Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Outing~Who's the tour guide?Who's the tourist?

It's 27th of May.
Someone's 'RESERVED' Jaz and I on the actual date.It's an important appointment.So,no other appointments were allowed!!!!!Absence ourselves would be the end of our life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So,we HAVE to make ourselves free on that day to be Sherlynn's assistant tour guide for the teachers in malacca.Her friends came down all the way from KL so we have to play our role in bringing them for delicious and tasty and nice food.MALACCA HAS ALL THE BEST FOOD IN HEAVEN!!!!
*this is true after what I've gone through in Sarawak and now I appreciate the food in malacca so much*

Our job:Find a table everytime we've got to a place.

First station-the 'siham' by the drain.Although it's dirty but the food is damn nice !!!!!Don't care about the place,just eat!!!!!!!!!!And ya,one of them praised the food there is nice even it's at the alley.

the must have sauce for siham
i love more peanuts for the sauce...taste nice..yummy
the lala~

When the siham's served,I was thinking about something which always happen when we go for it.' one kopek for me la.Die la...Better eat lala'...haha..............
me indulging myself with the food

Right after our first station.The 2nd station is the next-Capitol Satay Celup!It's my favourite!!!!
The only shop which has the ORIGINAL taste of sauce for satay celup!!!!Others are 'ciplak'!

with the teachers
the so-called tourists for the night
the most crazy ones for the night
haha....first time ever they have this..My first time 'discovered' about the stars after i've been there for so many times
the happy face of a teacher
our food
the end of 2nd be continued........................

3rd station-the duck mee and dessert...............when we reached there,Jaz,sherlynn,loon and I were just staring at them to finish the mee....haha.................full like shit already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the only thing that Jaz and I had for our 3rd station........

After eating all those food,it's time for us to take a stroll and 'digest' ourselves!So,we've gone to the malacca river at jonker walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And ya,our craziness's begun again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we're always crazy!
non-stop playing all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
trying to be happy-go-lucky..haha
the 'ciplak' of Jay chou..hey something is less in this pic!!!A cowboy hat!!!!
the best-est ever of us together
he's trying to be elvis!!!!!!
the angle i took from while jaz was taking a lovely pic of's a rehearsal for the couple to pose for their wedding pic....still long way to's an superb early preparation!
the angle which jaz took from

my skill and i love this
a close -up
the model
she wanted me to take a pic which makes her look like she's on the sky..haha....
it's a 100 bucks note!!!!!!!!!!
'This beggar damn rich sial!!Got tattoos all over her body,using a new model phone,wearing branded clothes....haha'
Last pic..trying to be 'artistic' with the background

FYI:Our last station was asam pedas and it's 2 in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least,Jaz and I looked like the 'real' tourist on that night.

We had diarrhea the next day after 'consuming' those 'nutritious' food.

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