Monday, December 29, 2008

The Lil' White Dress Day-Last Wedding of 08'

Wedding of the Lim~s

Gotta wear my lil' white dress on a friend's wedding day~:)

It's an unusual day for me as I've got to wake up at 6 in the morning!
I'm trying to recall when was the last time I woke up at this hour as I don't do that too when I'm in Sabah.
I'm one of her 'ji mui' (sister) for her so must be PUNCTUAL!
A camwhore in the morning..haha....
It's 7.15 in the morning but it's dark!
I'm really not used to the time here anymore except the noon and night..hehe:)

Met up with the rest of them at Ivian's place and picked them up.
I was late as I was supposed to reach at 7 a.m.

When we were on our way to the bride's place,we got a shock as we thought the bridegroom was on the way to the bride's place too....
Ok,we were worried that we're LATE!!!!
Anyone can always find the word 'LATE' on me!!!!!

Thnx God!
It's not the bridegroom~

Her mum served us breakfast once we reached .
And I was like 'I'm going to die'!
As I don't eat this!
The glutinous rice!!!OMG!!!I hate eating this but had to FORCE myself to eat it.
That's why I'm not old yet as each of the glutinous rice symbolizes a year older!!!

The 'breakfast' for the bridegroom!!!!!!

The bride's mum's ordering us to be crueler!!!!
Ta...da.......nice breakfast!!!!

Jo & the bride

Honestly,none of us have met the bridegroom before and all of us got a shock as.......

He's good-looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo & angeline
The complete 4 of us

here comes the bridegroom!!!!!

While the couple were busying with the tea ceremony,this is wat the girls were busying with..haha

Taking pics!!!!
Jo,Angeline & Ivian

I love my hair more and more day by day as it's growing longer and longer!!!
I'm falling in love with straight hair!!!!!
Wan a marriage cert????Do it yrself..haha
The last pic before we left for the buffet dinner!

We were starving like HELL until we couldn't control ourselves to behave at the restaurant.
Luckily,we've got the privilege to GRAB the food first!!!!!!!!!

The ring of the day~

BTW,just a lil' alcohol for the dinner!
Had to entertained the guys as us,the girls had fooled them enough in the morning!
I'm experienced enough to do so~
Pity us~
Or maybe pity them?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A SUPERB Tiring Christmas!

KL trip on Christmas!

Only us the idiots would want to stuck in the jam!Haha....
It's a last min plan as we've got nothing better to do and just to pass our time....

More importantly,to visit the baby boy~

Shopped at MidValley and didn't get myself anything as I was too tired to spend my time on choosing clothes for myself...More over,I never fell for any of the clothes!!!!

Headed to Sunway to meet the baby boy...hehe...
Once I was there,no more shopping ~AS..............I volunteered to take care of the baby boy!!!!

Ok,here's the thing....
Whenever I was pushing the baby pram,the people would give me a 'WEIRD' stare~
Even those couples who have a baby!!!!!

For sure this is what in their mind...
"She's so young and has a baby .......Bla...Bla..Bla"

I didn't even give a damn!!!!!

He's the one~~~~

We've got to rush back as someone has to attend a Christmas dinner...

A day with no proper breakfast and not even lunch!!!

The only way~~~
McD in the car!!!

I've McD for many times once I came back but I had all of them in the car~~~

Anyway,it's nice to have McD in the car!!!!
Trying to show off my colourful nail colour as I was the 'lab rat' ..
My dear,here comes the're not the vampire anymore!!!!!

Satay for supper!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Late post:The day we have loads of exercises


A day which spent fruitfully @ Malacca club.

And I had to wake up at 8.30 a.m only after I had 4 hours of sleep the night before as I've got to work and got a bad news which made me had a sleepless night!!!

So I brought my lil' Josh along..haha...
There's alot of joy whenenever he's there...:P

Jaz was along with us but she had to leave early for some reasons.So,no pics of her with us!!!!!

