BE CONTINUED.........................

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The fact!

The result is out!
I have to fly in a week time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Should I be happy or sad?????????

I was yelling for my mum and had to wake her up as she's asleep.Sorry,mum!
I can't wait till tomorrow to tell you which uni I've got into!
*wanted to give dad a call and tell him about this good news but it's late night now so it's better not to disturb him*

Luckily,I have jaz's mum over there..haha.....

Thinking of what to bring now as I have loads of clothes and accessories and my SHOES!!!!

The best-est of us got into different unis.
Our promise:Come back during holidays and club ONLY at Pure!!!!

I'm gonna partaaayyyyyy like hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pure,good bye!!!!!!
I will miss my 2nd home so much!!!!!!!!!!
The place where my life is!!!!!!!!!!

Now I wonder how will Josh react tomorrow morning?!?!?

Last but not least,'advice' from mum:
"You better be serious after get into uni"
Helo,club is club,enjoy is enjoy,study is study~my principle!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My collection=my hobby=my priority=my life

*was counting the necklaces and earrings while tidying my room*

the main character of my life!can't live without them!!!

And I realise that I don't have many earrings and it's not enough for me yet!!!!!!
And more necklaces!!!!!


It's 11.37 p.m now.
The result for uni will be out in 23 mins .
I'm damn scared now!!!!!!

Liquor please!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Breakfast tomorrow morning!
I'm trying to recall back when was the last time I had my breakfast in the morning.Yeah,exactly in the morning which is before 12 p.m.

I've got a call from Cathy 2 hours ago to 'ajak' me for breakfast tomorrow morning.I thought our breakfast would be around 10 a.m or 11 a.m.But when I asked her about the time,I was shocked.Ok,it's way too early for me though.
Never mind la,once in a while.Lagipun,she has class in the noon.

I've given her a 'SPECIAL ' task tomorrow since she'll be going for her yoga class at 7 in the morning and finish at around 8 a.m.

I'm a Lazy Bum!!!!!!!

Attn:To the ladies!

I've just finished reading the NST of the day!(actually half way through but holding the whole newspaper now)

Popular clutter in yr inbox.

Especially for the ladies!
2-way mirrors.

here's a simple test.....

Place the tip of yr fingernail against the reflective surface and if there is a GAP between your fingernail and the image of the fingernail,then it is a GENUINE mirror.

However,if your finger DIRECTLY TOUCHES the image of your nail,then BEWARE,FOR IT IS A 2-WAY MIRROR!

So,ladies!Remember everytime you see a mirror,do the "fingernail test".

It doesn't cost you anything.It is simple to do,and it might save you from getting "visually raped!"

Ladies,be careful!

Such popular clutter often 'attack' on the female readers.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dedicated to my ex-clubbing kaki:


you're having a pathetic life.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My bad habit-Drinking!

I really can't believe what I'm doing right now in front of my lappie !!!!!
I'm drinking!Ok,it's not water but liquor!!!!
It's just ain't right .

I'm trying so hard to quit my drinking habit .
Frankly speaking,I've not been drinking for a week.Yeah,a week!!!!!
I've stopped drinking beers for months and started to get into liquors.Then,I started to reduce my drinking 'sessions' .A good start for me though.
But when I started to drink beers again,guess what???
It's so indulging . I'm loving it!!!

I just couldn't resist to take my liquor out so it's not my fault la.....It's the fault of my 'sayang' liquor!!!!!!!!!
(actually i put it at a 'visible' place)

I think I need some help to quit drinking.Can someone tell me the RIGHT&BEST way to quit it?

Never mind.I'll work out harder for my gym tomorrow.Hehe....

And I enjoy drinking so much!
Maybe there's no way for me to quit it at all.

Oh Gosh!!!!!!!I had the worst morning ever!!!
Tons and tons of messages kept pouring into my phone!!!Help me!!!!
I want a 'good night' sleep!

Finally I've got to go to bed at 2 in the morning!
I always sleep at 4 or 5 in the morning so at least let me get some sufficient sleep for a day.
I'm a log so i will only wake up when the sun rises on top of my ass!!!!
But my room is dark enough and no sun for me...........
And I hardly get a chance to sleep SOOOOOO early!!!!!!!

