Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy 21st

Happy 21st to me!

Thnx for all the wishes!
No celebration as I've celebrated it in advanced.LOL!
Moreover,it's study week!
Goota get my ass off to the books!
*that's how i spent my eve* T_T

Got a really special and meaningful present.LOVE IT!
Gonna post abt it when I'm seriously free!

Anyway,I treated myself with some sleep today!
Super MAD HAPPY that babe is coming back from Taiwan next month!!!!!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random long post

The Slurpee contest has ended and thnx to those who voted.
I appreciate it very much.

Study week has started and finals is just around the corner.
But at least had some 'energy booster' drinks on Thursday with Samuel.
The tequila at Bubble Bar @ Grand Borneo is dirt cheap but it tastes like cheapo tequila.
Me no likey.Wasted a glass of it.
Beers were ok.*thnx God*
Headed to UpperStar after picking up Ricky and we drank again.
Ice-cream,mashed potatoes ,beers and tequila shot.
Ice-cream is my addiction in the midnight,
mashed potatoes tasted sucks,
beers was ok too,
and tequila shot specially requested as it's not available at all-ME LIKEY!!!
Sometimes I wonder how did I get addicted to tequila shot!!!!

After a 100km drive and listened to the same songs over and over again,
McD was the last min destination.
Samuel ordered ice-cream and guess what?
The machine for ice-cream and milkshake @ McD 'sleeps' after 12am!!!!!!
The 1st time I heard about this stewpid stuff!!!!

Adjusted my bedtime upside down to study for finals.
Spent some time on drawing out my tatts in the version of variety of colours.

One of my tatts..look fugly I know..haha...

Less than a month to go and I'll be going for my holiday in Kuching,Sarawak.
I've fallen for that place since my 1st visit last year.
Maybe because of the night life that we used to hang-out for 21 days continuously.
At least they have cheap beers and liquors too.
Wherever you go,the statue of the cats is always there.
That's why it's called -The Cat City.
I miss the salad chicken rice and peppermint herbal tea.
Even though my friends and I kept complaining about eating the same food whenever we've gone but that's the only place to have their specialty.

All of us are planning for a 2 days 1 night trip @ Kundasang before we fly to Kuching.
Gonna spend lots of money after my finals.
Been thinking of getting a new digital cam.
Holiday with babes after I'm back to Malacca.
It's proven that human can't live without of $$$$$$$$$.

The beach in Sabah looks nice at night.

"For every minute that you're angry,you'll lose 60 seconds of happiness."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family is always the best!

TVB:Born Rich Stars in 1 Borneo

The reason BeiXin and I didn't even have our dinner on Sunday night due to the HongKong stars who promoted their new tv series in 1 Borneo which they shot it in Sabah.

The 41-episode of TV series-Born Rich is a drama about love and disputes between members of a large corporate banking family .

This TV series starring Nancy Sit, Ray Lui, Gallen Lo, Joe Ma, Sharon Chan ,Kenneth Ma ,Jamie Chik and Anita Yuen.

The stars who showed up were Nancy Sit, Ray Lui, Gallen Lo, Joe Ma, Sharon Chan and Kenneth Ma.
All of us were so crazy especially over Joe Ma..haha
The 1st episode was premiered live in 1 Borneo!!!!

Nancy Sit and Ray lui

Kenneth Ma & Sharon Chan

The only side shot I managed to get- Gallen Lo

I've got myself a pair of denim in Roxy.
Just not to waste the birthday voucher.
Save the earth!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

R.I.P Stephen Gately-Your Talent Will Be Missed


I was totally shocked to find out that one of the members of Boyzone has left forever.

Stephen Gately of Boyzone died at the age of 33 in his sleep while holidaying at the Spain's east coast.

He's born in Ireland in March 1976 and joined Boyzone in 1993.
The band split in the year of 2000 and he went solo with his debut album New Beginning.
Gately hit the head lines in June 1999 when he admitted he was gay in British tabloid newspaper The Sun - disappointing thousands of his girl fans.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tanning leads to death!!!!

Sunbathing has become one of my loves whenever there's SUN!

I was freaked out when I read a news about "Tanned air girl dies of Skin cancer".
Gosh.Damn scary!

The Sun to read the news.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Wishing everyone has a good life in ahead.
For those jerks outside.keep on having your pathetic life!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Our Friday trip :)

It's our assignment mission day a.k.a food day!

Headed to Kampung Nelayan to meet up with the managers for the interview.
Kampung Nelayan is not a village but a seafood restaurant!

After we've done the interview, we were supposed to go for lunch at the restaurant but the lunch time's over so Francis suggested us to go to the hawker centre!

here's what we ordered.
They have varieties of food but some are kinda expensive compared with the portion.

My fried kueh teow.It's a very small portion of food and it costs me RM 4.50.Not reasonable!

Francis then started to buy those kuih as he's a big eater!!!!
fried pulut.sorry for the blur pic!
See the place and you know that it's a place where we have to self-service.
But guess what???????
They have nice decorated menu and the food is served to us!!!!

Francis,the big eater with his mee!!!!
Here's the menu!!!!
Miss Hilda Ting!!!!haha......
The guys.

We were eating non-stop just now.
The price is kinda expensive but the service and food are not bad!

when we've finished the interview, I asked for the manager's namecard .
"Come and look for me to reserve restaurant when you get married."

"Haha..I haven't even found a right guy yet."

Back to the Kinabalu's home!

I'm back to Sabah,at last!
After spending 2 weeks of holidays in Malacca, my brain couldn't function well at all.I was like a person who just lost all her memories.

2 weeks of holiday= 1st week was approved by myself to go home+the official Raya holiday!

I forgot everything that I've learned the week before my self-approved holiday.

Got my Spanish,Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship result= BIEN!!!! BUENO!!!*feliz*

Once I met any of my friends,they were so eager to know if I'm in a relationship..haha....based on the pics.GOSH!!!!!!

Mummy bought me a new Barbie phone pouch!!!!!

the economics mag and my Barbie phone pouch!:)

Had Toastmaster meeting this evening and our president was kind enough to bring mooncakes,drinks, pineapple(of course cut into pieces) and a fruit which is similar as nangka.

The colour of the drink looks like...............................
Some said it looks like someone's pee,
I told Samuel that it's tequila shot when he's drinking...haha....

It's chrysanthemum tea!!!!!

Durian for supper!
I've forgotten that I need to do an interview tomorrow and yet my mouth is full of the smell of durian!