Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Present for my own 21st B'day

It's been a long planning for my own present.
Mum's not gonna fork out a single cent.*_*

Met my tattooist for few times before I decided to have the needle on my body.
There's once mum accompanied me to meet him and she insisted me to get something else.
"Why do you wana get this design?Get something else"

"Mum,there's no such thing to get anything like that.It's a tatt.No last min decision to get something which I don't really want and like."

Mum's funny though as both of us chose the design for my 1st tatt.

The day I've planned to get the tatt was the day Michael jackson passed away.
It's just a coincdence as I've planned it few weeks ago.

Brought sis along as I was supposed to send her to tuition class once I'm done.
My bad,sis had to skip it.

Half done for the outline

My tattooist couldn't stand to see me not responding to the pain on a certain part of my body while he tatt it.

Sis started to cam-whore................
I didnt know wht the hell she took this pic..haha
Memoir of the unwanted chinese daughter by Adeline Yen Mah & musics to reduce my pain...
Can you see sis was camwhoring???haha
Another one...

However,I started to feel the pain.
I requested to take a break as I was too tired in pain........:(
Then,sis was inconsiderate though...she didn't let me rest but asked me to be her photographer.
Tattooist & me........

Both of us talked about loads of stuffs.
He asked me lots of things related to business.haha....

The result of the tatt will be revealed 'soon'.....

Btw,only a few of them around me had really seen the tatt.I prefer not to show it first as it's my 21st b'day present.
I love it too much and have fallen for it.
Cant stop looking at it on the mirror..haha

p/s:Sis cam-whore alot while waiting for me.So didn't post it .

p/p/s:I paid extra 50 bucks for it without realization as I was numb in pain..haha..I did get the money back..:P

Friday, June 26, 2009

The loss of "THE KING OF POP"

Curled with my blanky this morning and planned to sleep till noon.
However.I've got to do some ingredients preparation to bake Shepherd's pie.
This time,I have to bake 8 pies .Gosh!
As usual,I switched on the player and realised that the radio stations played MJ's songs non-stop.
*No idea what was going on*

When I was working hard to peel about 25 potatoes,mum came back and delivered a news.
" Michael Jackson's passed away."
I paused on the potatoes and.....................*mouth open wide*

Then,I started to say something non-stop.
For the whole day!
"Such a waste!Pity him!"

Since I was young,his music influenced me as my family and relatives adored him so much.
He's such a talented one.There's no comparable for his singing and dance moves.
With his trademark 'Moonwalk'....made him the one of a kind.
He's the KING OF POP.
He had Neverland ,Elvis had Graceland.

His life stumbled up&down when he was accused for child sexual abuse and charged for child molestation.He paid $20 million as a compensation for the boy.
What were these heartless people trying to do?Wana get fast-cash?!
It's really unbelievable that he did it.
People around him just wana get all his wealth.

His hope to resurrect his four-decade long career with a series of 50 shows in London wasn't fulfilled.
How unfair is this world!

R.I.P Michael Jackson.

The Jos hang-out

Last Sunday,supposedly was a window-shopping day for me with cousie cuz she needs to get her stuffs for Uni.
She's the one supposed to be the shopaholic of the day while I-the 'consultant' for her..haha

At the beginning,she bought her stuffs while I just glanced through the clothes.
Btw,the sale was still ON!
I couldn't resist to grab a branded dress at the lowest price!
Gosh!!!There's no way for me not to buy it!
I paid the dress then we ciaoz for a drink @ Harpers.

Self-serviced from the beginning until the end.
Even cleaning up the dishes!!!Of course we didn't need to wash it..haha

And so........................we started cam-whoring......................and WE SPOTTED CUTE WHITE GUYS!!!!!
the jo~s
Posed as a model to get the right angle for our cam-whore..haha

Couz made this specially for me ...My favourite drink..sorry for nt remembering the name

This is the way to mess with Tiramisu
My pretty couz

Then,she wanted to take pics by the river.
I had to risk my life....I CAN'T SWIM!!

At least,I don't risk my flip-flop.
jolene&jo ann
Till then....................................

Collected a specially handmade headband after our hang-out.
That headband costs me BIG BUCKS!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Boyfriend....

This chapter,it's all about the caring ones around me who are trying to persuade me to get a MAN!

Situation 1)The outing with Shine She

One of the weeks,SHE came back for a few days holiday.Yeah,we hung out together with another few guys.Most of our conversation was about me....Me getting a man!WTH?!

The first night:
"Do you have a bf now?"
*He likes to ask this,over-caring*

"Nope,the last one was a disaster.Prefer to have a peaceful life."

"What happened?Tell me some la......."

Then,I started to tell him everything.Oh ya,we do share lots of things together.

