Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer party @ Pure

Flower Power Summer Party @ Pure on Thursday!
Only the 4 of us were there as Cherlin 's absent herself due to some problems.
Whatever it is,we did have our great times!!!!!!!
It's been quite long that I've never 'experienced' the girls night out.Haha........

While we were drinking half way,the waiter took some cupcakes for us.And ya,the cupcakes are nice.After we've finished our first cupcakes,they came for the 2nd time.Again,the cupcakes!!!!Of course we took another one..haha...I love cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of us showing off our first cupcakes!!!!!
jaz with her flower power cupcake and of course a beer!!!
jaz and I had the same cupcakes....I chose it cuz of the flower

Kaylee got a bumble bee one....haha
actually she was showing some disgusting face but someone's skill didn't allow it at all
a nice rone with her sweet smile
our first cupcakes
jo in the club
better add with some candies and a beer
our 2nd cupcakes
she did it on our request..haha
jo and dj def....1st ofiicial pic with him after clubbing for so long at Pure.....'I don't know to smile'he said.............of course la.You always look so COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3rd cupcakes
mine too
cathy,jo and jaz
nice pic
she's as crazy as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at least we look better in this
sis 2 sis
kaylee and cathy
the pretty ones

Half way dancing,I spotted something 'fun' for us.I was so 'hardworking' to look for it after Dj Def told me about it but I couldn't get it.The bubble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Once I've found the 1st one,I went to the other tables to 'steal' it...haha.........Back to our childhood~~~~~
the childish's been ages since I used to play with it
the most childish ones
she could make nice bubbles while I couldn't!!!!!!

look at her face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice one


Guess what?I've won myself a pair of VIP tickets for the private party in June!!!!!!!!!!!I've planned to buy it at first but now I could save up my money!!!!!!!!!I can get body piercing for only 50 bucks and 40% off on tattoos from the tickets!!!!!!!Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!
The problem is I don't know will I be here on the day of the party as I'm worried that I would be away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it's not necessary for me to worry about leaving first.
PARTY COMES FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the winner of the night for Flower Power summer party!!!!!

Anyway ,I've eaten 6 cupcakes on the night just to avoid myself from drinking too much.I do love cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

my summer vacation!

Finally we've got to do what we've plan for few months back.
It's SUMMER and of course I don't want to waste it staying at home and do nothing.So,we've planned to spend it at Redang island.
Our plan's supposed to be in March but then due to my absence 'suffering' in Sarawak so we had to postpone it.
So the 5 of us have made ourselves free for this summer vacation!

We've taken the late night bus to there as it's early in the morning the next day we arrived.It's not easy though as we were in hunger for 4 hours during the journey.Especially Eric and I.We then bought some food and ate it in the bus.Ok,let me make it clearer...the food that we ate was 'mee soup'...and just imagine that we had to eat it with spoon only and packed in a plastic bag....haha....both of us were suffering mann.

while waiting for his arrival at the central

And finally after 7 hours of our long journey,we've reached Terengganu!!!!!!!!!We've gone for breakfast once we reached.Something funny came across us when one of us saw someone standing by the roadside at 6a.m(it's dark during that time),everyone was panic and thought that fella has mental problem...........after wondering for a few seconds......'It's a student la.he's waiting for his school bus to arrive la.' Eric told us after we were looking at that so-called mentally problem human being..haha
We were like'Oh ya,today is schooling day!'

Before we set off to the jetty,we were asked to gather at a place with the others.The place is nice and I love the design of the shop lots which remind me of the jonker street in malacca.

I've fallen in love with this orange one.I'm not sure what shop is it.
There's a special temple.

While waiting for the time to set off to the jetty,we've spend some time taking nonsense but artistic photos using my phone because I was playing with my phone at first then everyone wanted to play with the camera of my phone......haha
Jaz's trying to be cool when someone's taking her photo
the ugly side of me.....I don't know whose art of work is this..

another ugly side...omg!!!!!

Once we've reached the jetty,heavy rain suddenly poured down and it really spoil my mood.Everyone was worrying that the rain wouldn't stop as it rained like cats and dogs.
'we're so suey la.....heavy rain on the 1st day we come'......
chyn and jaz at the jetty.....
jo n eric at the merang jetty....
walking to the ferry

The rain hasn't stopped after an hour.

