Monday, May 31, 2010

Scorpion in a bottle from Australia!

How do you wana bring a scorpion back all the way from Australia???
Just put it in a bottle of Tequila!

That's why it's called Scorpion Tequila!

Last drinking session before S and R left KK,Sabah.

Thnx to S for the tequila!
Make it tastier by serving a tequila shot in a super nice lighting glass.

A different colour...
S got these glasses from Ice Bar during an event..FHL!

We had the famous chicken wings in KK.
S and R brought the rest of the mixers and some important 'weapons'!
I only need to bring me,myself and I to drink!

Since we had no enough 'weapon' as a coaster for tequila pop,this is the way!!!FOL!

Tada..the best shot of the scorpion!
FYI,it's dead!
We've 'marinated' it in the tequila.LOL.................

Of course we had Absolute Apeach as a companion for the scorpion!

This is the way you should drink Scorpion tequila with vodka!

Ipod for the long night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's time to swallow the scorpion.
Not me of course
I takut!

almost K.O cam-whore!

S with his scorpion!

Did I mention that we drink by the beach?
The usual hang out beach for the people in KK?
We're here!

Ran to the seaside for some deep breathe........
It was so awesome!

Heart from the night.
created by the fullmoon!

3 of us were feeding the mosquitoes .........................................

Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Only in Sabah!

The most Sabah has are the mountains and sea!
Mount Kota Kinabalu is the backbone of Sabah.
It made Sabah as an unique place too!

That's why even the HongKong stars shot their drama in Sabah.

3 more papers to go before we ended our finals season.
No studying ,no revision for the next few papers BUT traveling around Sabah. <3 You could only do it in Sabah. It's a last minute trip for us.

When Benny picked me up in the morning,he suggested to send me to Jesselton Point so that I could go to the island due to my dressing....FML!
You'll know when you see it!

We stopped at Ranau before going up to Kundasang just to see the BEAUTIFUL view of Mount KK.
Never intend to climb it yet as my stamina is sux to the max.
View is enough to take my breath away.

I never knew the feelings of sitting RIGHT INFRONT OF MOUNT KK and take some time off admiring at it could be so awesome!
The feelings is undescribable.
We could feel that the scenery was motionless.
It's totally like a painting!

Derrick trying to act cute with my huge orange sunglasses.

You can only take a nice picture with the highest mountain in Malaysia in SABAH!

You can see lots of people wanting to cam-whore with the mount!

The Mount KK ain't not high enough, Hilda ain't not short enough. LOL!

After that, we continued our journey to Kundasang where you could find homestay over there.
Benny and Aaron brought us explored to a place where not everyone notices about it!

my favo shot by Hilda

This is awesome! Where the hell can I find this view in Malacca?!
The cooling breathe and the hot sun are the bomb!

We walked further down to get nicer scenery.
It's sloppy and I needed Ade and Hilda to hold me all the way down.

Benny took my Cassy and started to make us looked like a dwarf in the pictures compared to the scenery.

We thought he focused on us in the picture that was the reason we posed!
Who knows??????
We're just a lil' ant.........

The rest of them joined us later.
There's 10 of us!

I love this!

The only ladies for the trip.

I heart the bushes!

We took some rest after the exploration.

Things didn't go well as accident meant to happen.
Our 4WD almost fell from the hill.
What would happen if the 4WD fall?
We could lose our lives!

We were supposed to make a turn down to the hill.
The bushes along the hill was the cause.
No one noticed it and I thought it was only one of the wheels trapped in a hole.
but different thing happened.Half of the 4WD was trapped down the hill!

We were not panicked. Weird!

The 3 ladies then tagged Aaron along down the hill to seek for help.
Luckily, he has a foster family at the homestay.
At least some hope!

Could see lots of flowers .That's the mother nature!

These are the homestays

Spotted:Fly on a flower not bee.....

We needed 2 tow-trucks to pull the 4WD up because it's too heavy.
We expected it to cost big bucks as it's Labour Day!
Money doesn't matter.
As long as everyone's safe.

We got sun-burn under the sun as we were bbq-ing ourselves.
Everyone was so hungry.
Lunch time!

This is the reason you MUST love Sabah.
Cheap beers anytime ,anywhere!

Next destination: Hot Spring Poring.

The hot spring area.

But we headed to the cooling waterfall first as our skin was burning like SHIT!

The water was so damn cold!!!!!!

The way to the waterfall......

Our so-called model

The mermaid fairytale...haha...

Free fish spa as we found lots of small fishes in the waterfall giving free

Spotted:After poring , this goat/sheep came out from no where...

While we were on our way back,we stopped by the roadside to grab some stuff.
The rice from the hill is famous known here.

Every stall is selling the same vege,food,rice and blah blah blah....

Last but not least,we gave Benny a birthday surprise in advanced!

happy bday benny!

I got even sun-burn .Thnx to my attire of the day!