Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka eve countdown!

What is the meaning of MERDEKA???????
Those who are too patriotism would answer this~

'We're free from the colonies after 50 years'

'We're independence now!'

'We have our own country without conquering by the british,japanese,etc'

But people nowadays will not give these kind of answer because I'm the one will answer~it's holiday!!!!We can have fun!!!!!!!!

haha.....Jo who is good in History could give this answer is a DAMN SHIT IDIOT!!!!
Then what for I study so much about History?!?!?!?!?haha...............

As long as i know the history of Malaysia then it's enough!

Therefore,We celebrated Merdeka eve in a club!!!!!!

We danced all night long!!!!!!!!!!

But the open dessert was flaming Lamborghini!!!
I was kinda shocked when Revon ordered it because having it in the beginning is not something nice in the end~whole body will be burning n high!!!haha............

By the way,tokyo,u did play nice songs..haha...i enjoyed it so much!!thnx!

anyway,enjoy it!!!!!!!

I'm ready to PARTY!!!
moi n damien outside of the club!
his piercing~nice!!!!A surprise tho
i love my eyes n wild look!
haha.......this looks off the hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jo n stefan!!!!!!

i dunno y i looked weird in this eyes!!!!!!
flaming lamborghini but u cant c the flame..haha....i was blocked by my darling
moi n sady~cute guy.......he dance more nowadays..haha
navid,this pic is for my that she can day-dreaming of u all the time
nice one!!!!!sis,dun get jealous ya
jo doesn't look like jo in this pic...but they love my eyes..haha
jo in the club.....look fat
she loves to pose*big poser*
she looks cute*winks*
the wild gal,the ladylike gal and the crazy gal
dance to yr way mann~~~
he's trying to get into the pic
damien is high~
this means nothing!
love this!jaz is way too sexy wearing this dress
my 'lousy' skill!!
not ready!!!!!i look ugly!!!
the guy behind us spoil this pic!!!!!!!!!ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the handsome ones n the beautiful ones
candid shot for him!haha
the gang.sadly my darling is not there:(
the drinker n the non-drinker

the end of the nite for jo

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Love of a 7 year old boy to a girl~romantic though!

Josh:'sis,let me show u something.'


Josh:'taaadaaa...this is the one.This is me n lim xue rong'

Josh likes this gal and he told me about it one day..haha.....

Jo:'Boy,tomorrow u go to school n give it to her then tell her u like her'

Josh:'crazy la u.I don't want!'

Jo:'haha...go la...then ask her nice o not?'

Honestly,his drawing is eactly as the same as my sis......human looks like bird..haha.....

A 7 year old boy could fall in love at this young age...haha...nowadays kids are too matured!HAIZ~~~~~

this is the one~
josh's drawing~
i asked him to pose with his art of work..haha

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lunch with PLAYER-CUM-DJ!

Everyone for sure is wondering who's this OFF THE HOOK usual my partner-Terence....haha.......He's a DJ now!!!!

I'm glad for him because.................FINALLY he's earning money IN A CLUB and not spending his money like water IN THE CLUB.'Everything that he does always have something to do with CLUB'.It's FATED that his life is in the club...Haiz~~~~~~Pity him!

I remember the last time I met him was the time I clubbed with him....quite a long time d....almost a month already..haha....

He asked me out for lunch as he hasn't had his lunch yet.Pity him!This is not the 1st time ...haha

His mum didn't wana cook for him~she's sleeping~

*hmm.....I think guys should be more independent nowadays.OoopppSss!!!They haven't learnt to be independent so how could they be MORE independent?!?!?!?haha

Anyway,He's still a nice guy who asked about my situation after what've happened......nice guy!
It's not a mistake to know him!!!haha

Ok,it may be not nice to hear this BUT I knew this NICE guy in a club n since then we always 'LEPAK' together...haha......He was really a player when I knew him for the 1st time..haha....and I was his partner...A player too..haha....

And again,I ate for 2nd round after having my lunch just for half an hour.ARGHHH!!!!!I'm getting FATTER!!!!!!
But I couldn't stop thinking of food at the cafe..haha...........too much cold drinks-ASTHMA gonna 'ATTACK' anytime!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We chit-chat for almost an hour and he told me something which I've only found out after a year!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
It's something surprised me so much!!!!!
Luckily,he's 'INSAF' from what he'd done.

Honestly,I'm like an old nanny for him because I always remind him to appreciate his current girlfriend because she's really a nice girl AND........He needs a mature girlfriend to quit his bad habit as a player...haha

Guess what?I suggested him to open a club on his own n I'll be his partner AGAIN..haha....His ideas for his so-called future club are damn ridiculous!!!!Here it is:

#A club at the beach

#No T-shirt for the girls-BIKINI rental for girls who wear T-shirts

#Ladies night on Wednesday BUT the girls have to come with BIKINI

#Sex party on Saturday night-VIP room for everyone,guys can FUCK any girls but the girls have to ask for their pay from the guys who FUCK them,ONLY the BOSS->Terence doesn't need to pay if he FUCK the girls.*for him,girls can get a free beer if he fuck her,a free liquor if a gal sucks his 'dick'
*(I know this sounds dirty but it's his original ideas..haha)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Conman in the morning!FUCK!

