Friday, June 26, 2009

The loss of "THE KING OF POP"

Curled with my blanky this morning and planned to sleep till noon.
However.I've got to do some ingredients preparation to bake Shepherd's pie.
This time,I have to bake 8 pies .Gosh!
As usual,I switched on the player and realised that the radio stations played MJ's songs non-stop.
*No idea what was going on*

When I was working hard to peel about 25 potatoes,mum came back and delivered a news.
" Michael Jackson's passed away."
I paused on the potatoes and.....................*mouth open wide*

Then,I started to say something non-stop.
For the whole day!
"Such a waste!Pity him!"

Since I was young,his music influenced me as my family and relatives adored him so much.
He's such a talented one.There's no comparable for his singing and dance moves.
With his trademark 'Moonwalk'....made him the one of a kind.
He's the KING OF POP.
He had Neverland ,Elvis had Graceland.

His life stumbled up&down when he was accused for child sexual abuse and charged for child molestation.He paid $20 million as a compensation for the boy.
What were these heartless people trying to do?Wana get fast-cash?!
It's really unbelievable that he did it.
People around him just wana get all his wealth.

His hope to resurrect his four-decade long career with a series of 50 shows in London wasn't fulfilled.
How unfair is this world!

R.I.P Michael Jackson.

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