Friday, April 28, 2006

Just feel like it's been a few days i didn't write anything in my simply write something to make sure that my blog is still up-dated.

I'm very angry,unhappy,frustrating and many more rite now.I have no ideas what to write n feel like fighting with that person who make me angry ,unhappy.....................i think that's all i wana write abt....i really dunno what to write...i jusst wana tel that person something..if u r sick of all these u can just end it maybe it'll make u happy forever

Saturday, April 22, 2006

"What's your name?"..."May i know yr name?"..This 2 sentences are always ask by someone we don't know at all..But what'd happened in my life was suck !My cousin asked his dad abt my name.What the hell was that!?!?!?!?!?Even though i just moved to malacca just for only 6 yrs but i stayed in jb for more than 10 yrs n we used to play together for 10 yrs!!!!After he got my number,he asked his dad what's my name..I was suprised that he could ask that..Can't he remember my name as he used to joke abt my name?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!This was the 1st time happened in my life..My cousin doesn't know my name at all....Oh my goodness!!!!!!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Just after chatting with nicola(my cousin in london).It's been a long time we nvr talk to each other..miss her so much n finally i gt to talk to her online.Nowadays she's very busy with her work ,composing songs and studies.So,I hardly get to talk to her. She was busy too when we chatted online.But at least we got to talk for a short while....Better than don't get to talk at all.I think this is the 1st time i wrote something immediately than delaying like what i always do..hhaha

Friday, April 14, 2006

12th of April... That's the day i'll always's not something good happened on that day but that day was just made me lost my mood to do anything...
An aunty came to my house a few days ago n asked me to bake a choc cake by following a recipe she gave to me n told my mum that she would be coming this wednesday.What i never thought of was she would come on that day she said..I was suprise..But unfortunately,I was at home on that day.So suey!!!!Then when i knew that she came i just pretend don't know anything n kept myself entertained online..Brilliant idea!However she came into the room n asked me to bake the cake without asking me anything.M i her 'maid'?What the hell was that?????Unwillingly,i just agreed with her...Y was i so silly????K..then i just did what she wanted...anyway i've never baked something for so long...After that i just simply bake without really following the recipe.No one was helping me at all!!!!I was very very angry but luckilyher daughter 'automatically' came n help me.
My job has done!!!!!Just eat what i baked lah.....I didn't care what's the taste of the cake.Nice or not nice is yr problem...Not mine..
I've learnt my lesson today..'Never ever let someone know that i can bake'..that's very irritating man!!!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just received a card from my cousin in England.I was damn happy..She sent the card to cungratulate me on my achievement in spm. I never thought that she would send me a card at all cuz she's very busy with her work n studies..I appreciated it very very much...Miss her so much

Sunday, April 09, 2006

<---My lil' bro

I don't know whether dat guy is an 'idiot' or 'an old & blur man'..this afternoon i brought my lil' bro out to buy some food at a malay stall. The 1st thing dat the stupid malay guy asked was"Ni anak ke?" Eventho our age gap is 12 yrs but he shouldn't ask that.It seemed like i look like a mother more than a sister.Wat the hell was he asking???????I gt angry n just told him off that he's my bro !Does he look like my child???Or do i look like a mother to a lil' boy????? Dat's really irritated me.That 's not the 1st time someone asked me that but i just dun like it when they ask me those stupid questions!It's ridiculous!!!!!!!!!Or they don't have a brain to think at all!?!?!??!?!?!!?!??

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm Broke

Just got my 1st pay today but the pay is for Feb n i could only get it after a month.I mean in april.That was SUX!!!!!This is because it's the 1st time i didn't get my pay on the month after i worked but have to wait for 2 months....It's damn SUX!!!!!!

I was broke for 2 months after stopped working....N now i'm broke too...I have to pay for everything by myself..The biggest prob is i haven't sat for my driving lesson..I have to pay it by myself...No one wil pay for me....

That means i can't simply buy anything i want..That's not me..I'm a BIG can i control myself from buying this buying that?!?!!??!!?!?I can't do it at all.Oh God!!!!Please help me!!!I have many things to buy..I want new shoes(cuz i spotted a few pairs of nice shoes)..I want new clothes...I want my favourite BARBIE....That's all wat i wan!!!!!I don't get to buy all these!!!!!I'm really broke now!!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Un4g3tT@bL3 m0M3nT

Pic Of All Of Us

This pic was taken 2 weeks before we ended our last lesson in september 2005.It was a funny class with our tutor,Mr.Oh who has a sense of humour.Although he's handicapped but none of us looked down on him before.He's capable n very good in teaching especially with his funny jokes..Dat was COOL!He nvr let us felt bored during his class eventhough our class was always scheduled after school.He's the one who let me get to achieve flying colour result in my SPM.Hmmm......kinda miss him......actually i miss his jokes....Dat was the moment i couldn't 4get at all.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

M3,Mys3lf & I

m3 dreaming to become a butterfly....
with my big sun glasses

This is my 1st blog..oops!!!!!!!my mistake..actually is my 2nd post for this blog..k nothing much to say...just wana add some pics cuz i didnt do it for my 1st post

4give & 4get

People always say that forgive n forget r the best things to do in our life..maybe dat's true n dat is wat i always try to do in my life.

However, those two words never ever come into my life at all.This is wat i can't figure out but i always think of those words everytime i try to take revenge against someone who has done something wrong to me.I'm a person who wil always keep revenge in my heart n never forget abt it at all because i want that "jerk"to get back the same thing dat they did...but actually is not the same..i want something worse happen to them!

I've told u guys abt that cuz dat's part of my personality n dat's true....really really true......the reason i wrote dis as my 1st blog cuz i was cheated by someone who really hurt me n i nvr forgive n forget everything he's done to me..i always think of taking revenge against him n the other parties who involved in dat cheating too..That cheating really broke my nerves...I tried to forgive n forget but i couldn't do it at all...

All of a sudden,dunno wat's crossed my mind??????i just forgot abt everything dat he's done n just forgave him..hel-llllo????This is not me..wat's really happened to me?????Or the words "4give" and "4get" really come into my life???????