Friday, April 18, 2008

Shopping spree ~the disaster!!!!

Our shopping spree just to buy a dinner gown for Suki's wedding started early in the morning .

The 1st destination ~mid valley~a bored place for us to shop..haha....dunno what to buy when we've got there.

on the way to mid valley

Our breakfast~the worst breakfast I've ever had with Jaz and both of us were like 'YIACKS!!!'
The ginger soup as our breakfast really made us disgusting as We've ordered the WRONG FOOD!!!!!!!!!!
Whatever it is,we headed to Dunkin Donuts right after that.haha.,........I told Jaz :'I just had donuts few days back and now I'm eating it AGAIN!'haha......................

The cashier offered us a worthy promotion:
Us:'Give us a choco pudding and a blueberry donut.'

Cashier:'If you buy 9 then free 1.'
I stared at Jaz to ask about her opinion.

Us:''s too thanks!'

Cashier:'If you buy 5 then free 1.'

Us:'huh????Erm....better's too many and we couldn't finish at all.'

Sometimes some worthy promotions are good but not when you can't finish it at all...haha
the disgusting soup

We headed to Topshop after that and I've fallen for a top but i couldn't fit it in even though it looks nice on me...i mean i couldn't button the back of the top only i realised that I'm 'FAT'!!!!
this is the baju that look good but couldn't fit in at all!!!!ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaz's asking our opinion but I was busy taking photo of her..haha

Later then,we're supposed to make it to 1U but it was peak hour when we left mid valley so Cherlin suggested us to go to Sunway pyramid.Ok,all we wanted was~as long as there's FOREVER 21 then everything would be fine for us..haha......
It's undeniable that we were like crazy shopaholics once we stepped into there.The main 'CHARACTER'~Dresses!!!!!!!!!!

the girls in black at FOREVER 21...haha

Exausted night after shopping the whole day but our 'JOURNEY' continued to the pasar malam in Cheras..haha

When we got home,all of us having backache especially me la....

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