Sunday, August 31, 2008

I replied a stranger's msg last night!

*I don't know whose number is that but it appear in my inbox so I just replied it cuz of some stupid and idiot thingy that the stranger sent to me*

A after 4 years reunion!

I woke up at 1 in the noon today!OMG!
I just couldn't believe it because this is the first time I slept until noon ever since I moved in.
What's wrong with me?
Maybe I'm too tired recently and spent the whole Saturday meeting someone whom I've never met for 4 years!
It's already 4 years and we're still keeping in touch!The best thing is we met each other for the first time 4 years ago and weren't not really close.

Here's the story...

It was a national level seminar.
She represented Labuan while I represented Malacca.
That's the first time we've really met.She's given me a very friendly impression when I've just checked into my hotel room.I was like OMG!!!!!She's way too friendly!
We were sleeping in the same room.It's a 5 star hotel so no complaints about that at all!

We had good times together during the whole seminar.Since then,we've started to contact with each other.Ok,we keep in touch all the time.
I only keep in touch with her and another guy.

So,yesterday was the first time we met after 4 years.
She's not chubby as before but getting prettier and prettier.Her boyfriend joined us along.He's a very funny guy.haha.....
He's a meat eater!I've found out about that when we went for lunch together at fish&co!
I ordered a salad and then came Vell with her story about her meat eater boyfriend.He doesn't eat fruits and greenies at all!OMG!!!!

It was a lovely day for us to reunion again after 4 years!

Tagged by Jolene!(my good girl couzy)

How many girlfriends or boyfriends have told you they love you?:
-3 i think but thats not the number of boyfriends I had

Have you ever thought that you were going to marry a person?:
-maybe but everything is unpredictable

Are you crushin' on anybody?:
-a crush?I don't think so

Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt?:
-yeah and i hate this feeling

Have you ever made a boyfriend or girlfriend cry?:
-yup and it really freaked me out!

Are you happier single or in a relationship?:
-depends.I enjoy my life when i'm single but has worry of losing one when in a relationship!

Have you ever been cheated on?:
-ya i think so.

What is your favorite thing(s) about your lovers?:
-smile,sense of humour and blah blah blah......

Have you ever had your heart broken?:
-of course and it's a past

Have you ever broken someones heart?:
-I think so..not sure la...

Talk to any of your ex's?:
-erm...ya.The only one I would talk to.

If you could go back in time and change things with your ex's, would you?:
-no way.I'm nt gonna do that anymore.Past is just to remember.Presence is important.

Do you believe that you are a good boyfriend or girlfriend?:
-I'm not one.I'm the reason for ruining a relationship

Have you been in an abusive relationship?:
-once...and that will be in my mind forever!

Have you dated someone older than you?:

-the age or the month?

Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?:
-ya...when i was given another chance

Believe in love at first sight?:
-i've only experienced it once.yes i do believe!

Ever been given an engagement ring?:
-yup but i've returned it back!

Do you want to get married?:
-ya but everything is depend on fate

Do you have something to say to any of your ex's?:
-I'm happy with my life and i hope you screw yr life up(only to one of my exs..not all)

Ever stolen someones boyfriend or girlfriend?:
-I don't do that and have never done it at all

Ever liked someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend?:
-please....that is a no no to me

Does heartbreak really feel as bad as it sounds?:
-not's a way to start a new life!

Do you want to be like any of your friends?:
-in a good or bad sense?

Bootycall with any of your ex's?:

Do you want to get back with your ex? way!

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Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm not doing good now!

My health is getting worse!
I just can't figure out the reason that's making my asthma getting more serious.I don't drink cold beverage as before anymore !
I mean once I've come back here.Ok,i only had it today.
But it's started to attack few days back.

Sometimes it just makes me lost and I really don't know what should I do?
I've cried over it because it made me couldn't gasp for air and it's so difficult.

It started to get more serious after my accident 2 yrs back and it made me have to rely on 2 inhalers.It's ridiculous though!
Ok,I had asthma since I was 6 but it was just a slight one.

It's supposed to be recovering as I didn't really depend on my inhaler.
But everything is turning back that I need my inhaler whenever I go.
The worst thing is the inhaler doesn't seem to work for me anymore!!!!

What should I do?
Get a doctor?Nah...I'm kinda scared!
Get another inhaler?

I don't wana suffer like this at all!

A close-up with Gary Chow!

Was having dinner with Suhui at a HongKong style Restaurant.I still don't really know the name of the restaurant even though I've been there for few times.
We were sitting near the entrance so whoever walked in for sure would catch my attention.
It's undeniable that I'm a busybody!