The weather's too cold to swim and also for sun-bathing!!!!
I hate the wind!!!!!
Made me didn't enjoy for tanning!!!!!
This pic is funny.....that's cathy's head..haha
We owned the pool the whole noon!!!!!:)
The lil' boy~

I love to play the slide at the kids''s fun though!!!!
the both of us~
he looks like 'Ah Long'.....but a fatty bom bom one!!!!
the lums~
a pic before we left~
the cutie one~

p/s:I'm supposed to post abt this last week but too busy~~~~~I'm always busy~~~~~

Monday, December 22, 2008

Urge to Splurge @ Pure

Supposed to post abt this event few days back but was too busy....

No photos of the event...
I'm trying hard to 'steal' the photos from the people!!!!!!!!

Got to on duty for such a cool and happening event.OMG!!!
Need to earn money to spend!
Economic CRISIS,JO's also CRISIS!

Worked with bunch of girls~~~
OH GIRLS~~All of them are Chinese.My phobia!
I don't get along well with the girls all these while especially the Chinese and I was so worried about it when I found out that all of them are Chinese..
Where the hell could I dig a hole and hide myself?!?!?!?!

Luckily I have someone who's almost the same age as me..Esther!!!
If not,I'll be bored to hell..haha...all these has been 'proven' during the job briefing at Equatorial Hotel..haha..only the both of us know what'd happened..Dun think it's something nice to gossip :P

So I was responsible to sell the chips.
It's something like working at a casino and a bank...That's what the people said when they came to buy the chips!!!

I'm the only one to be responsible but LUCKILY I had a security guard with me!
I was the only one being protected!!!
It's one to nice ya.....

I broke loads of rules during that night because of the people I know!!!!!

This is what I sold!!!!!!!

Esther and I after work..

Until the end of the event,the girls only knew that I CAN SPEAK AND UNDERSTAND MANDARIN when I asked one of them to help us take a pic.

Her reaction was worse:"Oh,you can speak Mandarin."


That's what I told them to clarify that I'M A PURE CHINESE GIRL!

*just mix with a lil' of Thai blood*

This has been a problem for me since I rooted in Malacca.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sherlynn DARLING's 20th B'day @ Sampan&Geographer

A b'day celebration fully planned by her bf.

Shopped with Sherlynn in the noon right after lazing around at Malacca Club.
Sisterhood is always the best~a cup of Venti Ice-blended Chocolate for 3!!!'s 3!!!!!!!Include a guy-her bf!!!!
I preferred us to share rather than a cup for each of us because......

We had nice dinner together...
It's been such a long time since we reunited to have dinner together!!!!!
It's PERFECT!!!!!!!

Dinner @ Sampan!!!!
The b'day girl with her lil' present by Jaz~
The lil' present-Tiramisu!

The candle as the prop~
The cheesy ones~
The b'day gal!!!!
our 1st shot together!

Jaz took this while I was busying taking pic of the props by using my baby~:)
The romantic scene ..haha
We save the earth all the time..haha..GO GREEN!!!!
I love this~
Cam-whore session~
No more global warming~
The gang ....
Jo-the photographer of the nite~
His surprise for her~so sweet:)
Her delightful face~
The cake...
Her wish for next year b'day~celebrate @ the eye on m'sia!!!!!Haha....

The lovely couple~
Sherlynn n jo~
She blocked my face!!ARGHHH!!!!!!

A rose in the mouth~~~~~haha.....I love his!!!
Our heart to heart 'ceremony'-the moon is our symbol..haha...
She preferred a formal ceremony..haha
"Please marry me!"
I was supposed to cut the cake but they got pissed off as I messed the cake up..haha
The ladies~

Next station~~~Geographer for ALCOHOL!!!!

Oh Gosh!!!I've been drinking for 3 days continuously!!!!!
The sweet couple!!

It's story telling time...
All about lame jokes!!!!!!
Jaz didn't seem to enjoy it..haha

She's a good photo taking skil though..:)

It's poker time!!!

Worst punishment ever for the losers!!!!!!

Cathy and I were punished for TWICE!!!!!

So as Eric and his gf!!!

But our punishments were the worst!!!

Make friends with the 'ang moh' at the next table ,kiss a tree and gave a hug to a waiter!!!!!


Beer with poker -Th best!!!!
After an enjoyable night,it's time to go home!!!!

Last pic!!!!

It's such a great night as we've got to gather once more after so long!!!!

Happy B'day my DARLING!!!!