Monday, April 28, 2008

'Jo ann,where r u?'
'Working .'
'What time you finish work?'
'Quite late.Anything?'
'Come to pure tonight.Got RM 1k cash to be given away.'
'How many games would it be?'
'1 k in a shot.'
'Then it's not gonna be an easy game to win this RM 1 k .'
'Just come la.'
'K la.'

Whenever Sheldon calls me,for sure there would be something.Haha...Because I've tried it before.
My actual plan was lepak at the cafe then he called to ask to go Pure on ladies night just to win the cash.I was like ok I called Jaz to cancel our plan for a drink but for clubbing...haha.....

I told her that I had a headache earlier and asked her to go to somewhere near by but whenever talk about Pure bar,I regain my energy ...haha......weird though....
And honestly,it does cure my headache-I mean the music.I just don't know why~~~*silly smile*

And guess what????I've bumped up with someone who almost made me post a 'MISSING & WANTED POST ' in my blog(but I've forgotten to do it).
Shaun ~my 'long lost bro'.How dare a bro never even contact his sis at all??????!!!!!Everyone kept asking me about him and it's such a SHAME that I didn't know his whereabout!!!!!!!!!
And ya,he appeared at Pure.The 1st thing I did was~'How come you didn't even reply my texts and calls?????'

He's the missing one~~~~~~

The games go on during the whole night.Ok,I admitted that I was so anxious to grab the cash and I've stepped onto the stage during the 1st game.The ending~I won a JD only!!!!!Never mind least I did bring something home.

Oh ya,a Fucked up fella has taken passes on my JD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Idiot!!!!!!!!I've never seen such ungentle man in my whole life!!!!You were just as a partner in the game.But I've won the JD by myself.You think you've given me 'A HELPING HAND'?????????????Shit you!!!!!!
i've shared half of it with you and you came to me the 2nd time to ask for more???!?!?!?!?!?!?

I'm not gonna say a 'HI' on the next time I meet you!!!
Go to hell!!!!!

That's all for it and I don't wana talk about this idiot!!!!!!!!!!
Stay away from this kind of guy whenever he talks to me!!!!!!

this is the JD that I've won!

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