And just after I've finished my breakfast a.k.a lunch,a group of people walked in and they did REALLY catch my attention.They don't look like locals and there was a guy who really looked like a celebrity.It's Gary Chow!(is his name spelled right?)

This has proven that my observation is good!
We were eating in the same restaurant!
I could really recognize him and something reminded me that he'll be here on Saturday countdown party.(I know about it through the concert ticket which was given by a friend)

One more thing,I don't mis~recognize people.
Only my sis does!

And this time,I'm so sure that's him!
I love his songs so much ESPECIALLY the song entitled 'BETRAY' .Ok,I can sing that song ,ok?
I can read Mandarin!!!!

Both of us were excited to the max!!!!
At least something had made my day even though I was so tired and having a headache!

Here's the pic!!!!!
He's friendly to the max!

I don't need a VIP access pass to meet him in private!Haha.....

Here's the place where you can meet many popular celebrities!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let me present to you MY LIL' CHUBBY JOSH!

*took his photos few days back in malacca during our lunch time*

his trademark smile all the time!

Ok,I think I haven't finished the sentence with YET COOL LIL' JOSH!

the first photo of him with a cool expression!He's talented to be a model !
And ya not to forget that he can dance very well following different kind of music!

He's my all time favourite!

A comparison photo of us!Haha...with intention!

And here are the 12 years age gap siblings!

My first henna by myself!

I think I've missed out something in my previous post.I've got myself my first henna on my hand( Is the spelling of 'henna' correct?I'm nt sure at all).It was done by me ,ok?
It's F.O.C!!!!!!!!

Just did it to spend my time at my couzy's place.

Honestly,it's not as easy as i think to get it done and the result was not so good but at least it looked nice..haha

my first art of work!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thumb up!

Thumb up for my marketing presentation today!

Feel kinda satisfied about it even though I had to do the presentation when I'm so ill!
The tutor was so satisfied with our job.
Ok,we didn't know that we've done such a good job for it as I know that my answer for the question was kinda 'out of the topic' but as long as he's satisfied then ok lar...haha

No preparation for me at all before the presentation!
Was kinda shocked when I found out that I have to elaborate everything by myself and there's just 2 simple points on the slide!OMG!
ILL+NO PREPARATION+HALF WAY DYING=gonna screw up my presentation!

Luckily,everything goes with the flow!

I think I'm gonna screw up my mid-term on tomorrow!
Have to burn the midnight oil!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The UPDATE:The day before I left Malacca~

Met up with my couz in the noon after lunch with my mum because she wanted to buy a high heels!!!It's high heels,ok???
When I asked her what for to buy a new high heels,she just simply said that for casual.
This is surprising though as she seldom...or maybe rarely wear high heels out!

Ok,back to the topic.Once I stepped into MNG,I could see few human beings ss-ing with the cam.Especially Wheat!!!!Haha.....

Here are some GROUP pics!

collin,soon ming,michelle,wheat,jo and jolene

After Jolene(my couzy) had bought her heels,we headed to old town for our tea time.The weather was freaking cold but most of us still had the cold drinks!

As usual,the ppl were so busy being a 'BUSYBODY' and gossiping about the others...haha!

Then,I've forgotten who suggested to go for movie.
We took loads of photos all the way up to GSC!

We went to watch 4BIA.Damn scary lar!!!!!

I shouted at the beginning of the movie!OMG!!I've never done that before whenever I watch horror movies.What's wrong with me?

*anyway,I shouted the loudest in the cinema*

The funny part was,I asked my couzy 'Can we go back now?'Half way through the movie.

How could I freak out?It's just soooooo not ME!

And here's the first night that I clubbed with my 'good girl' couzy!

The last night for me to club just few hours before I took off to the airport.

here are the not ready ppl!

nice shot!Good skill,collin!
was forced to go mann..haha
collin,jo and jo
the smiley ones
the saddy ones

our first official photo together!

act cute 1
act cute 2

The highlight of the night!Pure bar didn't hire her to dance on the dj console ,ok???

She's a volunteer!!!!
Another coyote ugly?!?!?Better not mann!!!!!!

Soon ming 's given loads of 'good' comments about her!!!Haha.....

good skil face disappeared!collin and moi...the so-called umbrella of the night!

It was nice to dance with Chris!He's the one who took advantages on everyone!No matter guys or girls!

I was one of the victims on that night!

Found out some nice comments in wheat's blog!

Here it goes:

'Like usual,Jo ann and Soon ming danced like siau poh!'

'Collin has to be an umbrella as he's to tall to dance'

She's bad enough la...

