Monday, November 22, 2010

Who will design Miss Kate Middleton's wedding dress?

The engagement of Prince Willian and Miss Kate Middleton has caused a buzz around the world!
What's next?
The designer for Miss Kate's wedding gown.I could sense that all the ladies around the world can't wait to see the design of her wedding dress.

It was reported that Middleton is more likely to go for British Bridal designer who reflects her personal style which is clean, simple and safe.

Here are some of the lists......

From Erdem who is a graduate from the Royal College of Art and spent a year working with Diane Von Furstenburg. The winner of the prestigious Fashion Fringe Award in 2005.

Red simple dress by Erdem

To Marchesa......
Marchesa is co-founded by British Designers Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman.
Marchesa's bridal gown design are the combination of Asian and vintage influences

sheer long veil with detailed fabric by Marchesa

They do design extravaganza dresses too.....It's one of a kind!

By Marchesa

by Marchesa

Or maybe the J.Crew will get be the one to design Miss Kate Middleton's wedding dress?
The dresses are simply yet elegant.
Simply and elegant yet vintage by J.Crew
J.Crew wedding dress
However, the designer of late Princess Diana's wedding gown, Elizabeth Emanuel has adviced Miss Kate Middleton to keep the design of her wedding dress simply with nice and string silhouette.
A classy design, probably.

Will Miss Kate follow the 'footstep' of late Princess Diana in having a long train veil that caught the attention of the world?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Farewell for Frankie!

Our beloved International friend from Shanghai has left Malaysia after finishing his final sem in Uni.

We did get to have a gathering together before he left.
Everyone had a great time!

Frankie is a very dedicated guy in his assignments and any events that he's involved.
He's helpful and generous to share his knowledge with us.
It's proud for us to know him.

The 1st time I knew him was during our Marketing tutorial class and we were looking for members for group assignment.
I was sitting in front while he sat at the back and it's like a 'click' that we just smile and nodded to each other with our body language to be in a group.e k

Time flies and we knew each other for 2 yrs +.

I was glad that he was my ballroom dancing partner!
He can sing and dance very well though!

He always likes to say:"no problem!"
and this always makes us laugh out loud.

We had a great lunch together at Boston cafe few days before he left.
And guess what? We found out that he's a much much bigger gossip girl fan than us!
He 's the one shared about Chuck Bass real life story!
We,girls are such a loser!!!

Pool time after lunch!
Living in the addiction of pool.......

We sent him to the airport on the day he left~19-11-2010

Breakfast at Fook Yuen

Our heart felt so 'heavy' seeing him boarding.....

LOVE this pic as everyone smile so happily ever after!

The weather on the day he left was really bright and the peak of Mount Kota Kinabalu could be seen too.

May he succeed in the future and all the best in continuing his Master in International Business and Entrepreneur.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Happy Purchases!

I'm gonna share my happy purchases in these few months. :)

Marilyn Monroe-Barbie 50th Anniversary

Barbie is my MAJOR LOVE purchase!

From lil' girl's dream to GAGA style...

Pig linen heels-liked-clogs

Bought it at a massive discount!
Pig Linen- RM 109.9 ..It's RM 10 per pair!
I've started to see models wearing these kind of heels on the web.I bought it at the cheapest price in case the fashion trend starts to get HOT and I will have to pay a fucking big amount.
Am a smart consumer!

divine wine and south beach
2 for RM 8 at Watsons! I'm not a cheapskate ok?
The colour attracted me so much!

all time favo :)
Continue with my edition of Empress Orchid to The Last Empress

Oriental Dragon and Phoenix brooch

Spotted this at Salanbianca. It's ONLY RM 10...unique design!

Gossip Girl style headband
Super cheapo! RM 6.90!!!hahahahahhaha

handmade brooches
My recent crazy for brooches....RM 10 for 3

Handmade rose brooch..awesome for simple dress!

crystallizing necklace
Got the necklaces from Parkson while doing some window shopping.It's RM10 for each!

Last but not least.....
My partner for Halloween

Mr.Pumpkin from Daiso
There are other purchases that I will share when I use wear it!
bYsI ruffle top for RM 10, Salanbianca handmade embroidery dress for RM 299 RM 20, Brown gaga heels without stripes, Heels from charles and Keith and lots of clothes!

Will share it when I take the pics..hehe

Am super addicted with accessories!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halloween @ The Shenanigan's,KK.Sabah

It was a well-planned and unplanned last minute Halloween.

I was cracking my brain in the library and Jon called to go for the Halloween as he had prepared for his Halloween character but we had yet to think of any!

Hilda, YY and then did some errand for the accessories and I've got everything from Daiso!
It was like a touch-and-go for me..hahaha
Grabbed and paid!

red bow tie and my pumpkins!
how can I go for halloween without them?
Edward cullen of the night!
See..he's well-prepared!

the table deco @ The Shenanigan's!
It was Twillight theme!

Hilda the cheongsam gal, YY the witch doctor,moi the bitch bunny

fave shot! <3
awesome ppl in the club!
witch doctor injected vervains on the vampire's neck!
the Halloween version of black MJ
She treated patience with sexy feelings!
awesome opening from the liveband!
DJ in the club!
The girls from Toastmasters club!
Sexy singers showing their boobs of cuz....
bumped into the other group of friends
left:the winner of the night for best dressed male costume
He won it for his effort for dressing the same 'monster' for 2 nights continuously!

sexy ladies!
winner for best dressed female...
her corset is so sweet with Pink!


love this shot by me..
The prisoner and harry potter
the yaku!dunno wth he called lar...

the other version of jon and
gorgeous and awesome partner!
bunny with traditional style

sexy nurse in the house!
charles and keith.....
Erward Cullen with my bunny ears!

sexy bunny doctor with her Charles&Keith

bunny turns into a psychologist

Spotted lots of pretty and sexy chicks in the club!
You can't find it in Malacca!