Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dim Sum

I had dim sum finally!
Plan failed after everyone got tipsy the night before because of Scorpion Tequila courtesy of S.
5 of us went to dim sum together before sending R off to the airport.
I couldn't believe that I just slept for 3 hours and woke up at 5.30 in the morning.
Because of food,I sacrificed *PROUD*

WM and JS over-slept until I texted WM then only she realised that we had dim sum appointment.
Fun conversation in the car and there's guy who watched Gossip Girl!!!
Better not to disclose the person.haha....
Dim sum at Foo Ping Restaurant and we were way too early.
My 1st visit to there.
And yeah....R kept on asking if I'm satisfied since I kept bugging him and S for dim

5 of us were really like old men and old ladies as we're the earliest there and the customers who came later than us were old folks!
Now you can see how 'OLD' are we.LOL!
We ate non-stop and even took those dim sum that we don't really eat as long as there's food.
Btw,we have big-eaters though. No worries.

JS and I were shocked when we asked for the bill as it's RM 86!
Just for breakfast.
JS even counted that how many 'long' (plates) of dim sum we had.
23 in total! UNBELIEVABLE!

Satisfied dim sum with great people!
Am so jealous that R is back to his hometown. :)

Oh ya,gonna update the hang-out by the beach when I'm free.Fun night out!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I Won FREE DJ Class from TRIBE!

When you do something randomly,you'll get a surprise outcome!
Yeahh...I did it.......

Got a message from Tribe Sound DJ Academy & Artillery via Facebook about the slogan competition.
I was so damn bored and didn't know what to do so just 'CLICK' on the page and joined the contest.
JUST FOR FUN and see if I'm that lucky or not...haha

It's proven that I'M SO F**CKING LUCKY!
I'm the winner for the final round of slogan contest!

My slogan: Tribe Sound-Strive it to the TRIBE
Simple yet nice!


Tribe Sound DJ Academy & Artillery is situated in Malacca and the 1st DJ academy in Malacca!
Malacca ROX!

They have AWESOME DJs in the academy to teach you to spin,scratch and blah blah blah...
Sorry I'm not very familiar with Dj-ing even though I always hit the club.

I've only tried to spin and mix once but that's just for fun.
Yeah,again,just for fun!

Now I have the REAL chance to do it.
I won a month free DJ class from Tribe Sound Academy & Artillery!
At least, I've got to do something productive for my sem

DJ Reeve from Tribe Sound did won in few DJ competition such as the Face Off DJ Competition Final @ Quattro,Kl and Malaysian Club DJ Mixing Challenge 2009.
That's all I know but I think there should be more....*smack forehead*

He even appeared in Time Out Magazine and some other mags too.
When will I be so POPULAR??? *Day-dreaming*

Ok shall not write more about it...just find out more about it from its web

They have promotion for the ladies too!!!!!
Ladies can be a DJ!!!!!!!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sakura in Malaysia

the fallen flowers

I'm gonna bring you the touch of April.
It seems to be an easy photoshoot but I've been waiting for the right weather as the weather in KK is unpredictable.
This is the 1st time ever I've seen the flower season in KK.
It really touches my heart~

my favo shot

the flowers are just like cotton but in pink


Friday, April 16, 2010

Taste The Original Ramen in KK Town! Yummy!!!

A friend from China recommended me a pure handmade Ramen with delicious dumplings restaurant while we're chatting during the Ang Pow Festival meeting.
He made my saliva felt like 'flooding' the whole place by telling me 'IN DETAIL' the ingredients of the dumpling!!!!!

So on the noon before my course dinner, I suggested us to go for lunch there since we need to go to town to grab some stuff.

The restaurant is situated in the heart of the town.
Emperor's Delight really serves nice food!

The Ramen is handmade by the sifus in the restaurant.

My ramen with chicken .
The ramen is totally original and you could taste it is so 'flexible'!!
(I can't think of a word to describe
The chicken is so chewy enough and boneless!!! That's nt tofu in the pic.

See the mee!!!!
It's only RM 9.80 per bowl and the portion is enough for 2.
This is the original ramen..not the one I had in Little Taiwan.
Crispy crepe..I think..its something like roti canai.But it's really crispy and delicious!

Jade dumpling.
The skin is made of spinach and wait till you see the ingredient~!!!!!!
super yummy!! The 'GENEROUS' type. It means they are not stingy in giving more for the ingredient!!!!!!

Didn't really eat much.But gonna try almost everything on my next visit.

Emperor's Delight Restaurant
Jalan Pantai,Kota Kinabalu,Sabah.
(Just opposite the petrol kiosk.If I'm not mistaken it's ESSO).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Executive Night 2010 at Sutera Harbour

Executive Night of School of Business and Economics in UMS,Sabah.

It's a night for the achievers who scored a CGP of 3.5 and above and the winning teams in sports.
I attended it as I've got a CGP 3.5 and above for the previous sem.
It's totally an unexpected result for me as I remembered I did tell my mum that I'm tired of studying and felt like quiting just the day before my result came out.

I could feel that mum was superb happy when she saw my result.

The Executive Night was held at Sutera Harbour,KK,Sabah.
Sutera Harbour is known as the best hotel in KK.

Awesome door gifts.

How nice if the door gifts were substituted with Ferrero Rocher.

Cam-whore session while waiting at the lobby.....

The first time ever I wore a maxi to a dinner.I've got compliment that my dressing was decent for that night. *FML,that means I look like a bitch all this while?*

moi and Andy-the so-called accountant

Flower and me

The guys were staring at me cam-whored with the flowers.

Don't judge him by his look as he's a capable club president and an intelligent guy.

Moi and Nelly,my coursemate


The student's table.

moi and Kim,my junior.

My former senior and ex VP of IB.

The 1st and one and only dish that 'appeared' in my it's the only best serving dish ever

My pretty and handsome seniors:Frankie,Sze Li and Minyin

The Stardom moment by the Dean of SBE

Congratzzz to myself :)
Moi,Hilda and Ainul

FYI,I was wearing her dress on that night as everyone insisted me to wear a dress for the special dinner.
I wanted to have a wild look with my Japanese Style blazer with Sakura and legging but got negative feedback instead. FML.

The IB-ssssssssssss

The TOP achiever of the night.
Btw,she's actually holding the certs for her netball team

moi and huijing,she's the ex student representative of UMS and my senior.
I admire her so much!!!

The online-shopaholic senior.....she really makes me crazy for her heels!!!!

Frankie,Moi,FongMein, Huijing,Cynthia,Andy,Samuel and Minyin

my leng lui junior

moi and Frankie. My partner for ballroom dance for the next dinner.

Mr.Benny with his so-called red

Group pic of Dean list holders

The food was nice but not the performance.