Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka eve countdown!

What is the meaning of MERDEKA???????
Those who are too patriotism would answer this~

'We're free from the colonies after 50 years'

'We're independence now!'

'We have our own country without conquering by the british,japanese,etc'

But people nowadays will not give these kind of answer because I'm the one will answer~it's holiday!!!!We can have fun!!!!!!!!

haha.....Jo who is good in History could give this answer is a DAMN SHIT IDIOT!!!!
Then what for I study so much about History?!?!?!?!?haha...............

As long as i know the history of Malaysia then it's enough!

Therefore,We celebrated Merdeka eve in a club!!!!!!

We danced all night long!!!!!!!!!!

But the open dessert was flaming Lamborghini!!!
I was kinda shocked when Revon ordered it because having it in the beginning is not something nice in the end~whole body will be burning n high!!!haha............

By the way,tokyo,u did play nice songs..haha...i enjoyed it so much!!thnx!

anyway,enjoy it!!!!!!!

I'm ready to PARTY!!!
moi n damien outside of the club!
his piercing~nice!!!!A surprise tho
i love my eyes n wild look!
haha.......this looks off the hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jo n stefan!!!!!!

i dunno y i looked weird in this eyes!!!!!!
flaming lamborghini but u cant c the flame..haha....i was blocked by my darling
moi n sady~cute guy.......he dance more nowadays..haha
navid,this pic is for my that she can day-dreaming of u all the time
nice one!!!!!sis,dun get jealous ya
jo doesn't look like jo in this pic...but they love my eyes..haha
jo in the club.....look fat
she loves to pose*big poser*
she looks cute*winks*
the wild gal,the ladylike gal and the crazy gal
dance to yr way mann~~~
he's trying to get into the pic
damien is high~
this means nothing!
love this!jaz is way too sexy wearing this dress
my 'lousy' skill!!
not ready!!!!!i look ugly!!!
the guy behind us spoil this pic!!!!!!!!!ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the handsome ones n the beautiful ones
candid shot for him!haha
the gang.sadly my darling is not there:(
the drinker n the non-drinker

the end of the nite for jo

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