Once we've got into the ferry,everyone was busy taking photos..but after that.........everyone has fallen asleep as it took us 1 and a half hour to reach the island.Another thing is we didn't have enough sleep before that.
in the ferry.....
jaz and jo
the heavy rain

jo on the speedboat
the island........Finally we're almost here
the ferry that we took
cathy and jo

My imagination for this island is exactly what I've seen once we reached...It's undeniable that my imagination is GREAT!!!!!!*applause*

The sandy beach,

turquoise blue sea,

deep blue sky.

The perfect destination for summer holiday!

the arrival of Miss Jaz
the arrival of the Miss Desperate for Sunbathing
the arrival for Miss Cathy
No Hollywood hand print so my own footprint would do so
the sunshine smile of them upon the arrival

Honestly,we couldn't wait to start our activities once we've reached.Changing into bikini -the 1st thing to do.Actually Jaz and I only need to take off our clothes as we've worn it before we came..haha

Our first activity was snorkeling.The water is so salty until I couldn't stand it but I still continue it.We had lots of fun snorkeling.But there's something missing-THE SUN!!!!!!!

p/s:I dressed like a good girl with long sleeves and pants before I came but honestly I don't look like one when I've changed into my bikini.TATTOOS EVERYWHERE ON MY BODY!!!*i know my phoenix caught everyone to have a strange look at me*my thought*the others also agreed with me*

After that,we've take some photos:

Jaz said taking a photo from the bottom can make someone looks taller..haha
he doesn't have six pax but he's fit enough...haha
trying to pose nicer..haha

Eric said something while I was taking this pic:'Jo Ann,actually you have belly ya.'
'Of course la...I always drink and ate alot few days before our summer holiday.'
so I've learnt it from her .......this photo can make her looks taller

While waiting for Cathy,Jaz and I started to go for more and more photos taking session ..haha
outside of the resort
the sky look sux!!!!!
a nice shot

the evening
a bare naked footprint
I was supposed to be jumping in this but Jaz 's skill didn't allow at all....haha..the funniest photo ever
I love this
the seashells which look like skeletons

another nice one
Jaz kept on praising on her own skill once I told her that this pic is nice and look natural
at least I've got a better once for her though..haha
the evening walk
the beachboy
as a model for us to take photo together..ahaha
randomly by jaz.........

He then took us to a place which could see the whole Redang Bay.It's dangerous to climb up the rocks but when you want something nice for sure have to sacrifice.
I've caught a nice view to take the pic of her
she's caught the many ppl and speedboats view..haha
Redang Bay
Jaz loves do i
i know this look weird..but all the way down,the place makes me thought of Survivor series....
at least a better one
almost sunset..i love this
the sand castle which 'built' by us

let me intro abt this guy..actually he's a diver-beachboy but when we bumped up with him on the way back to our room,he's almost ready for a bath but he insisted to take a pic first even though we insisted asked him to take his shower first....haha

The unique of the Reef Resort:Redang Reef Resort in a shortform is 3R.Respect,Relax and Response.A programme from the tv..haha

It's time for dinner!!!!!!
We're hungry for the whole day ......haha
For the 1st night,we had a BBQ dinner.But we didn't need to grill for anything because the resort has prepared everything and our main jobwas to eat.
We enjoyed the dinner so much ESPECIALLY the lamb chop....OMG!!!!IT's way too tasty ...of course we did ask for more.....

my dinner.....
a cam whore before starting to eat

her dinner has something more than mine-the hotdogs....haha
we had our dinner just by the sea..its nice
the picturesque view for our dinner
the sexy lady

the hammock makes her look nerd..haha
this situation really looks like a guy is grilling a pretty lady
on the hammock
bliss is lying on the hammock........

