Monday, August 16, 2010

Tips for the LADIES!Beautiful Island with Tale of Horny Boatmen?! BEWARE!

The Star online has highlighted the news about the tale of horny boatmen.
It happened at the 2 of the most popular islands-Redang and Perhentian Island.

There's always 'ISLANDS RULES'.


fyi,that's not the rules!

Redang is famous with its amazing seaview.
Amazing right?

It's more amazing when you see hawt chic sun-bathes by the beach.

and enjoying the sea breathe...............

What's even better is when you see the hawt chic are doing their so-called HAWT pose!

Bear in mind LADIES!
Island is a nice place to relax BUT the safest place is always the most dangerous place.

Tips for the ladies who go for holidays on islands:

* NEVER EVER accept a drink from a Beachboy.Especially a half-drank drinks!
   why? this gives him a signal that you accept his offer to sleep with him!

*NEVER EVER ask a Beachboy to finish smoking your unfinished ciggy.
   why?same reason as above!

 That's why,Ladies!
Don't accept anything offer by the boatmen and beachboys!

I know you're HAWT enough but save it for yourselves,ladies!

#p/s: my trip to the Redang island was safe enough with a guy company.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Virgin Live Band Shots

I took the opportunity to take the live band shots @ Pure Bar Malacca.
It's my 1st try ever and it's superb challenging.
The person who inspires me to take the challenge in live band shots is AaronSim who is a SUPER AWESOME photographer who takes live band shots of concert and etc.

I used my D60 with no speedlight for the shoot.
Comments and critics are welcome!


Monday, August 09, 2010

R.I.P Granduncle.

It just came through my mind all of a sudden.
I couldn't make it back to his funeral.
Was thinking that tomorrow will be the last day for his funeral.
I remembered the last time I saw him during my cousin's wedding dinner.
Am glad that we did have dinner together before Nic and Cam flew back to UK,Sis and I came to Sabah to study.
It's something which makes me couldn't believe it but it just happened.
I will feel strange when I'm back and he's not with us anymore.

At least, mum told me that you've gone peacefully.

With lots of love.