Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rawrrrrr to the Tiger Year

Red symbolizes 'Ong'(luck).
For the 1st time ever in my teenage hood,I wore RED on the 1st day of the Chinese Tiger Year.

It was a funny and blur morning for me.I thought the lion dance that we called has reached .It was 10 in the morning and I was still in my pj.
Thank God,it's our neighbor!
I didn't wana 'welcome' the lion dance in my pj and my messy bad hair-day..haha

This Tiger Year without dad, therefore, it was kinda quiet on the 1st day.
If dad was around, my house would be like party for the 1st day. LOL!

Baby Josh with his cute expression..

The very 1st thing that my family and I have to bear with on the 1st day of CNY is my bro's nagging question about the arrival of the lion dance.

My younger sis and baby bro

moi, mum and josh

The siblings..I love this so much!

The jo cousins

This pic reminds me of our childhood whenever 4 of us took pics together.
People always mistaken us as siblings whenever my parents brought us out.

Mummy is so crazy for Carlson.It is just like her son..haha

When the lion dance arrived.............................

mummy was the one to accept the oranges from the lion...for the past few years,dad was the one.

My Malay BFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moi and Siti

Baby Josh's habit after the lion dance left.
He would peel the mandarin oranges and write lottery number.

Decided to ask my cousin to teach me star shooting skills.

We shot stars but I didn't know what horoscope was it until my cousin couldn't stand of me.
"You don't know what horoscope is that then how u gonna shoot the stars?"

Visited relatives for the next few days.
Baby Lucas

Family dinner with relatives.

my pro

My uncle who loves to be in the pics!!!

2nd time of 'lou sang'
Happy looks.....

The colourful yee sang..the family reunion

Baby josh

The best shot of my cousin,Jamie as she doesn't like taking pics.....

here's the proof....she hates taking pics.............

Fireworks @ couz's
Love it!

A quiet Tiger year ...
Love it as I got to relax...........

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