Monday, August 31, 2009

The awesome weekend with aunts~

Guys,sorry for not updating my blog for almost half a month.*_*

Been busying with assignments and mid-terms!

Aunt JC,Uncle Steven and Aunt Meiyoong came to KK during the last weekend.We had a great time together with Aunt Jen and her family.
Island,seafood,alcohol,mahjong and more delicious food!!!!

Whenever I'm with my aunt, we never miss out drinking and partying session together!
1st night @ Hot Valleys, 2nd night @ The Shenanigan's & 3rd night @the seafood night @ Ocean Seafood Restaurant!

Gonna update more after I steal those pics from aunt.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Holiday mode:ON!

On Sunday,I was asked to attend the 2nd interview for PAP(an event organised by uni for Chinese New Year).
Gosh!!!It was kinda scary though. 20 mins in the meeting room for the interview and just imagined I was lacked of sleep the night before.
Questions were challenging!

Went to McD for breakfast and lunch @ 1 B with Hilda because both of us were asked to attend the interview.
We talked alot while having our meal,then suddenly she mentioned about going to Kuching,Sarawak.
Without a thought, I agreed to spend my holiday there for more than a week and booked my ticket once I reached home.
The first time ever I did it!!!!
I've been to Kuching once and I love it so much!

Btw,there are more good-looking guys there than Sabah.HONESTLY.

It's gonna be a superb awesome holiday!

Ppl,by the time I reach Malacca after my holiday,I'll be broke!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Labuan trip @ Sabah

Labuan,here we come!

Woke up @ 4-ish to get ready to Jesselton point.
I could only get 3 hours ++ of sleep. My eyes were swollen early in the morning. T_T
All of us were so excited and couldn't wait for our HOLIDAY!!!!!!!

I was supposed to be the 'cameraman' but...............see what happened!!!!!

We reached Jesselton point kinda early (around 6.30 am)as none of the counter was opened yet.
They have economics and first class seats but we don't even know what's the difference.

Jo:"What's the difference between economic seats and first class?"
Lady:" First class seats are on the top while economics class are at the bottom."

So we thought that's the difference and made up our mind to get the economics seats.

We've spent our time fruitfully while waiting....
I've become their model for photoshoot

Me likey!
We're ready to set off!!!
Here we come!!!!!!

Guess what?It was a 3 hours journey to Labuan.
Gosh!!!How could we stand of it??? 3 of us girls kept complaining about it.
Worst to worst,we were almost freezing during the journey as the air-con was so damn cold!!!
There were babies crying!!!!!!

The last time I took a ferry trip was during the Redang trip.
I almost vomited this time.
The same old history as before.

We felt relieve when we finally reached.
Luckily I've got a friend to reserve the hotel for us.It's supposed to be motel.
Save money on accommodation,spend more on alcohol and chocos.
We searched for the motel with no direction..haha...
Thank God.I've got the Malaccan friend to lead me the way on the phone.:)
It's a nice room and could fit in 6 of us!!!

Our 1st stop: Buy kain,kain and more kain!!!!!!!!!
While waiting for Sharon to pick her favo clothes after I've done mine.
Btw,the clothes are way too cheapo!!!!!!!
See her joyous face!!!!
Cheap till she couldn't stop buying.

Pity the guys,they were waiting for us at first but couldn't stand it and asked for our 'permission' to have their 'guys' route'.

In Labuan,it's all about liquor and choco!!!!!
After we've bought what we wanted,we headed for our main mission:Chocos & alcohol!!!!


Had Jaz beer as my driking water as the beers are dirt cheapo!!!!!!

Got back to our room for a rest after walking for few hours.
Had a nap......all of us didn't have enough sleep the night before ESPECIALLY me as I was involved in an uni's event.
Toblerone for lil' Josh!!!!!
Choco and beer!!!Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We kept making fun of Sharon with this Teacher's choco.
Btw,she's studying thesal.Our future teacher!!!!!
Mini eggs for the kids!!!!
Chong wu bought all these.
I didn't have so much money to buy these choco..haha
Teacher Sharon's kain..............
Our teacher Sharon as the Green pontianak!!!!!*Joke*

We took an hour nap and got ourselves ready for dinner.
First,we headed to Uzana Kewangan.It's the only shoppig mall in Labuan.
It's only 7-ish at night.
See how quiet is the place.
They have tattooo here.
When I walked towards the shop,I foudn out that the tattooist is an 'ang moh'.
He's handsome though.*_*
Most of the shops were closed before 7.