First of all,I would like to 'CLARIFY' that there may be some mistake of grammar,spelling error or eeeettttttcccccc........because Jo's HANGING OVER right now 'AKIBAT ' from CLUBBING!!!!Damn SUX!!!!!

9 in the morning......I remember the time because I've got the call right after he called.This woman called to my fixed line and talked loads of SHIT ,I give her a special name-'conwoman'......haha

conwoman:'Did you watch our program from (I've forgotten which SHIT channel because I couldn't understand her mandarin)?We've got yr number on the lucky draw list."

Jo:'OK..................................................(fell asleep)'

Conwoman:'You've won a luxury sports car.'


Conwoman:'When will you be free?because we need to arrange the time to meet you.'

Jo:'I'm always busy'

She then started try to con my money..........................

Conwoman:'Despite of delivering yr prizes to your place,we have to charge you extra money to get you the car.'

Jo:'I wana sleep .Bye'


I've realised that this woman called me few days ago n tried to con me....haha....
Luckily,I've got this info abt cheating people's money during the talk to Taiwan because the seniors did warn us about these cases which always happen.....
Thnx GOD!!!!!!!!!
FUCK that woman called me in the morning and disturb me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IDIOT SHIT!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

This is how I spent my weekend WISELY!

Breakfast in the morning almost made me FAT because :

1st round-soya milk+tou fu fa+2 bowls of 'lao shu fen'(a type of mee)

after half and hour........

2nd round-baked cheese pasta+cakes+english breakfast

all together=FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sis insisted on having breakfast @ Season for 2nd round after the 1st round breakfast...she never want to lose weight even though she keeps on saying that "I WANA DIET!"

so here it goes when we were having breakfast.....
her 1st request to ask me take her photo
again....tak boleh tahan
just love to take his pic
another time again.....u'll never look good la
josh hates this!!!!!
so-so...not very nice la
a piece of cake in the morning keeps the doc away...........haha
josh looks funny in this...sis pulak love taking pic

my breakfast for 2nd round....crazy thoughsee her piggy lips????haha
we really love to cam-whore
josh's favourite smile

let the time passes faster so that the time to havoc comes early
nice place....just get as many free tea as u wan
cam whore~
the pirate'vcd'...haha
the pro one
u can only get this delicious one in sentosa
herbal chicken n kangkung!......yummy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
nice one~
nice dishes for my dinner...thnx kent n harn!


* We've planned to be volunteers to help those in need few weeks back....and today is the day!!!!
Honestly,I've never been a volunteer before but i've always wanted to do it!

We had to wake up early as Teoye promised to pick us up at 6.30am....So we were supposed to wake up at 5.30am but harn n I 'STICK TO THE BED' untill 6 in the morning because our bedtime was too early (in the midnight)........and we chit-chat non-stop..haha

Guess what???He was the one who's late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Both of us almost fell asleep while waiting for him....and finally he's there after 5 mins...thnx GOD!

On the way to our destination,the guys talked loads of stuff which involved Harn,

Teoye:'Harn,you should have stayed at home and don't need to come....I just need to pick Joann from yr place can d..u just don't need to follow'

Song:'yalah...wat for you come?'

the rest of us were just laughing...kesian u la harn.....

When we reached there,our breakfast was the 1st.......i kept on asking them

'u guys come to help or just wana eat yr breakfast?'

When Boon reached,his hands were full of our food...mine is the most special one!!!!!!!Thnx...everyone's so JEALOUS!!!hehe

It was fun to help them out at the fair..u can see many kind hearted people there to support those in need.....

*I saw something weird when I was doing my job.An old woman with full of white hair wearing a cowgirl style outfit..Even with her boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!I was so only I realised that the old ones are more fashionable than the younger ones*

*Oh ya!I've got a very SPECIAL present for being a volunteer~splash of sambal on my few hundred bucks jeans.....never mind la.....good deed have to redesign my jeans lo....*

both of us were damn sleepy in the morning......then had to squeeze with 2 guys in the car...pity us!!!!
she purposely made that expression.....geram la!!!!!!!
boon likes to talk bad abt him when he was eating
love them ~
i paid 5 bucks for this cuz didn't have small change but Boon complained to that girl that I've paid 5 bucks rather than 2 bucks to get a small little tiny heart shape...aiya...nvr mind la....for charity ma
the shy guy
jo n the happy go lucky boon..thnx for yr 'PRESENTS'
teoye n jo......he's the one kept on asking harn if i was really leaving early with her..haha..thnx for yr caring wo....
nice knowing them.....the student is as perfect as us....we're good and co-operate partners...last pic before i left

the edited version....looks nice!