Saturday, August 15, 2009

On a Sunday morning

At 9 in the morning, we headed to Tuaran road for breakfast.
We had Sarawak kolo mee in Sabah.

Its look is almost the same as the wantan mee in West M'sia but the taste is totally different.
I had the original taste of this mee in Kuching,Sarawak and it is much much better than this.

After having our breakfast,we started our day at Gaya Street in KK town.
Gaya street is exactly like Jonker Street but it's open in the morning.
The biggest difference is the creativity of the people who sell unique things.
An old lady selling kites.So cool!!!
Colourful and different kind of magnets can be found there.

H1N1 awareness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sabahan's creativity!!!!

Afro hair seller!!! and the lady beside him with a colourful mask.
Another creativity.
You can find lots of home decor at a very cheap price!!!!
Scarf for island trip...

Couz Jolene thinks that this looks prettier than her face..haha
I'm humble..just half of my face
The seashellss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The accessories are my favorite!!!!
While enjoying seeing things there,you can listen to nice rhythm .
Kuih lapis of Sarawak in likey!
Jolene is addicted to puppies!
It's better to go to the pet stall at Gaya Street than Pet shops!!!!
They have lots of variety!

Cookies imported from Philipines.

When has Sabah become Philipines?
It stated on the cookies tin that it is only sold in Philipine.
Hmm.....I've never known that Sabah is part of Philipine.

The entrance of gaya street.

What the hell are these skeletons doing here????????????
Is this an interesting way to welcome the visitors?????

Puppies are getting cheaper and cheaper.
The corals.
The only stall which sell masks.
I don't think it still can be used after the masks were having a 'tan' under the hot sun.
Step's cousin who brought us around KK.
She prefers to hang out with us than staying at home with her daughter as Carmen is too addicted with comics!!!!

The blinds who worked hard to earn a penny.
Foot reflexology by the blinds.
The local newspaper in Sabah.
Btw,the news of this newspaper is way too bored.

We then headed to Centre Point for a walk.
Wanted to get this dress but it's too large for me.
Need to put on more weight!!!!!
Our lunch!!!!!

On our way to our next destination,Jolene wanted to take a pic with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step's couz then suggested to bring us for a visit at Karambrunei Resort.
It's a resort with amazing beach!!!

This is how the papparazzi spot the celebrities!!!!!!*lol..joking*
Couz likes playing with my cam.

You pay more and you get to see tanned and handsome caucasian guys!!!!!!!!!!
This place gonna be my 21st birthday vacation in Sabah!!!!!

In the evening(mind you that around 4pm in Sabah is considered as evening), kelapa bakar was our top choice!!!!!
Here's the famous stall to have kelapa bakar and kelapa pudding.
The WASHROOM caught my attention!!!haha.....

Coconut pudding..It's so tasty!!!!!

nice food ugly expression!
The kelapa bakar.It's hot!
For sure you'll be sweating after drinking it.

The delicious part!!!!

This is the fugly look of the kelapa bakar.

It's a Sunday with lots of food.
We walked alot!!!!!!!!!!!
Burnt calories and gained calories!


Cai Hong said...

bring me there next year k:P

nana said...

so enjoy !