We couldn't find any food there so we 'surveyed' around the shoplots opposite of our motel.
This is the R&B club there.I didn't even feel like putting one of my legs into the club..haha
It doesn't look like a club at all.
Btw,it's just opposite of our dining place.

We walked around th area to find a nice place to hang out.
When we reached a dead end at a junction,we just simply turned to another direction.
We walked with no direction at night..haha...

Finally,we came to the jetty...........................

We stopped by a shop to get some alcoholic drinks before we got back to our room......

MURPHYS STOUT was the one put me to sleep after a tiring day........

The next day,3 of us girls went back to the clothe shop to get more kain.
This time Sharon and I bargained like crazy...haha
However,the bosses were kind enough to reduce the price for us.
Guess they prayed that they won't see us there anymore..haha...cuz we would make them suffer a big loss.
Our lunch on 2nd day.
It's Sarawak Salad Chicken rice but they have modified it by using soysauce.
Just imagine that I was with 5 Sarawakian and myself had been to Sarawak before so for sure we know how the original salad chicken rice looks like...haha
Temptation before tasting.......
Jo and Sharon.
The mini bus in Labuan is so cute!
What kind of tattoo shop is this??????
The signboards in Labuan are interesting........
It's time to pack our stuff ...................................
I bought Jaz beer again before leaving.Kinda addicted to it though.
I can't find it in Malacca.
Last but not least,got myself a bottle of liquor!!!!!!

Forgot about this hands are longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm drinking Jaz......haha..yummy!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't live without beers!!!!!
We got ourselves the first class seats for our way back...
It's really more comfortable!!!!!!
But still freeze to the max!!!haha............

Love yourself before you want someone to love you!

There are people who are selfish just to find someone who loves them.
They don't care about the others but themselves,being selfish!
When you have everything in your life,you tend to neglect it and never learn to appreciate it.
When you have lost everything,then only you started to realise that the one you've let go is always the best.

I didn't let you go early,it's you the one who didn't know to appreciate everything.
It's you the one who deserve it when you've lost those who are good to you.
Greedy is your attitude.
You think that you're the man when you get the best ones.
Frankly speaking, you're just a failure in your life.
No one will know to appreciate you and loves you.

You've been searching for someone to give you love.
I'm not the one who will love you anymore as you never learn to love me.
People around me are happy that I've got rid of you.
All the advice came to me is not to be with you anymore.

I've learnt the most important thing from someone.
He's the one who taught me.
"What do you have for me to be serious with you when you don't have a job?A car?Cash?"
You're not even stable in everything to have a life!

The moment you asked for a patch up and get serious with you,I could sense that you just want someone to love you and not to love her.
You thought that your previous relationship was serious with her but she did the opposite thing.
I'm glad that someone did it to you as she's done the right thing.
However,you never learn from your mistake.
You will only do the same mistake again and again.

I'm satisfied with everything in my life now.
I'm happy with my life.
So as everyone around me,as long as they are happy with how I lead my life,I'm happy too.

p/s:You told me that you bring woman back from club every weekend,I don't think it's something to be proud of yourself.You're just degrading yourself and I'm not concern about it.GET A LIFE!

p/p/s:My attitude towards you is different from last time.So stop saying that I would do that before this and now will do the same too.You're wrong!You are no one to treat you nicely and sacrifice my time for you.
Quote of the day:

'Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater.

If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.

So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.'

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm back from my holiday!
Tiring but fun!!!!! :)
The holiday is all about alcohol and chocolates!
Pics,pics and more pics!

I've been sleeping for 17 hours once I reached home yesterday until this morning 9 -ish.

Sharon is so proud of her photographing skill and keep wanting to submit those pics to Nigel Barker..haha...
My dear,pray that he wants the photographer and not the model ya...LOL!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm missing you like crazy......

