Saturday, March 31, 2007


Today is the last day for school,i mean for this week,,cuz we always wait for friday night to hang out together....My school had a treasure hunt today which was organised by the English society and of cuz i took part in it.But i think this treasure is more like 'amazing race' cuz we had to complete the tasks at different stations...haha...the 1st task was scoop the water by using our hand and run about 20m just to fill the bottle full....therefore,one of us was chosen to hold the bottle only...and the one who was chosen is a gal with the smallest hand palm..jaz chose her...haha..i 've forgotten that I've asthma n can't run for long so after few rounds to and fro just to scoop the water,i realised that my asthma was getting serious n my inhaler wasn't with me..Oh SHIT!I tried to slow down my footsteps to calm myself down but didn't really show it to my team.After finish filling the bottle ,we'd to run to another station to complete our next task...almost dying but stil kept on running cuz i didn't want my team to lose at all....We finished the 2nd and 3rd task though....but we were informed that the result will be announced on Monday....So...we just have to wait..BUT after an hour,an announcement was made n it's about the result of the treasure hunt...can't expect that we could get 2nd runner!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Chinese New Year Diary

*supposed to update this right after CNY but my laptop n desktop have alot of problems

The 29th night of CNY

Clubbing is the day for us before the 2 days of CNY..we've planned for this 2 weeks before the day....haha

jo n jaz..
1st time ever take a pic in pure's washroom..haha

the craziest ones
i'm not sure if wei was drunk when he took this pic for us

this gal with me has a very bad habit everytime she clubs..she always look for stool when she club

move along...move along
jo with her one n only bro
after clubbing..haha...luckily stil not blur to cam-whor


the entrance..machap baru buddha temple

in the temple..i was amazed..u can't find nice temples in housing area except this place u'll never get a chance to take a pic with this fireworks

patiently waiting for the fireworks to start
the 4 of us..always four

the crowd after the fire work

*P/s:the video recording for the fireworks is too long n unable to uplaod it..but it's nice

1st day of CNY

she's my 1st old friend who came to my place for visiting during CNY..actually she came on purpose just to give me her superstar poster
sis did it on purpose just to get the best shot
everyone's here
aaron,yr head's lost..haha.u should blame my sis
too free for camwhoring
his so-called alonso's trademark

2nd day of CNY
grandaunt 's best handmade yellow noodle
with the closest one
as usual...big cam-whorers
not nice....haha

i stil get the nicer pic than sis..haha..jealous ya
silly josh
the funniest pic we've ever taken
our different style of dressing..we're always like this..oh ya n i'm always taller than u sis

3rd day of CNY

angeline n venus
jo n ivian..finally we'd found a nice place to have our dinner after going to 3 restaurants
oops!angeline's touching some apart of our body~~~~
the new face of Sibaraku..haha

she's always bz with her phone while i'm always bz with my cam

1st attempt
the 4 of us..we'd no choice but ask for the waitress's help to take this pic
ivian had to be angeline's slave to pour the tea for her

our desserts

peanut ice-cream wrapped with popiah skin

the gals n the taiwanese actor/host

1st attempt
big cam-whorer

jo n the car

5th day of CNY

uncle mike n aaron

waiting for food


dunno what was he talking abt..oh ya..we're talking abt what phone to buy

our 1st dish

josh's bad habit
the adults

nice soup but it's tortouise soup..i knew it after dinner..geli~nya

red wine n seafood...weird

love her to death
adrian.aaron, n skill is much much better than yrs,adrian
sis n bro the noisiest kids i have ever had dinner with..the 1st n the last time

10-3=7..the other 7 were missing
aunt n jo..everyone says that i look like her jamie's with her usual act...can't sit stil at all
uncle,niece n nephew
last pic before we the dark