Saturday, September 01, 2007

'I will follow you,Follow you wherever you will go....'

Merdeka night,Working for Digi roadshow.
Eventhough it was damn crowded but we did have fun ESPECIALLY the yellow men a.k.a Teletubbies!But they are yellow men and not Teletubbies k???that what one of the yellow man told me!

Many performance were arranged last night.Nice!!!!!!
But I was so DYING to promote the Digi simpacks and the new plans of Digi.(It's not my first time doing this la because I'm used to it already so it's easier for me and my partner-soo yin)
I always 'ajak' her along in this kind of job.
It's a faster way to earn money too!!!!haha

I could only take photo with the yellow man once everything ends because that's the only time I'll be FREE!!!!!!
When I talked to him,he didn't even answer me but use hand signal to give me the answer!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!GERAMNYA~~~~~~haha

here it is~
Jo n the yellow man
the freebies that I 'STOLE' from my counter..haha
trying to get a nicer pose~~~

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