Monday, April 28, 2008

Few more days to go~

Just feel like I have many things to blog today.

This morning when I went to office,everything was fine until my manager a.k.a my aunt asked about my resignation as I've informed her a month ago that I'll be resigning this month.So,resignation was the issue.

My manager asked me whether I'm sure to resign this month as there's more than a month to go before I start studying.So,my answer was' YES'.Later then,my senior manager pulak asked me to continue working...haha......the main reason they were saying this was 'You hit your target every month so why don't you continue working?'

I've earned quite alot of income from this job but I'm just kinda tired of working and doing the same thing every day.This job does give me many opportunities to meet different people from different working background and I do appreciate it so much.
I've got to buy what I want with my own money without a single cent from my parents.Even some expensive gadgets.And I feel satisfied having all these by using my very own earned money.Nevertheless,I do feel not to leave but I prefer a rest before I start everything all over again.

I've made a rush decision at first to continue working without thinking twice.Then,I started to think further~resign and enjoy my holiday!
People get to enjoy during their holidays but I don't!
It's UNFAIR!!!!

And my final decision~resign!!!!!!!!!!!

There are 2 days to go before I resign.

haha...I'm gonna miss those people in my company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Jo ann,where r u?'
'Working .'
'What time you finish work?'
'Quite late.Anything?'
'Come to pure tonight.Got RM 1k cash to be given away.'
'How many games would it be?'
'1 k in a shot.'
'Then it's not gonna be an easy game to win this RM 1 k .'
'Just come la.'
'K la.'

Whenever Sheldon calls me,for sure there would be something.Haha...Because I've tried it before.
My actual plan was lepak at the cafe then he called to ask to go Pure on ladies night just to win the cash.I was like ok I called Jaz to cancel our plan for a drink but for clubbing...haha.....

I told her that I had a headache earlier and asked her to go to somewhere near by but whenever talk about Pure bar,I regain my energy ...haha......weird though....
And honestly,it does cure my headache-I mean the music.I just don't know why~~~*silly smile*

And guess what????I've bumped up with someone who almost made me post a 'MISSING & WANTED POST ' in my blog(but I've forgotten to do it).
Shaun ~my 'long lost bro'.How dare a bro never even contact his sis at all??????!!!!!Everyone kept asking me about him and it's such a SHAME that I didn't know his whereabout!!!!!!!!!
And ya,he appeared at Pure.The 1st thing I did was~'How come you didn't even reply my texts and calls?????'

He's the missing one~~~~~~

The games go on during the whole night.Ok,I admitted that I was so anxious to grab the cash and I've stepped onto the stage during the 1st game.The ending~I won a JD only!!!!!Never mind least I did bring something home.

Oh ya,a Fucked up fella has taken passes on my JD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Idiot!!!!!!!!I've never seen such ungentle man in my whole life!!!!You were just as a partner in the game.But I've won the JD by myself.You think you've given me 'A HELPING HAND'?????????????Shit you!!!!!!
i've shared half of it with you and you came to me the 2nd time to ask for more???!?!?!?!?!?!?

I'm not gonna say a 'HI' on the next time I meet you!!!
Go to hell!!!!!

That's all for it and I don't wana talk about this idiot!!!!!!!!!!
Stay away from this kind of guy whenever he talks to me!!!!!!

this is the JD that I've won!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another sad news in the morning~*sob*

Everything is left to Fate to decide and it is always beyond our expectation.

I don't know whether my life is fate to hear about bad news once I woke up or maybe it's fate to be happened on the wrong time.

This morning ,my parents and lil' josh have gone out for breakfast while sis and I were at home.Once josh stepped out his first step everytime he gets out of car is calling 'Jie~(means sis)'
Ok.This morning was the same but together with a bad news from him.

He told me that one of my cousin-in -law who is expecting losing her child as her infant's died in her womb because of some infection in her lung.My reaction was like:'Huh????What are you talking about?'And honestly I didn't believe what he told me because kids always give the wrong information from what they've heard.So I started to get panicked and asked my mum about the whole story.
I was shocked and wondering how could she accept and how could all this happened out of the blue . When I met her few days back,she was fine and happy to talk to me.And after few days,this happened?!?!?!?
OMG!!!!It's unbelievable!!!!!!

All she could do now is waiting to deliver the child and hold a funeral for her child.I can't imagine what would she be like and how would she feel when her child is born but it's in a coffin and not in her arms.
And of course,I've lost a nephew/niece.
It's such a sad case for a mother to accept.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Shopping spree ~the disaster!!!!

Our shopping spree just to buy a dinner gown for Suki's wedding started early in the morning .

The 1st destination ~mid valley~a bored place for us to shop..haha....dunno what to buy when we've got there.

on the way to mid valley

Our breakfast~the worst breakfast I've ever had with Jaz and both of us were like 'YIACKS!!!'
The ginger soup as our breakfast really made us disgusting as We've ordered the WRONG FOOD!!!!!!!!!!
Whatever it is,we headed to Dunkin Donuts right after that.haha.,........I told Jaz :'I just had donuts few days back and now I'm eating it AGAIN!'haha......................

The cashier offered us a worthy promotion:
Us:'Give us a choco pudding and a blueberry donut.'