My favo of all :X

My 1st weekend of my holiday

fetish for M.A.C

I'm currently hanging out at my gossipers place.
Had dinner with them.Home-cooked dishes!!!!!
Was forced by Sharon to whack the rice!

Woke up at 8-ish this morning to start our mission in selling tickets around the unis and colleges in KK.
It was so much fun though even though it was raining.
Jokes,laughs & pranks!!!!!
And of course our leader did some 'wu liao' stuff.
As usual,when it comes to no-time-for-lunch,McD is the problem solver.

Called mum this morning and she said that I'm FAT!
Gosh!!!!!But of course with a compliment that I look much much better than the time I was skinny NOT SLIM.
However, my fatness was 'brought' from Malacca during my 2 months sem break. This is due to my greediness to desserts as I craved for it every midnight. My babes know it very much.
As long as desserts make me happy but I do have control on myself though.

'm 'injecting' myself with more vitamins.
H1N1 is getting serious.
People,remember to take good care of yourselves!

I'm way too excited for my holiday~
2 days more to go..................

Saturday, August 15, 2009

On a Sunday morning

At 9 in the morning, we headed to Tuaran road for breakfast.
We had Sarawak kolo mee in Sabah.

Its look is almost the same as the wantan mee in West M'sia but the taste is totally different.
I had the original taste of this mee in Kuching,Sarawak and it is much much better than this.

After having our breakfast,we started our day at Gaya Street in KK town.
Gaya street is exactly like Jonker Street but it's open in the morning.
The biggest difference is the creativity of the people who sell unique things.
An old lady selling kites.So cool!!!
Colourful and different kind of magnets can be found there.

H1N1 awareness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sabahan's creativity!!!!

Afro hair seller!!! and the lady beside him with a colourful mask.
Another creativity.
You can find lots of home decor at a very cheap price!!!!
Scarf for island trip...

Couz Jolene thinks that this looks prettier than her face..haha
I'm humble..just half of my face
The seashellss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The accessories are my favorite!!!!
While enjoying seeing things there,you can listen to nice rhythm .
Kuih lapis of Sarawak in likey!
Jolene is addicted to puppies!
It's better to go to the pet stall at Gaya Street than Pet shops!!!!
They have lots of variety!

Cookies imported from Philipines.

When has Sabah become Philipines?
It stated on the cookies tin that it is only sold in Philipine.
Hmm.....I've never known that Sabah is part of Philipine.

The entrance of gaya street.

What the hell are these skeletons doing here????????????
Is this an interesting way to welcome the visitors?????

Puppies are getting cheaper and cheaper.
The corals.
The only stall which sell masks.
I don't think it still can be used after the masks were having a 'tan' under the hot sun.
Step's cousin who brought us around KK.
She prefers to hang out with us than staying at home with her daughter as Carmen is too addicted with comics!!!!

The blinds who worked hard to earn a penny.
Foot reflexology by the blinds.
The local newspaper in Sabah.
Btw,the news of this newspaper is way too bored.

We then headed to Centre Point for a walk.
Wanted to get this dress but it's too large for me.
Need to put on more weight!!!!!
Our lunch!!!!!

On our way to our next destination,Jolene wanted to take a pic with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step's couz then suggested to bring us for a visit at Karambrunei Resort.
It's a resort with amazing beach!!!

This is how the papparazzi spot the celebrities!!!!!!*lol..joking*
Couz likes playing with my cam.

You pay more and you get to see tanned and handsome caucasian guys!!!!!!!!!!
This place gonna be my 21st birthday vacation in Sabah!!!!!

In the evening(mind you that around 4pm in Sabah is considered as evening), kelapa bakar was our top choice!!!!!
Here's the famous stall to have kelapa bakar and kelapa pudding.
The WASHROOM caught my attention!!!haha.....

Coconut pudding..It's so tasty!!!!!

nice food ugly expression!
The kelapa bakar.It's hot!
For sure you'll be sweating after drinking it.

The delicious part!!!!

This is the fugly look of the kelapa bakar.

It's a Sunday with lots of food.
We walked alot!!!!!!!!!!!
Burnt calories and gained calories!