Saturday, March 31, 2007


Today is the last day for school,i mean for this week,,cuz we always wait for friday night to hang out together....My school had a treasure hunt today which was organised by the English society and of cuz i took part in it.But i think this treasure is more like 'amazing race' cuz we had to complete the tasks at different stations...haha...the 1st task was scoop the water by using our hand and run about 20m just to fill the bottle full....therefore,one of us was chosen to hold the bottle only...and the one who was chosen is a gal with the smallest hand palm..jaz chose her...haha..i 've forgotten that I've asthma n can't run for long so after few rounds to and fro just to scoop the water,i realised that my asthma was getting serious n my inhaler wasn't with me..Oh SHIT!I tried to slow down my footsteps to calm myself down but didn't really show it to my team.After finish filling the bottle ,we'd to run to another station to complete our next task...almost dying but stil kept on running cuz i didn't want my team to lose at all....We finished the 2nd and 3rd task though....but we were informed that the result will be announced on Monday....So...we just have to wait..BUT after an hour,an announcement was made n it's about the result of the treasure hunt...can't expect that we could get 2nd runner!!!

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