Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finally I've stepped into the 'world of gym' .....haha....

It's time to work out for my body and stop growing mushroom at home!!!!!!

I'm stress to the max becoming Josh's teacher.
Need alcohol to release stress!

Ladies night!!!
Party back on track!!!

Got to ciaoz and get myself prepare to party!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

'Alien' word of the day

'Brunch': mean breakfast and lunch.
*this word is for a friend's own meaning,not directed to the original meaning*

p/s:This is just a new 'weirdo' word that I learned from a friend...haha..She's way too creative to 'invent' this word!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sincere Congrats to an old friend & the upcoming fun for me!

As I blogged about This freshmute in my previous post,they have climbed up a level!
Congratulation guys!
One of the member have won the Merit award.Mr.She!
That's my old & good friend!!!!Haha....He's from my 2nd hometown..

picture source from thisfreshmute:
picture source from thisfreshmute:

He offered me to be their helper for the exhibition on the next coming week!!
I would love to!
It's gonna be something new!!!!!!!!!!
A big applause and congrats to Mr.She!!!!!!
I prefer to call him S.H.E as what the name of the Female Taiwanese Group..haha

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm cracking my brain to get an idea for the design of the logo to be used in an event for my uni.
It's a big event under my uni so I can't simply do it.

Be Josh's teacher today in guiding him to do his revision.I'm going insane as I couldn't get to rest during this holiday and have to face with books!
On Saturday was calculation and today's about Mandarin.
My Gosh!
Mum thought that I've forgotten how to write Mandarin words as I didn't really need to use it in uni.Haha.....But I still can write and recognise the words..ok not all....Only until a certain limits~
The only way to persuade Josh to study is FOOD!
Everytime I teach him,I'll use food to tempt him!!!!haha...
I'm supposed to make him lose weight but in the end I'm the one who makes him gain weight!!!

There's a question crossed my mum's mind after dinner today.
"You guys (my gang and I) are so obedient recently,just stay at home."
I knew what was mum trying to say cuz she hasn't seen us party yet.
During this sem break,we're mummy's girl though..haha...
Nah..prefer to have a peaceful and relax holiday.Moreover,Cathy's having her finals now so we have to wait for her to party.
The liquor is waiting for us!!!!!!!!
Besides that,we'll be heading to KL and club!
And mum said we're having more rest so that we can party harder though...My gosh!!!
When I just stay at home,mum seems like not used to it and wants me to party hard!!!!
I'm a mummy's girl nowadays...accompany her for breakfast almost everyday and she's surprised because I can wake up early in the morning .
I was a lazy bum before this and everytime delayed my breakfast to lunch..haha

Dad nagged me for not filling in the form for passport renewing yet.
See,my laziness is here again!
Whenever I think of going to renew the passport,my energy level would drop to the lowest level because I hate wake up way too early in the morning and just wait ,wait and wait!!

Few days ago,my girl-friend told me that I'm way too playful and should stable down.
Maybe because of what is happening in my life now.
I'm not gonna talk about it.
I think she's the one who knows me so well though.She even told me what kind of guy is more suitable for me.She meant it in physically.
Few of my close friends include her commented that my last ex was not suitable for me at all.
Oh ya,during the gathering while I was talking to a guy friend,I asked him some questions and finally he told me the truth.
"You guys memang not suit at all."
I was kinda surprised though..haha
Sometimes I really don't know what do I really want.
Thing comes and go,people come and go,love comes and go.

Work+Espresso+Margarita+Lemon cheese cake Saturday!

It's my 1st day of work on Saturday.
Not really a job as I just helped out at mum's friend's learning centre-Enopi.
It's a maths learning centre.
My job was supposed to be a marker but in the end I had to become a teacher and even a babysitter!
Call me Teacher Jo Ann...Haha......

There's a 3+ years old boy came for his first lesson .He's the youngest student!
He can read and calculate but he's way too active!
I had to chase him all over the classroom and persuade him to do his work!!!!!

On the other hand,there's a lil' girl named Avery .She's smart !
She could do all the calculations without wasting much time.
At first,she was so quiet and I started to ask her:
"Are you afraid of me?"
She nodded her head!
OMG!Am I that scary?!?!?!
I don't bite!
Then she started to warm up and talked to me.:)
She even showed me the paper handcraft that she did.
She's talented though!
I was amazed as she's only 8 year-old!

This job is challenging......
I didn't feel tired at all until I was driving home.

I went for a relaxation hang out at Harper's instead of gym as Jaz asked me along.
Went to look for my cousin and spent few hours there.
I had double shot espresso in the beginning.
Seems like I don't need to sleep anymore.
*That's why I'm blogging now*

My huge sunglasses and Yakuza Moon.....I read it for the 2nd time!
It's a nice cousin chose this seat for me..haha
My cousin's hardworking side.....
I'm lucky enough to taste her espresso...I'm the 1st !!!!
My granduncle designed that white building...I only know that it was a police station..if I'm not mistaken..hmmm...I've never thought that my family had contributed to Malacca historical building...PROUD!!!!!
I have an extra entertainment!
There's a guy in the river was digging some precious GOLD!!!!
Nah...according to my cousin,he's always there to treasure for antique and valuable coins!
He found many though!
How nice is my couz ya.......she offered to serve me a cocktail so I chose margarita.....
I'm addicted to it ....................

Then came the lemon cheese's really delicious!
That's why I love dessert!!!!
Here's our cam-whore session..haha...My couz was more to my photographer than a waitress!!!!!

She served this before I's a mocktail...a sip was enough!
Her lazy side..................
Before I left,she kept asking me to take a pic with the bar cuz I was attracted by it...
"Alot of tourist like to take a pic at here."
That's what she said but I'm not a tourist!

It's a great Saturday noon though....
Thnx Couzie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lil' Josh's 9th B'day celebration!

No birthday party for Josh this year!
But we spent more on him this,sneaker,his favourite cartoon pencil case and dinner.
I have no exception but to spend on him.It's a MUST!
I've spent few hundreds for his birthday party last year so this year I spent less!
Mum had to spend more on him.

We went all the way to town to find a cake for him.As his requested!

A pink car on the cake looks cool!!!!
Due to his impatience,we cut the cake right after he finished school!

He's happy when we sang him a birthday song!!!!

These are not the only present!!!!

Later then,we went for dinner at Amigo for his birthday!

He attracted an aunt though...haha
The bday boy
bro n sis

I love this pic so much...haha..he looks funny!
The food lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I started to tell mum the best salad I ever had in Sabah.....haha...........I forgot the restaurant's name.
Bro is always irritating at sis's cam-whore habit!
She needs to slice her meat to make her look thinner though.....

Couldn't be bothered!

Then,sis started her black&white cam-whore session!!!!

mum was the 1st victim!
Then herself..haha

Sis took this pic mainly focus on the food...wth?!
The fatty ones~
I've become her victim for cam-whoring..u can see how good is she....haha

The big boss!!!!!

A family pic without dad as he couldn't make it back to Malacca on Friday night.....

While walking towards the car,sis started to cam-whore again!
Guess what?!This time mum joined sis along!!!!!!
The sister2sister
I look like my mum though................
The so -called James bond style..i think!
Josh's not supposed to be in the pic but he insisted to join us!
The mother and daughters pic!!!

Happy b'day baby boy!
Love ya!