Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cha Cha y Espanol


Spanish title for this post as everything that I'm gonna blog is all about Espanol!

Attended my first Cha Cha lesson under my Spanish class as
Proposal is approved!

Wanted to join the Cha Cha class for fun but I was so damn hype in the class!
Superb FUN!!!!!

We thought our teacher is a lady but it turned out to be a guy!
He really has the body as a professional dancer.
The warming up session was so damn funny and the way the teacher shouted the steps were more to dirty
I was like :"WTH?!"
I HIGHLY recommend whoever wana improve their 'on the bed' skill to take up a Cha Cha lesson especially the warming up part.

When the dance lesson started, it was superb fun as we were dancing together with the lecturers!
I was kinda familiar with some steps as I used to dance in the club.
Especially when the cool DJ played some latin music!!! :)

I think I did lose some weight though..haha..good exercise!

Oh ya, wanted to try on taking the advanced Spanish examination for this sem.
FYI,we learn 'ABC' type of Spanish though.
Borrowed 2 Walt Disney story books in Spanish to polish up my skill.

I've got the Snow white & 7 Dwarfs and Alice in Wonderland

We're gonna learn Salsa after this!!!!
Can't wait for Manila trip!!!! Gonna save my money and 'PROHIBIT' myself to go shopping!!!!

p/s:Sis got her STPM result and I'm glad that she could did it well in Science field.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm so happy to be home especially wake up early in the morning and go for breakfast with mummy.

At 10 in the morning, I accompanied mum to the salon to get her haircut and I 'tumpang' to trim my hair too.
FYI, never ever let a stranger hairdresser to touch yr hair!! I was in disaster but not mum!And the price is suck!!!

We went for my favorite fried kueh teow stall in town. The uncle is my best friend's dad and he always fried the best kueh teow! He's been working as the famous kueh teow 'fryer' for more than 20 years.

Mummy's rock hairstyle.She looks younger though.

Mixed fish balls, siew mai, fried yam paste and popiah.

My favorite. It is not too oily as the others and the price is reasonable. Only for us!
It's only RM 2.50 with prawns!!!

Mum is always busy as the intermediary in selling cookies during Chinese New Year.
She helped her old friend to sell the home-baked cookies.

The unbaked cookies...took this shot while waiting for mum........

After picking up Josh from school, we started our Chinese New year shopping mission.
That was the time everyone of us bought our clothes as mum wanted to wait for me to be home and shopped together.

Baby Josh with his rootbeer!

The 1st fastfood restaurant-A&W!!!
Love the rootbeers!!!!!!

Me........Dressed super colourful that day as I *heart* the big flower hair deco so damn mucho!!!

Dinner @ The Classic Chicken RiceShop.

Baby Josh and mum
Daughter and mother

Spotted this beautiful lamp while waiting for food.

My dinner-best french toast in town.

Baby Josh with the lotuses.......................

Went to the newly opened Jusco and visited sis while she was working.
Fooled her with a question when she asked me to pretend as a customer.
Sis is superb innocent. :)
Us .........................

I was so mad angry after I untied my hair as the hairdresser trimmed it too much!!!!!!!

From now onwards, Meglio is my only choice!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Home Deco for The Tiger Year

I love the Tiger year as it's in line with the Valentine's day!

Dad's working in the neighborhood country and couldn't be around for this Chinese New Year so I'm the one who got to do all the decoration at home.
For the whole 8 years, daddy was the one who in-charged for the deco and my sis, bro and I always acted as the lazy bums.
Daddy always has the mood when Chinese New Year is just around the corner!

The next day after I've arrived in Malacca, only then I realized how tiring it was to decorate the house!!!
I had no helper,just as dad experienced before!!!!!

Dad hung this of cuz.I'm too short to do it!

Did a lil' bit of difference this year for the blossoms....

money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

'jin yuan bao'
Love this Chinese New Year as I've got to combine the idea of Valentine's and CNY together.
The prosperity word in Mandarin with the fishes made up of a heart-shape.

