Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another sad news in the morning~*sob*

Everything is left to Fate to decide and it is always beyond our expectation.

I don't know whether my life is fate to hear about bad news once I woke up or maybe it's fate to be happened on the wrong time.

This morning ,my parents and lil' josh have gone out for breakfast while sis and I were at home.Once josh stepped out his first step everytime he gets out of car is calling 'Jie~(means sis)'
Ok.This morning was the same but together with a bad news from him.

He told me that one of my cousin-in -law who is expecting losing her child as her infant's died in her womb because of some infection in her lung.My reaction was like:'Huh????What are you talking about?'And honestly I didn't believe what he told me because kids always give the wrong information from what they've heard.So I started to get panicked and asked my mum about the whole story.
I was shocked and wondering how could she accept and how could all this happened out of the blue . When I met her few days back,she was fine and happy to talk to me.And after few days,this happened?!?!?!?
OMG!!!!It's unbelievable!!!!!!

All she could do now is waiting to deliver the child and hold a funeral for her child.I can't imagine what would she be like and how would she feel when her child is born but it's in a coffin and not in her arms.
And of course,I've lost a nephew/niece.
It's such a sad case for a mother to accept.

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