I LOVE sleeping in my pinkish room !!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today,jo is very good!
Wake up early and 'teman' mummy for shopping as she's 'ajak' me last night.And I love to shop with her even though I have to fork out my own bloody earning money!
*and I did spend much today*

This is the cause when you spend on branded stuffs.
She gives lot of opinions to me everytime I wana spend on something.
She's my everything!
And I realised that I'm getting more mature because I don't argue with her all the time anymore!!!!

So after shopping,we went for Laksa as I know mum loves spicy food so much!!!!

my menu~lontong
mum is too happy with her spicy laksa...she loves spicy food!!!

I was supposed to pay for this meal but due to my commitment for my phone bill.Mum's being understanding.Love ya to bits!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My new wall paper!!!!

I HEART Barbie like crazy!!!!
I have many Barbie~sssssss in my room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This time is my wallpaper!!!!!

Gonna start my online shopping for Barbies!!!!

The update for Jone's birthday

The update for Jone a.k.a Dr.Jones 's birthday!Finally,I've got the pics from Jaz.
We celebrated his birthday @ Geographer. My favourite place!!!!
But there's something I didn't really enjoy during that night.Dancing!!!!!!!Whenever there's music,I would dance.But that night really a SHIT as a 'retard' guy(in our gang) wanted to find a table at upstairs!!!!So,I didn't get to dance!!!!!!!*pissed off*
Halo!!!!!!!The atmosphere at downstairs is much much better!!!!!!!!More over,he's brought a 'nerd' girl.I knew that girl when I was in my first high school.Ok,I'm not gonna 'elaborate' more about her.

We've reached earlier than the birthday boy. We've almost got into few accidents when we were on our way to there.Again,the driver is Eric as I was too tired to drive after driving for the whole day.
And again,he didn't pay much attention while driving.Accident is gonna happen the next time !!!!

We WERE being good for not drinking when we ordered our beverage...hmmm....
Jo's trying to quit drinking by ordering Esprit Raspberry!!!!A good start!!!!!!!
We had the same drinks too even though we're drinkers!!!!!

But everything's changed when the birthday boy arrived together with his girlfriend ,Jaz a.k.a my best friend.
The first thing she asked us was :'Why did you guys never order beers?'
For sure I would give her a polite answer:'We don't wana drink tonight....we wana be good'

After that,her bf ~ Jones ordered a few buckets of beers.And of course when he asked me to drink I have to entertain him what.Birthday boy ma..............

he FUCKING loves playing with my phone!!!!
the Dr.Jones's girlfriend
my eyes damn sux!!!!and she's cute in this pic!!!!
her eyes pulak closed this time!!!actually she's trying to peep me..haha
a pretty face and a sexy back...haha
What the hell do you want?!
getting fiercer
i know this pic look sux!!!!Just wana cheer them up...haha
we have the similarity....we never love being KAWAII...but we're's sux for us!!!!
at least the nicer one
the vulgar side of me
cathy the girl next door...but now she's crazy for partying!!!!!Sorry for teaching u bad stuff....

Here are some masterpieces of Eric which taken by my cam phone..........................

i took this...every part of him....haha

i love this

never missed a cam-whore of myself..haha

Jaz's ugly side by me
randomly by cathy...i didn't realise at all..but i love it
again from her
the girl next door...if she could be the one..haha
nice one
Finally a pic of her with a cigarette........worth a million dollar mann.....
another vulgar one
her trademark of putting her hands on the table
jaz and cathy
the only one pic of us during the night
preparing....for the cake lar
sometimes smart students tend to act more vulgar

the cake
the both of them...the birthday boys....

the couple
the guys
someone's trying to molest him..haha
the birthday boy...they lighted the candle 2nd time just for him to blow..haha
the traditional game...bite the candle

the other's turn's

i like it!

It's the photo taking session.Guess what????Dr.Jones really reminded me of my best partner,Mr.Player who is Terence Koh.
Dr.Jones wanted to take pics with every gal.The more the better for him.OMG!!!!!!!!!
*not gonna upload the other pics during our'photo taking session'*
this is it.....
another one.....

After the celebration,the guys planned to go for supper.But the 3 of us ...Eric,Cathy and I wanted to be late for it as we waited for them for so long before that.So,to spend our time,we went to get a tatt for ourselves..haha.........
mine!!!!I love this tatt artist's art of work!!!!
the 'C'
The best tatt of the year!!!!!!