Monday, April 28, 2008

Few more days to go~

Just feel like I have many things to blog today.

This morning when I went to office,everything was fine until my manager a.k.a my aunt asked about my resignation as I've informed her a month ago that I'll be resigning this month.So,resignation was the issue.

My manager asked me whether I'm sure to resign this month as there's more than a month to go before I start studying.So,my answer was' YES'.Later then,my senior manager pulak asked me to continue working...haha......the main reason they were saying this was 'You hit your target every month so why don't you continue working?'

I've earned quite alot of income from this job but I'm just kinda tired of working and doing the same thing every day.This job does give me many opportunities to meet different people from different working background and I do appreciate it so much.
I've got to buy what I want with my own money without a single cent from my parents.Even some expensive gadgets.And I feel satisfied having all these by using my very own earned money.Nevertheless,I do feel not to leave but I prefer a rest before I start everything all over again.

I've made a rush decision at first to continue working without thinking twice.Then,I started to think further~resign and enjoy my holiday!
People get to enjoy during their holidays but I don't!
It's UNFAIR!!!!

And my final decision~resign!!!!!!!!!!!

There are 2 days to go before I resign.

haha...I'm gonna miss those people in my company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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