Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A selfish one will never ever tell you the truth.It's not that i wanted to say that but that's what happened in my life recently.About the post that i wrote few days ago about a guy who was caught by the police and sent to the jail doesn't doubt me anymore because the truth was told by the 'victim'.That was because Jammie and i found out about it when he told our form teacher and his expression showed it all.

Actually I'm mad at those people who didn't tell me the truth.They are really not my friends at all.Thats why it's difficult for me to trust my friends whom I just knew since school re-opened(except for those i always hang out with)..The truth is one of the girls will just use me to find out something that keeps on playing in her mind.I didn't think about that before until the day i asked her about this guy and she was trying to avoid everything.YOU'RE TOO FAKE!F*CK!!!!!!!I've never scolded a girl with this harsh word but for her!!!!You can pretend infront of me ,i can do that so~~~~

I'm so damn mad now and I'll spill the beans that i've been thinking about you all this while.You are such a typical chinese girl thinking so as yr gang too!!!You're so LAME!!!You're 'old-fashioned'!!You're narrow-minded!!You're selfish!!Don't think that You're so damn 'pretty' and keep on critising things that people wana do!!!I think you're the one who have an 'old-fashioned' concept!!!Excuse me!!The world's changed and PLEASE upgrade yrself!!!!

There's another girl i wana keep on scolding too!!It's not that I'm heartless n inhuman but i really don't like them anymore.This girl is one of her close friends.They always think that she's done a good job for us but i've never ever thought about it at all.This is because she's irresponsible!!!!No morality!!!She's rude!!!!!

I'll not mention about their names at all.But if anyone thinks that I'm a BITCH then I am,at least I'm not fake with my friends!But I'm just telling the truth and I have the right.To my 'dedicated FAKE friends that I've mentioned in my blog,you guys r so fake!!!You can get angry at me but I will not give a DAMN!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Friday night,our weekend as usual...we'll hang out together every weekend after so much stress in school on friday.Therefore,we always 'award' ourselves with nice ,delicious and expensive dinner..haha...what to do???It's students' life nowadays.Undenyable!!!!!

We went for dinner at Nando's and chit chat alot of 'stupid' stuff but still we're talking about one of our friends who was absent to school for many days..However,i feel relief when i've got to call through his phone but my instinct felt that something's wrong with him..Without interuppted him with my' grandmother novel',I've got to talk to him for a few seconds...

Back to my friday night,We'd alot of fun especially with our so-called Lee Hom..haha....

my so-called-journey:Klan streetwear store-->Nando's at MP-->Jonker street-->Witchery Ider Cafe
Jammie's 'good' job..Thanks alot(i mean a loaf)..haha
cam-whorer + busybody = nice pose
temporary waitress with the new year promotion at Nando's
do we look like twins???haha..she's my long-lost twin sis
cold n hot choc
ice lemon tea n hot tea..TEA TEA TEA TEA
the chocolate lovers~~~
cold n hot
our dinner~~~yummy~~~
70% fat+10% carbohydrate+20% protein='HEALTHY' food
Jammie,jo and tiffany @ jonker
1st attempt
2nd attempt...it's just that Jammie's expression is different

Friday, February 09, 2007

This is the first time that i'm writing a post in the midnight.I didn't think of posting anything to my blog until i read about one of my friend's blog which was 'asked' by Jammie.K,here i go...

That blog is about one of her friends was caught by the police n sent to the jail.This may sounds normal but the thing is his parents n school didn't know about it.Actually i didn't think of who could it be until Jammie told me that she's quite suspicious about a guy in our class cuz recently he's strange n didn't really talk to us.Moreover,he did mention about a problem that happened few days ago(but i can't reveal what's the problem is all about).I keep on thinking that it's IMPOSSIBLE cuz may not be him.But my friends always remind me that 'nothing is impossible'.Maybe it's him!!!OMG!!!!The strangest thing is my friend didn't even tell us the reason he's absent from school during this few days cuz usually she would 'announce' it.This really makes me worried about him...even Jammie is in the same boat with me...

On the other hand,I keep on thinking that it's big possible could be him because he was absent from school for 2 days.Absenteeism is not his habit unless he's late to school.He's a very responsible guy n happy-go-lucky.Maybe that problem really 'dragged' him into the dangerous trap.Why m I keep thing about that???I should be optimistic..ya..that's the way

Pray to God~~hope that is not him~~~~

Friday, February 02, 2007

*Ice-cream is the happiness in my life especially Baskin Robbins' ice -cream..My favourite!!!!

*So, on the 31st ,we were too desperate to have the yummy yummy ice-cream and kept on talkng about it in school..Because we've planned to have the 'discounted' ice-cream a month ago.Actually we plan for everything very very early especially when comes to 'MAKAN' and CLUBBING..haha

*I'm a person who hate to go out after school cuz i need to take a nap everyday after school but not on that day cuz i've got to eat.YIPEE~~~~

*First of all,we went for lunch at 1901 hotdog(actually i suggested to go there cuz i miss the burger).I think nowadays students are richer than those older days students cuz the students always spend on nice food,nice clothes and evrything nice.I'm one of them cuz i spend my money mostly on branded stuff...k..back to the topic.We'd fun eating though...

*Just after half and hour and our stomach hasn't really digested all the food that we ate earlier,we went for 2 nd round.Actually our main reason is just to have the ice-cream.I miss Baskin Robbins sooooooo much~~~

*I've got my favourite flavour though..haha...I feel so nice when the ice-cream melted in my mouth..yummy~~~~We took half an hour to finish it cuz there was an interuption when we're having fun eating.Anyway i don't blame that guy who interup us cuz he's cute!!!!

*I've got a toothache during my tuition class after eating that ice-cream.Maybe i deserve it cuz i was eating non-stop~~~~~
do u think that this pic is weird??i mean jaz's head
the 3 big eaters
the spoons~`so lame~~
jamoca almond fudge(my favourite),royal choc mousse,and caramel dunno what...jaz's chose i