After that,we planned to drop by the bar at Redang bay for a while as we though it wouldn't be nice.And ya,the opposite thing happened.We're getting crazier and crazier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some of the pics:
the 3 of us
his stupid face
the party
jaz and cathy

I didn't know how would this happen..haha
we were trying to be innocent..haha
a nice shot
after the party

The sun came out the next day.
I was the most excited one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I've got to have my sunbath....I couldn't wait for it!!!!!
I kept saying this once I woke up..haha...
Our first activity was snorkeling in the morning.So,before that,we've taken some photos .

the morning breeze
it's relaxing lying on a hammock in the morning

she's teaching us the right way to jump when you want to commit suicide.
but she's too scared so had to squad down to jump..haha
everyone ,please be ready!!!!
i love this AGAIN!!!!!

a semi-pro photographer
the j and j
the roxy lovers
jo and chyn
crystal clear water
what the hell r u guys doing??????
trying to show off my tatt and roxy bikini..*no offence*

a nice shot*i think*
this is the souvenir shop where Eric has spent 60 bucks for a new pants as one of his pants was stolen the next day he woke up
another shot by jaz
our resort

again my ugly side
cathy the one
ok.I have no ideas for this pic and didn't know that Jaz took this....she said I look like a 'bomoh' in this...
this pic remind me of my high school moral project which wanted us to point towards the rubbish
her best skill
not nice one
nice one
the island
jaz and cathy
a picturesque drawing*praise for jaz*
the place for breakfast and lunch
please be naked!!!!!!!
cathy and jaz in the room
the divers
the chipmunk...there are many chipmunks in the resort
alley to our room

I love the sea
the powdery white sand
actually there are many fish in the sea.
Eric was trying to scare the fish away
jump high!!!!
cathy trying to float and she's done it!
the so-called beachboy

pretty,look here!
don't show yr sexy back!!!It's seductive....

she's trying to wrap herself into the hammock.
while I don't!

I don't know what the hell she 's hugging this coconut tree!

the picturesque one

the pro model
took this half way of my sunbathing
nerd jaz on the hammock
she looks like an innocent girl on a hammock
love it
jaz was scared to sun bath with me..haha
finally i've got to get myself darker and darker.
sufficient for the 5 of us

I've spent almost 5 hours for sun bathing and I was not satisfied with the result of my colour as I'm not dark enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As you could see my body is so fair after the 5 hours sunbathing session

When I was walking back alone to my room,a beachboy approached me and took me to a very nice place to see the view of the Redang island.And again,it costs my 'courage' to climb up.
ta it is
jo trying to cam whore a nicer pic...
a nice shot

It's dinner time again!!!!As what the beachboys told us that there would be a beach party at night.So,we were thinking like'Oh it's great!!!!!It would be nice!'
I've prepared what to wear for that night.

A photo before dinner
not so nice dinner
a girl in bikini for dinner*mad*
the most beautiful photo from her
my c0mpany for the night
j and j love cam whore
a complete pic of us during the last night of dinner
while waiting for them to get ready after dinner
i know that i look fat in this pic
another cam-whore
the 3 of us
the more more tea inn

a shot while waiting for cathy

she looks mad cuz she's darker than me and she hates it!!!!!!haha.......................
the bind for us
the single in love
same o same....
this one got a bit different..haha
from her back you would think that she's pretty,but when you see her face,she'll kill you!!!!!
I really can't live without alcoholic drinks whenever there's a party.A vodka will do so.As long as it's alcohol!
i heart this

Half way during the party,I've requested a song from the dj as some of the songs are bored like SHIT!!!!!!!When I asked for a latest song of a singer,he told me he didn't have it.OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How could this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And ya,some ppl there clubbed like kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's not totally a beach party!!!!!!!
The DJs in Redang are SUX!!!!!!!!!!
Can I bring my own DJ next time?
jo and cathy during the full moon beach party
jaz and cathy

After the party,we went back to our resort to gamble.It's still early so that was the only activity!
After the party
after gambling

It's the last day and we had to go back early in the morning due to some circumstances.We woke up at 5.30 in the morning.While we went down for our breakfast,those Man United fans were cheering for their victory!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eric and I are a team as we support Chelsea.I supported Chelsea as my instinct was so right that Chelsea won the victory during a game when I was in Sarawak and no one believed it!!!!!!!!!!!And they did win.
Never mind least we didn't bet for any at all....haha
the sleepy look of me
everyone looked sleepy though
only she could smile

While we were walking on the beach to wait for the speedboat,I told everyone that we looked like illegal workers at Redang as we sneaked out in the dark...haha

he loves this 'tiang'
before we left
say cheese~
busy sms~ing early in the morning with the one in Redang..haha...*thanks for caring*
eric and cathy
cathy and jaz
the cool one........
early in the morning before we departed

the best shot to show the difference of our skin colour before the holiday and after the holiday

Happy holiday everyone!!!!!