Sunday, March 07, 2010

New Year Eve with Family

Chinese New Year eve has always been the same for me and my family.

But this year is a lil' bit different as dad couldn't make it for this Chinese New Year due to his job in overseas.He was back a week before CNY but I couldn't get to meet him.
Therefore,we had a quiet CNY.

We went to the temple on the Chinese New Year eve morning to pray my ancestors.Mum's job is to cook big fest for them!
And that's the time we get to have 'GOOD' food...haha......

As usual, we the 'kids' would make noise to leave early as we're always bored to death.
Fyi,it's not that we don't respect our ancestor but I always wonder do my ancestors really 'eat' the food that we bring every year?
As what I did read from my history book in high school, it's just a symbol and in long long time ago,the people sacrificed the real people to pray their ancestors!!!

DSLR in hand, cousins started to do some 'candid-shots'!!!

After the prayer, we had our reunion dinner at my cousin's house.
We 'lou sang' this time........

'yee sang' from yee yang's nice! I love the design of the packing.
It represented the symbol of a family :)

My cousin always takes her puppy as a toy as it always changes its hair colour every CNY.
More 'updated' than a human being...

Mum and aunts cooked some dishes for the reunion lunch.....

home-made spring roll by my aunt..i think she did that.....

Fish with fried ginger

ponteh-baba nyonya famous dish by mum

stewed meat

prawns by mum

and also not forgetting red packets and red chopsticks for the 'lou sang'...............

Happy family without dad.....

the cousins...some were missing...haha

Baby Josh entertained me with his lil' lion dance session on new year eve night.
He loves to do it during Chinese New Year and would write a lucky number to ask my mum bought it.
He's a lucky baby as he 'granted' mum and her friends with his lucky number in striking a lottery!

more to come................

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