Monday, June 04, 2007

In memory of Loga Alleycats~

Everyone has to face the death in life no matter what because no one will live forever~

While watching the new this evening(I seldom watch the news but just by 'accidentally'),I found out that Loga from Alleycats had passed away.

It's undeniable that this group which is from Penang always gave the best performance all time.They are everyone's all time entertainment .Although they are not the PURE malays but they sing fluent bahasa in their songs.......I love their songs!!!!It sounds that I'm way too 'classic' to admire this singing group..but I still love it!!!!

The first thing that came into my mind once I watched the news was~~~~There's not gonna be any nice songs from them sad~~~~~

Every song has its meaning so as their of my favourite songs from Alleycats is this~~~


Hingga Akhir Nanti

Hingga akhir nanti
kau tetap jadi pujaan walau seribu tahun
walau seribu zaman kutetap menanti

Hingga akhir nanti kau saja idaman hati
segala rasa cinta segala rasa sayang
hanyalah untukmu
hingga akhir nanti

Bulan takkan terang tanpa seri wajahmu
hati takkan tenang tanpa kehadiranmu
rindu dalam sepi rindu dalam mimpi
kutetap menanti
hingga akhir nanti

Datanglah kekasih datanglah padaku
kesetiaan diriku janganlah kau ragu
betapa kukasih betapa kurindu
seandainya kau tahu benarnya cintaku

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