Monday, September 28, 2009

Mixed feeling

I'm confused.

Where's the trust that I once have on you when we first met?Everything's changed so much.Nothing remains the same.
I heard bad things about you few days ago and I just couldn't believe it but keep thinking about it.I can't judge you just because of someone's words.
But I don't dare to confront you and to find out the truth as I think I know you and there's no need for me to call or sms you.

You used to stand by me when I was a loser in life and you colored up my life.
To be honest, you mean so much to me.
I was glad that you found the right one in your life.

But things turn worse when something happened.I don't know who shall I believe as you're not that worse since I know you few years back.
Everything's fine then.

I think I've found out the truth but I will not just believe it.
I know you'll tell me someday.

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