Cashier:'If you buy 9 then free 1.'
I stared at Jaz to ask about her opinion.

Us:''s too thanks!'

Cashier:'If you buy 5 then free 1.'

Us:'huh????Erm....better's too many and we couldn't finish at all.'

Sometimes some worthy promotions are good but not when you can't finish it at all...haha
the disgusting soup

We headed to Topshop after that and I've fallen for a top but i couldn't fit it in even though it looks nice on me...i mean i couldn't button the back of the top only i realised that I'm 'FAT'!!!!
this is the baju that look good but couldn't fit in at all!!!!ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaz's asking our opinion but I was busy taking photo of her..haha

Later then,we're supposed to make it to 1U but it was peak hour when we left mid valley so Cherlin suggested us to go to Sunway pyramid.Ok,all we wanted was~as long as there's FOREVER 21 then everything would be fine for us..haha......
It's undeniable that we were like crazy shopaholics once we stepped into there.The main 'CHARACTER'~Dresses!!!!!!!!!!

the girls in black at FOREVER 21...haha

Exausted night after shopping the whole day but our 'JOURNEY' continued to the pasar malam in Cheras..haha

When we got home,all of us having backache especially me la....
Everytime when I'm alone,the only thing that I could think of is sitting at a cafe full of silence atmosphere and have a cup of tea.

And here's the place which I've been there for the first time all by myself.

A glass of ice chocolate could shade off my loneliness

Maybe being single is good though
A cup of drink could cheer up my mind so much!

Spiritual team in blood donation

The 2nd time I donated my blood after a year.

Someone told me this:'You should donate your blood more as you 're drinker and drink all the time,so you should 'PROCESS' new blood for your body and get rid of the 'DIRTY' blood .'

haha....sounds funny though..........

It took me almost 20 mins for the blood donation.
Oh ya,MBF does have the spirit in 'SAVING LIVES' as all of us donated our blood together.

Reward please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the small packet of my blood...

the 350ml of my blood donated

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The 1 day trip back to my hometown

I love going back to JB soooooo much.*winks*
And finally i've got to go back after a month...haha....just got back from JB a month ago and now 'back to square one' again.

The first thing that I always do once i'm back to JB is EAT!!!!
I love the food there especially the dim sum and there's something that really 'ATTRACTS' me to go back everytime I'm there~the 'yuan yang' cookies(means a pair of mandarin ducks in chinese).But of course the cookies are not made of ducks la....haha.....

Our 1st destination-giant hypermarket in plentong just to buy the cookies...haha

Later then,we went to jusco tebrau for nothing as Josh kept making noise to go there.So,I suggested to have a rest @ Dunkin donuts..hahah...I love the donuts so much...

We did have some cam-whoring session during our 'trip' in jusco..haha
not so nice shot.....

so,I prefered to wear my 'fly' sunglasses to cover up my dark circle due to the clubbing activity the night before.
Dunkin-dunkin donuts~~~~I 'M LOVING IT! DA ~LA ~DA~TA ~DA....DUNKIN DONUTS!!!

Sis wanted to take photo with this stupid balloon from the colgate free dentistry check-up but she rejected the prmoter's offer to have the FREE check-up as she hates her teeth..haha

This is the 20 dunkin donuts that I've brought back..haha

During our tea time at dunkin donuts,I've 'spare' some time to test the camera of my new phone and I've taken some funny shots of my sis and bro.
*I've used the multi shot as a 'LAB-RAT'*(it's continuously)

Shot 1
shot 2
shot 3
shot 5

After jusco,Josh kept on making noise again and wanted to go to Danga Bay.
It's a nice place but not when I'm having migraine the whole day!!!!!

couldn't get to cycle it so just took a pic on one wanted to cycle it as would be exhausted
the angry face of him when he didn't get to ride on the tricycle*after crying*

the both gemuk-gemuk ones...haha

We did enjoy the day but the 2 big sisters were too sleepy and tired to accompany the lil' bro.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My new pinky collection!

I've got myself a new Pinkish and stylish samsung mobile 3 days ago!!!!I love this phone so much and had fallen for it when I caught an eye on it for the first time.

I was so dying to get this pink colour ultra edition model from samsung not because of it's functions but its colour!I've paid more just to get this colour and rather giving up of buying it with a cheaper price,And ya,everyone says that I'm CRAZY!!!

Anyway,I love it so much!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ladies night @ Go Go Ktv

Ladies night~
My 'all time favourite' is always Pure Bar but exception for a night as we can't go if someone is with us.

We've got a room with nice view which just by the sea.....but couldn't see anything at night la....haha......

We sang till we drop and I sang as the place as Pure.haha......Tak dapat pergi Pure so have to make myself used to it in the room as I'm at Pure..haha.....

And of course I did have some cam-whore session when they were singing la.......

she always gets the 1st shot whenever I hold the cam..haha
the 2 best singers among us
j and j
she just acted like it's her home during the whole night

the drinks for the ladies on ladies alcohol~:(

I like to disturb her whenever we are duet~ing

the best singer!!!!
excited face from me!!!!

I don't know what the hell is this pic
the only view I could see through

Anyway,we enjoyed our ladies night at the jetty so much even though we were exhausted after singing for 5 hours...haha