Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday ,old friend!!!!!

back in 2007 @ city square

She's my closest one since we were in primary 5.
She's a talkative girl and changed me from someone introvert to an extrovert girl.
That's why I talk alot nowadays!!!!!

Happy birthday!!!
Hope you have a great birthday in Taiwan.
Looking forward you to come back!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Mixed feeling

I'm confused.

Where's the trust that I once have on you when we first met?Everything's changed so much.Nothing remains the same.
I heard bad things about you few days ago and I just couldn't believe it but keep thinking about it.I can't judge you just because of someone's words.
But I don't dare to confront you and to find out the truth as I think I know you and there's no need for me to call or sms you.

You used to stand by me when I was a loser in life and you colored up my life.
To be honest, you mean so much to me.
I was glad that you found the right one in your life.

But things turn worse when something happened.I don't know who shall I believe as you're not that worse since I know you few years back.
Everything's fine then.

I think I've found out the truth but I will not just believe it.
I know you'll tell me someday.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Babe's mum is so worried that I don't get to find a boyfriend.

Hang out with babe and she told me what her mum said.Her mum asked babe if Eric is courting after me.....haha....
As she used to tell her that I've never brought any of my bf or ex to her place...haha

I think she thought that Eric and I are kinda getting together because we went to Babe's place together as he picked me up!!!!GOSH!

"When I have a bf,the first thing I will do is brng him to meet your mum."
That's what I could say..hehe

Friday, September 25, 2009

My 21st in advanced @The Houz

Everything went as planned.
Amigos and amigas made it happened.Gracias!XOXO

Celebrated my 21st in advanced with my girls and boys.
Yada..yada....2 celebrations -my family and friends!It's not that I'm wasting my $$$$$$$.
Since I didn't have a big party like the others do for their 21st, I preferred to celebrate it with my family and friends RESPECTIVELY so we can have our fruitful time together.

It's my idea to celebrate it @The Houz @ Klan.Got the VIP seat!

The opening for us-screwdriver before proceed to the stronger alcohol.

My first sip of alcoholic drink after I'm back for 1 week +.It's unbelievable!
When age is 'growing',the body is growing too but older. :)

As usual,Sherlynn is always late because she would only start her journey from her home whenever I reach a destination first.
That's my babe!

Our cam-whore session while waiting for the rest of them.
Jo and Cathy
Jaz and Cathy
Jo and Hong Pin.
Solo :)

At least they didn't take a long time to reach.
Ordering drink was not what they did first.
Photos,photos and more photos!!!!
That's us!

One of my favorite pics.

I was asked to unwrap the present given by Jaz,Cathy & Eric.
Wanted to open it when I'm back home but since they requested for it,I guessed it's something CUTE!
And also the same situation that faced by Jaz few months back.
Excited with the present x)
Nice design though.................

Guess what?The first thing I did wasn't look at the design but trying to find what's the brand of it. haha.............*BAD*
Tada....I like it though

I think it was Eric's night more than mine as he's back to single!!!
We're so damn happy about it.It's not that we're evil but he really looked so down when she was with the girl.
Then,we started to take pics with him non-stop.
And he kept saying:"I'm not the main character,it's Jo Ann!"
Btw,everyone ignored about that 'statement'.
Jo & Eric
My ugly side!
Touch Jaz,then he'll be whacked by her bf...haha
Eric and cathy
My bad..wrong focusing.

Sherlynn and I always do something that we love to do..haha
Come on baby...let me seduce you more since I'm single..haha

I planned for a nice game for everyone.
Everyone got to drink!
The game is called "guess the ingredients of the drinks".
Loser must finish the drink while if everyone guess right,I'm the one have to finish it!

Lecturer Jo Ann started the game by explaining the rules!!!!
My students!

The cocktails:Mango tree,WTF?,Boo Boo and Splashing.

Everyonewas trying to bribe the bartender though.
None of them was successful!

We started our 1st round with WTF?. Lots of weird ideas from them.
Eric was the worst as he guessed that there' s SPERM in the drink to suit the name of it..lol....
Even the bartender was laughing!!!!!
Halo,it's honey not sperm!

See his face!
I had to finish it!!!!!
She's so in love drinking the mango tree..haha

The game went RIDICULOUS as they started to guess the wrong ingredient on PURPOSE as the taste of the cocktails was the BOMB!!!!!
Played cheat!

it's time to unwrapped hing pin's present.
Upon his request, the present is 'saved' from unwrapping until I reached home.

Sherlynn,Jo,Hong Pin and Loon.
Group pi without Jaz as she's the photographer.

We had our all -time favorite game-POKER!
Punishment is the main thing that we wanted to do!!!!

Their 1st punishment!

Supposed to take the pic of hing pin and loon only as I said:"Guys,let's take a pic."
Eric then joined along and complaint that I don't take him as a guy.
My bad,not my intention.
Ugly scene 1
Ugly scene 2

The next few shots of mine are kinda irritating..haha

The next punishment-put their legs on my body part.Don't think dirty!
They were the ones being punished but I was dragged along too.
This is the 'privilege' for the birthday girl!

I was asked to wear the sexy thingy on my punishment!!!
See the ribbon is so cute!
Jaz was punished to say I LOVE YOU to the bartender.
At least she got a reply from him."When we wana go to register for our marriage?"


Eric felt so lucky to get a kiss from Cathy.
Lemme introduce Teacher Chua.

The dancing session..haha

Jaz was so damn pity as she got the punishment for few times.
this time is kissing the table!
DEar,kiss!!!not LICK!!!!!
That's the way babey!!!!

I damn love this shot!
Cathy was asked to kiss the FAKE fishes on the wall.At least it's not kissing the tree as she did at Geographer!!!haha....

The pole dancing session.This time I was the pole while Eric was the dancer.
This reminded me of the dinner 2 years ago when I had to do pole dancing on the stage but Eric was the pole and I was the dancer.
If he didn't mention about it,I would not have remembered it..haha
The pole's waiting for the dancer to dance!
I wana ,I wana touch you!!!!!
See,it's countless times that he kept showing his tongue!!!!
My sifu for poker..haha..we're partners in the game but she played it..haha..
The trio
Group pic

The lovebird.
It's time for the cake!!!!

They sang English,Chinese and Cantonese birthday song.Everyone stated to get high when singing the Cantonese birthday song.
And I ended it with my solo singing Spanish birthday song!
Here's the scene!
Thnx for the cake ppl!

After cutting the cake,I felt so relief that I didn't need to bite the candles up from the cake.
Who knows?Eric has pushed the candles into the cakes until I couldn't see it!!!!!

Cathy pointed the candles to me!!!!

The sisters

A closer look...i had to placed my whole face on the cake!!!!


We ate the cake together without cutting it!
It's nice doing it!

Eric then offered to feed me with cake.*SHOCK*
The feeding session...
He fed me few times until I felt like vomiting as the cake was too creamy!!!

On request!
Our group pic!!!!!

p/s:DSLR was out of batt so the quality of the pics are different when using my digital cam.

p/p/s:Someone FFK me!!!!!Forget about it since I did not celebrate in a club .She's more to clubbing celebration as her husband!Not my taste anymore.