Lil' Josh 3D handcrafts from school.
Btw,mummy did it for him tho.

Ribbons recycled from the Mandarin oranges wrappers.
Got this idea while preparing the prayer stuff behalf of dad.

I've got myself busy with home deco for CNY and also house Chores!!!!
Spent few days continuously for the house chores until midnight with mum....and of course baking cookies with mum too!

The BEST French Toast in Town

Shopped with mummy the whole day and we decided to go for dinner together along with my lil' Josh.

I've been craving for french toast before I went back to Malacca but I could find none that could really satisfy me!
Since I had my 1st try of french toast at a place in Malacca with my aunts and mum, the taste has been 'keyed into' my mind. lol..............

The french toast that I've deeply fallen in love could not be compared to any famous 'char chan teng' .

Old Town White Coffee restaurant is way too stingy in spreading the peanuts and butter, they even charge me RM 0.50 extra when I requested for honey!

Wong kok restaurant is also the same in a superb stingy way! All I could taste is the french toast with no peanut and butter spread!

The Classic Chicken Rice is specialized in chicken rice, of course. *nonsense me*
Its previous name was not this but I've forgotten it. lol....

It also has Ala' cart for desserts and side orders too....You're not compulsary to eat chicken rice when you're there.

The Super yummy french toast.

I love it so much because this place is so GENEROUS in the peanut and butter spread!!!
It's so 'JUICY' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The peanut spread melted in my mouth and my teeth was coated with it. So God Damn yummy!!!

Must try!

Location: Ground floor of Dataran Pahlawan Phase 1, melaka.
(Besides of Wong Kok Char Chan Teng)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holiday in Kuching,Sarawak Part 5

The last day to 'explore' Kuching before we headed back the next day.

It was kinda hectic for us in the morning as everyone couldn't drag ourselves out of the bed.

As for our brunch,Hilda brought us to the famous 'kueh chap' and ' kong pia'.

The 'kong pia'. It's a famous food for the HokChiew ppl.

The 'kong pia' is sandwiched with some minced meat. Yummy!

The famous 'kueh chap'

It tastes like kueh teow.

After that, we purposely headed to The Spring shopping mall for Sugarbun ice-cream.
Reason-it's big and cheap!

Tada...i miss Sugarbun so damn much since I moved back to Malacca.

X'mas deco in The Spring

Picked Hilda's bro up after that and straight went to the Cat Museum.

The entrance. Amazed!

The glittering cat creation in the museum

The cat and

Haha..This is it!! Was super excited when I saw the Hello Kitty display. I loved it so much as my grandma would buy any Hello Kitty stuffs for me!!!!!

The lovecats......
Spotted this graveyard and I was supposed to be sad but failed. So was asked to pray the cat..haha....

Everything is about cats!!!!!

Visitors book.

naked cats.
Dun need to pay entrance fees and got to watch 'tiger show'.

Hung out outside of the museum after that while waiting for the rain..literally......

See the difference of the clouds?

It was a day visiting the buildings.
The area is like Putra Jaya with all the governments offices and building there.

The best of all.
Why the hell our state library in malacca is fucking small???
How to compare with this???

The alley............. advanced!!! The staircase once you enter the library.
Only users who wear pants are allowed to go upstairs.
No skirt pls!!!!!

Fort Margherita.

The real skeletons

Hungry time!
food hunting time!

Bought some fresh-baked bread.

It really tastes so diiferent with the other breads.

Grandma Bah Kut Teh for dinner.

We were to order from a menu with variety of food.

The soup taste different from the one I have in Malacca.
It's colour is thicker and more herbal taste in it.

After dinner, we decided to hunt for 3 layer milk tea around our hotel area as it was the last night!

Finally we've got it!!!!!!!!!!

The one week trip was awesome and the food was great!!!!!
Actually, one week was not enough for us as we still missed out lots of things in Kuching.