Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer party @ Pure

Flower Power Summer Party @ Pure on Thursday!
Only the 4 of us were there as Cherlin 's absent herself due to some problems.
Whatever it is,we did have our great times!!!!!!!
It's been quite long that I've never 'experienced' the girls night out.Haha........

While we were drinking half way,the waiter took some cupcakes for us.And ya,the cupcakes are nice.After we've finished our first cupcakes,they came for the 2nd time.Again,the cupcakes!!!!Of course we took another one..haha...I love cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of us showing off our first cupcakes!!!!!
jaz with her flower power cupcake and of course a beer!!!
jaz and I had the same cupcakes....I chose it cuz of the flower

Kaylee got a bumble bee one....haha
actually she was showing some disgusting face but someone's skill didn't allow it at all
a nice rone with her sweet smile
our first cupcakes
jo in the club
better add with some candies and a beer
our 2nd cupcakes
she did it on our request..haha
jo and dj def....1st ofiicial pic with him after clubbing for so long at Pure.....'I don't know to smile'he said.............of course la.You always look so COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3rd cupcakes
mine too
cathy,jo and jaz
nice pic
she's as crazy as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at least we look better in this
sis 2 sis
kaylee and cathy
the pretty ones

Half way dancing,I spotted something 'fun' for us.I was so 'hardworking' to look for it after Dj Def told me about it but I couldn't get it.The bubble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Once I've found the 1st one,I went to the other tables to 'steal' it...haha.........Back to our childhood~~~~~
the childish's been ages since I used to play with it
the most childish ones
she could make nice bubbles while I couldn't!!!!!!

look at her face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice one


Guess what?I've won myself a pair of VIP tickets for the private party in June!!!!!!!!!!!I've planned to buy it at first but now I could save up my money!!!!!!!!!I can get body piercing for only 50 bucks and 40% off on tattoos from the tickets!!!!!!!Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!
The problem is I don't know will I be here on the day of the party as I'm worried that I would be away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it's not necessary for me to worry about leaving first.
PARTY COMES FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the winner of the night for Flower Power summer party!!!!!

Anyway ,I've eaten 6 cupcakes on the night just to avoid myself from drinking too much.I do love cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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