"You're so good.Can you do that to me too?"*in a joking way*

"Hey,you're not my bf."

While yam-cha~ing,we've got into the GAY issue with the gang........

The next day,4 of us went to shop.While in the car....

"Hey,faster find a bf!!!!"

Honestly,I was shocked!

"What for?I prefer my life single & mingle.No worries."

He's the first one to rush me get a bf.

Situation 2) The hang-out with my babe

Out of the blue..............
"Girl,you don't wana find a bf now?"

"Huh?Why do you ask this all of a sudden?You're the 2nd to say so."

"Ya la.When you're not supposed to have one,but you did have.When you're supposed to have one,but you don't have."

"Haha...I really can't handle all those relationship problems.It's all a mess!"

Situation 3) Mr.Drinking Partner's good deed

This is the worst one.I didn't make it for the drinking session.He started to be my match-maker out of the sudden.
Guess what?
Worse comes to worse.He started exchanging phone numbers behalf of me and that guy.
I don't mind knowing a new friend but Mr.Drinking partner thought that I could never get a guy?!
Then thing continue........................................................................................

Halo people,I've been stucked with all this crap and my final decision is I DON'T PLAN/WANT/NEED to get a boyfriend yet.
Thanks for your kindness.
I appreciate it so much.

I don't need a man to make it happen,
I get off being free.
I don't need a man to make me feel good,
I get off doing my thing.
I don't need a ring around my finger
to make me feel complete.

The Joy *_*

Couz got into the same Uni with me,
the same course too!
At least she can motivate me to go back this time after lazing for 2 months in Malacca.

We've never got into the same school since kinder until high school.
I was in JB for primary while she's in Malacca.
She got into the girls' school while I preferred co-edu.

We're gonna shop,shop shop for ROXY & MNG & etc.
Btw,the sale is another motivator..haha.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Barbie@ Generations of Dreams

've been spending my money on Barbie~
Just received the newsletter of the latest Barbie-the generations of dreams.

Searched the price on the web..guess what?
It gonna costs me RM 500!!!!
I'm gonna get it no matter what!!!!
Like how I got my 'newly' bought Barbie.
Gonna post more about it on the next post!

"The date with Darl &..."

Last weekend,had dinner with Darl.
Of course Issa(Darl's guy) joined along.
And also Shakira!

Dinner @ Sampan.
No more sea view but could see cars...........
More pollution!
Homosapiens in Malacca are gonna die of POLLUTION!

'Dessert' @ Pure after dinner.
Both of us just miss our girls night out so much.

Darl, Shakira & jo @Sampan
BTW,this pic is taken by i-phone
*the quality is uhmm.........*
Shakira, Jo & Issa
DArl & shakira
He had its all!!!!
The Darlings~:)
I look like a dwarf sandwiching between them:P
Now I'm the tallest among the 2 guys..haha...for once......

With lots of love to my dearest Darl,

Happy Daddy's Day!

This year,the Lum siblings have done something

We baked a cake for dad!
For the 1st time ever.
BTW,only the 1st time for Father's Day!
The last few times were on request for their food.haha

It's sis's first time ever baking experience.
She didn't even know to break an egg,
How can you continue to the next level,sis?

From baking to decorating,
it was all my job!

The easiest task,weighing the margarine....
the another one to do the easiest task:)
tada....before the cake was dressed up with words...actually I was trying to cover up the messiness with the strawberries.SMART!
Here's the cake!
The chef and the assistant!
but the assistant ended up ran away with empty-handed!
Sis's was trying to spoil the pic...her habit!
Father and children!
The loving daddy&mummy!

Happy Daddy's Day!

Karen's 20th B'day @ Arena

She's my couz-in-law's sis...long distance relative but close.:)

Karen kept bugging me to Arena when I told her.....
that place is not my cup of tea....

Wondering....then finally the answer revealed.
Her 20th birthday.
Only found out on Wed morning,
the celebration on Wed night!
Gosh!Attire is the problem!

When I met her at the entrance,
something coincidentally happened.
There were 2 RED MURDERERS!
Karen & I!!!!!!

I left early to Pure and met up with Darl.

After 3 times of mistaking the cakes,finally the last one was correct.Btw,the yellow one is an unknown cake!
See..some idiot wanted to give the b'day girl/boy(nt karen) a cake but together with the price..
She was so embarrassed with the board at 1st..haha
Jo and Karen
candles blowing~
the best way for chopping meat practice..haha
no one wanted to eat it at the didn't even look like a cake..haha
The red murderers~
The b'day girl was so excited with the lollipop
Last pic before I left.....
My 2nd round with Darl and her guy

Happy B'day Karen!