Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shisha is the HAPPINESS of 'our' life!!!!haha......this time,i've added something 'unique' to have it with Shisha(this is because I was wondering the crowd of ppl who are waiting for the burgers the day before and I wana find out how nice is the burger)...............................
Guess what???????The burger is damn nice man.....i had the black pepper grilled beef burger with Aaron.
*anyone wana try it can get it at U-center in b.beruang!!!!!!!Advertise for them pulak!!!!haha

anyway u just can eat it without shisha cuz you won't taste the shisha if eat the burger together...only stupid ppl like me will do it!!!!

We talked aloads of stuff though....DIRTY,FUNNY,POLITICAL etc.

the 'MAFIA' one among us...and also our future lawyer..haha
the gang~~~~

Monday, June 04, 2007

In memory of Loga Alleycats~

Everyone has to face the death in life no matter what because no one will live forever~

While watching the new this evening(I seldom watch the news but just by 'accidentally'),I found out that Loga from Alleycats had passed away.

It's undeniable that this group which is from Penang always gave the best performance all time.They are everyone's all time entertainment .Although they are not the PURE malays but they sing fluent bahasa in their songs.......I love their songs!!!!It sounds that I'm way too 'classic' to admire this singing group..but I still love it!!!!

The first thing that came into my mind once I watched the news was~~~~There's not gonna be any nice songs from them sad~~~~~

Every song has its meaning so as their of my favourite songs from Alleycats is this~~~


Hingga Akhir Nanti

Hingga akhir nanti
kau tetap jadi pujaan walau seribu tahun
walau seribu zaman kutetap menanti

Hingga akhir nanti kau saja idaman hati
segala rasa cinta segala rasa sayang
hanyalah untukmu
hingga akhir nanti

Bulan takkan terang tanpa seri wajahmu
hati takkan tenang tanpa kehadiranmu
rindu dalam sepi rindu dalam mimpi
kutetap menanti
hingga akhir nanti

Datanglah kekasih datanglah padaku
kesetiaan diriku janganlah kau ragu
betapa kukasih betapa kurindu
seandainya kau tahu benarnya cintaku

Sunday, June 03, 2007

New tattoo!!!New day!!!!

It's Sunday!!!!And I've spent my sunday with this best friend,Jaz.

First,we went to Klan Concept because they were having an event at 'klan the houz' usual,graffiti T's everywhere and some DIRTY PORNO T's were sold there.
There a T with PORNOPOLY that's supposed to mean!!!(forgot to take the pic)

They have a tattoo booth there.That's the most happening among the others.Many tattoo lovers gathered around there n have their best tatt.....ME too!!!!

Therefore,i've got this which more to chinese opera style...I was wanting it so much before this and I've found the one I WANT!!!!HOORAY~~~~~~

While waiting for my turn,Jaz was doubting to get one as an JoAnn a.k.a DEVIL kept on persuading her to get bad....not every parents let their children to have tattoos.

It took yen(my tattoo artist) around an hour to finish it...Actually I didn't know how much time he spent..haha...was too high!!!!The pain is not a pain at all!!!MUCH MUCH better than injection..haha..during the process,another tatt artist came and asked me

"Is it pain?"
I haven't even answer then Yen answered for me

"her skin is dead,no feelings at all"
What the fuck?!?!Honestly it's not pain la...haha ..and he nvr treats me as a student at all..haha
but i'm always satisfied with his art of work:)

When I've got home and showed this to mum,her 1st reaction was~~
"You better don't expose yrself in yr dressing and reveal this tattoo when you are with your uncles and aunts"


They are too'KOLOT"...what to do????????
Pity me to have such 'kolot' folks....sedih~~~~~~~

long way to go
upside down
it's done!!!!another thing to bring when i'm dead
under the hot sun...after getting my tattoo

the artistic graffity represents the 3 guys

Friday, June 01, 2007

It's been few days that I didn't blog...Life's SO hectic recently..Busy,Busy and Busy!!!!Too many things to do!!!!Finally,I've got to post something!!!
I was too busy with some project and didn't even have time for myself.The worst was I straight headed to my friend's place on wednesday once I came back from kl and I didnt get to rest at all but had to burn the midnight oil.Even though I couldn't take it but I insisted on finishing the work first.However,Our thing still couldn't finish yet so we continue the next day.We have done this since last week due to our exam the week before....

Finally,everything's done today.But I miss my gang so much especially those clicks whom I didn't get to meet for quite some time.I MISS wai ling,Shaun,Damien,Raymond,Jaz,Ting and the others......I didn't even have time to spend with SAD~~~~~~~~~~*sob*

BUT,I did get to spend my time with my very best friend to death.We spent out time in kl as she purposely came down...