Anyway,my couz really danced but she felt blur once she's got out of the club!Sorry!!


Feeling down :(

Everything is not going with the flow recently.

And I've only found out that I've given someone emptiness instead of happiness and all this while he's giving me the happiness which I've been looking for since a year ago.
I'm a person who keeps things for myself ...Maybe this is because I'm being so 'EGO' and neglected the one with me.I'm selfish enough!

My past has made me someone strong and I'm trying not to remember about it at all BUT I've done something as a memory for me.It's forever!
I'm always waiting for the right time to tell you the truth but I just didn't have the guts as my past has made me lost my confidence!

Maybe you've love the wrong girl in your life.

You make the decision,I should respect it!

I screwed up everything in my life!
This is the reason why my happy times with someone is just a short -term.

Kinda bad luck in this year Chinese 7th month once I've got back to Malacca.

Friday, August 22, 2008

What a day...Haiz

Went for breakfast together this noon!
Actually it was my BREAKFAST+LUNCH.

Finally ,I've got to eat the best Bak Kut Teh!
It's pork,I know.No harm.
I know that I didn't really look after my diet when I'm back.
It's just so delicious to the max!

Miss Jazlyn has done something 'lame'.How could she ask that to the lady boss's daughter?
'You come here and eat?'
OMG!I was like WTH?!
They know her la....but no one really likes her cuz of her 'ego'.
Couldn't blame her for forgetting the girl's identity!
haha......We're evil enough though!

Hang out at my cousin's place this noon.
His German shepherd is growing taller and taller.No attacking this time!
I mean for me only cuz it was active enough to jump on me the first time I met it.

A boring day for me~

Cherlin is back to her uni life ~I'm the last one 'AGAIN'!

The best dinner ever-eat till we drop!

Late night dinner at 10.30.Cool huh??
These people really don't bother about their diet and health at all!Ala.....At least I did eat till I die.I don't care!
I'm satisfied even if I die during my solo travel trip at the place which I love so much!

Satay celup here we come!!!!No tourists to bring this time.Only the locals!
However,not to 'ashamed' ourselves as locals,I went there as a Sabahan.The further among all of us..haha....

while queuing up....the lesbians always!
love this!
see his face,see her face!!!!the one in blue is a female ,k?
jaz-the so-called innocent one!
I know you guys standing behind me just to make me look 'OUTSTANDING'..tsk tsk!
everyone loves the coconut!
see,her bf so good!Help her to 'korek' the coconut!

My art of work!I'm the winner!
Her art of work!the loser!
the bestest guy that u can't find nowadays!
the yummy part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the end of our late night dinner

We headed to 'mamak' after that!
I smelled of alcohol during our dinner and super strong smell of medicine!What the heck was wrong with me?
The worst thing-whenever I go for sure there's someone who's calling my name but I could see no one or the ones that I know!!!!It's true!!!!
Cathy could feel the same too.

Ky is so SURPRISED that I drove to dinner last night!She's always surprised whenever I drive.
Halo!I'm not a reckless driver ,ok?Maybe sometimes!........haha......

To my dear Miss YanFun,think wisely before you want to challenge me.You're in my car so for sure you would lose!Gonna bring you to the club the next time you're in my car!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Love the day on tuesday

Badminton in the morning-
lots of funny acts from everyone..haha....

The so-called 'lee chong wei VS lin dan'...........Every mistake that we did for sure would be 'judged' by Miss CHUA..haha....
Went for breakfast after that...The food is damn cheap!!!!!!!!!
We over-calculated the price of the more more expensive!Guess what????4 dishes + rice=RM2.70.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!Damn cheap to the max!!!!Cuz the food that we eat in campus is expensive to the max!
I wana come back and study!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's nap time after we've got home...Hang out together in the evening!
Dinner time!
Say no to Japanese food,no to McD,no to Burger King and so on..............

the loving couple!

When I've done with my ordering.............................(didn't really read the menu la...)
aimlessly...the real smile mann....
cathy jo jaz

she's gonna scold me for this!

the end of our dinner

another one..haha

After that,we went shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bought donuts from Big apple to bring along for our ktv!!!!

While waiting.................
see his face!
the lazy one
she 'treats' us!

No outside food is allowed in the ktv!!!!!!!!!

See what happens?!
big apple+shu uemura bag=fine RM 150!They would fine me mann!!!!!!!!!!!

cctv in the room...the only way to indulge the donut
miss cam-whoring
love duet-ing with her

the best singer

another one..haha
not the sea view but the donuts

ky and jo

We ended our night with MALACCA FAMOUS DUCK MEE....