Thursday, December 27, 2007

All I want for Christmas is YOU!!!!!

While I was shopping on the day of Christmas eve,I've bought myself a X'mas present!

I've fallen in love with this cute lil' angel once I saw it!!!!!
My 1st X'mas present for myself!!!

Merry X'mas!!!!
Cherish moment for my Christmas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My delightful X'mas eve!

This is the 1st time that I've planned for my x'mas eve at the last minute because due to my packed schedule !

No working on X'mas eve,Hooray!!!!

Therefore,Darl came all the way back from KL to celebrate X'mas eve with me!!!!!Love it!!!!!!!
Those greatest ones are there on X'mas eve with me!!!I'm so happy!!!!!!!

Jaz and I have the cam-whoring session in the loo..haha
cool santa n moi
the early birds are desperating for clubbing
merry x'mas!!!!!
wish I could be a santarina someday..hehe

moi n sexy santarina zeno

some idiot spoilt this pic!!!!!!
the so called Gucci glow in dark spec.The ugliest pic of me
he lights up my life!Thnx!
you're the best!
i have no ways to make him drink..haha
he's the drunk santa!!!!!

Apparently,I did have a GREAT X'mas eve with u guys!!!!!
You guys ROX!!!!!!!!
love ya,XOXO

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Birthday celebration for Dear Sherlynn

It's yr birthday!happy birthday!!!
This is the day of her birthday and we've planned to celebrate for her before she's going off.

Our first station is to look for a nice place to have dinner.Smart ppl always have Plan A and Plan B.This is what Jaz and I have case the place is damn crowded.
So,we have our dinner at a western food restaurant~WOK&PAN.That is my 1st visiting to there and they really have nice food there...LOVE IT!!!!!

We enjoy our meal so much...Lon is the big eater of the night as he's eaten 2 plates of chicken chop!
the 1st photo shot of the night..haha....with her new hairstyle

let me introduce the menu of the restaurant..hehe
my pepper chicken thigh
sichuan sauce chicken chop
erm...forget the name of this pasta but I'm sure that this is a vegetarian pasta
this bbq sauce pork chop is special with its so-called Aladdin lamp..haha
fish and chips...boneless and save time to chew.....this is what ying said..haha
the end of my meal...only lazy ppl finish up their food like this
random shot of her..hehe..

love taking pic of this loving couple
after dinner

Later then,we go to our next station at pearl cafe as we have a surprise for the birthday gal!!!!!!
Yan Fun appears all of a sudden with a cake as she's planned to give sherlynn a surprise for her birthday.She told her that she has to absent for the dinner as she's sick..haha....

the reaction of the bday gal when she found out about the surprise
happy bday!
make a wish
the loving couple
the cherish moment..the most meanigful pic i've taken randomly

the's delicious though..i ate the most..haha
best friends forever
the cutie yan fun n bday gal..she's the surprise for sherlynn of the night
sis 2 sis

'dear sherlynn,wish u n lon happy forever!'.Honestly ,lon's name looks like another word which means 'hua'(flower)..haha
of cuz can't miss out my bday gal!
happy bday my dear
i love this!!!!!i just cam-whore non-stop
living in their own world

Few minutes later...............................

I've got an idea of photographing this piece of cake.I admit that I'm not good in cutting a nice piece of cake as...........the cake kept falling down on the half way when I was trying to cam-whoring with it.All of them was so 'Fed-up' watching the idiot me doing silly thing with the cake n my camera..haha.....

my SHIT idea of taking this piece of cake..haha
my expert skill la
thnx to ying for this head looks big
not so nice
last pic of trying hard to get the best shot with this piece of cake...sherlynn's so-called PEACE appears all of a sudden
big cam-whorers
seems like there are 2 lesbian this!
the last pic after the celebration