Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cha Cha y Espanol


Spanish title for this post as everything that I'm gonna blog is all about Espanol!

Attended my first Cha Cha lesson under my Spanish class as
Proposal is approved!

Wanted to join the Cha Cha class for fun but I was so damn hype in the class!
Superb FUN!!!!!

We thought our teacher is a lady but it turned out to be a guy!
He really has the body as a professional dancer.
The warming up session was so damn funny and the way the teacher shouted the steps were more to dirty
I was like :"WTH?!"
I HIGHLY recommend whoever wana improve their 'on the bed' skill to take up a Cha Cha lesson especially the warming up part.

When the dance lesson started, it was superb fun as we were dancing together with the lecturers!
I was kinda familiar with some steps as I used to dance in the club.
Especially when the cool DJ played some latin music!!! :)

I think I did lose some weight though..haha..good exercise!

Oh ya, wanted to try on taking the advanced Spanish examination for this sem.
FYI,we learn 'ABC' type of Spanish though.
Borrowed 2 Walt Disney story books in Spanish to polish up my skill.

I've got the Snow white & 7 Dwarfs and Alice in Wonderland

We're gonna learn Salsa after this!!!!
Can't wait for Manila trip!!!! Gonna save my money and 'PROHIBIT' myself to go shopping!!!!

p/s:Sis got her STPM result and I'm glad that she could did it well in Science field.

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