Sunday, March 07, 2010

What am I up to?

I think I still have few posts about my Chinese new Year that need to be done.
Btw,I shall update about my life recently after back to KK,Sabah.

I'm glad to say that my course dinner went smoothly tonight.
And also, I'm relieved that I've done my best in the ballroom dance and the modern dance,I was nervous to shit!!!
We only had a week to learn and practice the dances and that's my best achievement for dances so far.
I never thought that I could do it in 1 week!!! *salute*
For this dinner,I've spent the less as i didn't buy new dress for it and just only spent on doing my hair.
I thought twice that I have so many dresses and I only wore all of them once...I shouldn't waste more money to buy a new one and let the old ones get rusty in my wardrobe. :)
Wise choice!
Oh ya , Hilda and I got to the dinner at 8 pm which it started at 7pm..haha....
We went to do our hair at 7.30 pm sial!!!!

Good news!
The inter-school basketball competition in my uni was awesome but also awful!
Our School of Business and Economics won today.1 more competition to go!
The awful part was the stupid attitude from the 'enemy'.They don't know to play basketball at all as they're only good in netball!!!!!

Friend requested me to update more about my coming Manila trip more but I promise I'll do it once we've done all the procedures!!!!
Can't wait for it!!!!

I messed up my Spanish quiz...Gosh! For the 1st time ever!!!
Mid-term on Wednesday and I have to do well in it!!!!
Decided to take Duele(Diploma in Spanish) to learn more and see how far can I go in Spanish.

I miss mummy so much especially home cook and spend time with her.
And also baby Josh,
and also arguing with my sis especially me being bossy and yell at her!!!!

New post below!

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