Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I'm lazing around @ Secret Recipe with Hilda...lol...

Doing assignments~~~With cakes!
Oh how I miss cakes so much!!! *'m a cake lover!*

'm blogging cuz I'm on top of the world!
Aunt commented on my fb that my photographing skill has improved TREMENDOUSLY!!!
She even recommended me to join some photographing competition ad join photographing clubs.
Anyone have any infor about it please let me know..I'm searching for it!

Practice makes perfect.
Sadly,I'm too busy with finals and assignments in this sem and don't really get a chance to go for photographing.
'm trying to find more opportunities...gosh!
Uni is driving me crazy!

'm planning to get into something but it's still in my consideration.

Just randomly.XX

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Food Review: Little Taiwan that is not Taiwanese

Everyone's perception about a restaurant:
"When the restaurant is crowded with people waiting in the queue, it serves delicious food, of course."

I'm gonna deny it as the food I had at the restaurant which was crowded served the worst food with SUPERB EXPENSIVE price!!!!

Little Taiwan @ Aeon Jusco was newly opened when my mum and I decided to have our 1st try there.
Everyone was waiting for their seat outside of the restaurant!

The menu

Lil' Josh is serious when it comes to FOOD!

The siblings hood

Fatty bum bum

Chef's recommendation: Spicy beef meat ball noodles , pan fried chicken dumpling, slated chicken chop rice, spicy hot ramee, crispy deep fried fish rice set and 'tang tang' noodles.

The deco.

Little Taiwan:Malaysia Origin.
Only comment:Not Taiwanese and not Malaysian taste at all!

Baby bro with pearl milk tea

This pearl milk tea is superb ex!!!! It's RM 7.90!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The taste was sux..the ice is more than the tea!

Chef's recommendation: "Tang tang " noodles.
Comment: just the usual taste as mee. The noodles tasted more to instant mee instead of handmade mee. Meatballs can get from supermarket and the egg is not marinated enough with the sauce.
One word- Failed!

Mum's dish: Super spicy ramee and deep fried chicken chop
Comment: The ramee doesn't taste 'fresh'.The same as my 'instant' mee. The soup is not really spicy,didn't reach the 'super hot' standard. The chicken chop is so-so.

Bro's dish:Minced meat Lou Shu Fan. Too much gracy makes the Lou Shu Fan too soft.

Chef's recommendation: Pan fried Chicken Dumpling. The dumpling in Sabah is nicer then this. It's RM 6.90 for 4 pieces only! There's better 'deal' in Sabah where 10 pieces for RM 6! Taste much better than Little Taiwan.

Bumped into cousins and aunt and spent few hours at the restaurant.

Couz Kaibo with his foolish act-"The straw"

The service @ Little Taiwan is bad too!!!!!!
No more 2nd time for me!

My not-so-daring bro

Dinnr at aunt's place on the 4th day of CNY.
Aunt cooked lots of delicious food.Didn't get to take the pics of the food as I was rushing to her place and everyone's started eating. :)

As usual,cousins and bro like to play fireworks so much.
See my 'chicken-out' bro...haha

Couz kaibo who is super daring and way too active

The sparkle
baby bro

haha...baby bro was so damn scared to light the fireworks compare to my small size cousin

Couz kaiwen and moi

the beautiful side of her

Just a short post.Randomly.

Friday, March 19, 2010

St.Patrick's Day@ Cock and Bull,KK

I used to drink Guinness Stout but not Guinness Draught.
Bear in mind,they are not twins but 'siblings'.

My 1st time celebrating St.Patrick's Day and it's in Sabah.*Honoured*
I'm glad that my not-so-wanted to go for the celebration did turn out to be a great night.
I was the one bugging Samuel to go at first and also the one who wanted to 'chicken-out' at the last min.Then ,he started to complaint that I didn't keep my promise.
Btw,it's not easy for me to find someone who drinks Guinness!
Moreover, I was on the fence of good and bad mood so I thought drinking could make me feel better.
It's proven!

We celebrated St.Patrick's Day at the newly opened Cock & Bull @ Jesselton Point.
Cock & Bull is the most perfect place to chill out for beer,cocktail, Guinness and so on.
They have free popcorn!!!!!!!
We ordered 3 pints and we got a redemption coupon and a lucky draw coupon.

The creamy Draught which made me fall in love so much........

I have another motive for the St.Patrick's Day.To aim for the HUGE hat!!!
We need 4 coupons to redeem it!!!!

I didn't get to collect it yet since we had only one redemption coupon.Borrowed it from the Guinness pretty ladies

The bar which had variety of alcohol displayed on the rack.

The 1st sip was super awesome!!!!!!!!

The creamy and delicate Draught!It's perfect for the night!

We arrived before the event started.At least got some time to cam-whore with the Guinness!

When it's 10pm for the event to start!

Raise a glass to Arthur......................................

My pint of Guinness and I

Samuel with his
Guinness Draught from the tap....

3 pints for 2

Our lucky draw coupon and Guinness

My seniors joined us for the night but they didn't really drink.

The lovebirds

Cynthia,Sze li and Moi

Have a Guinness and a smile put on you.................I was really happy that day due to a surprise!!!!
The kind bartender who kept refilling popcorn for me..hehe

On Cynthia's request to act nerd with Guinness Draught

The organizer even prepared magic show for the audience!

Magician with his yellow umbrella.He did some act on flying the table and blah blah blah.....

Ricky,Jia Shin and Weng May from UTC joined us after that.

When it's time for the question and answer session,I was so eager as I wanted to win another 2 more redemption coupon to get the HUGE hat!!!

The first question he asked:"Are you a regular Stout drinker?"
I answered:"Yes,I drink all sorts of alcohol."

When I was asked if I noticed the logo on Guinness Stout,I was like "Gosh!How ah?I don't know leh."

Question given to me:"Where's Guinness brewed?"
Him:"Which part?"
Me:"Dublin". I was like thanked GOD I read KenWooi's blog before that.
Him:"I know but where is it brewed?"
Me:"No idea." *mati kong kiao kiao*
Him:"I give you a clue,St.........."
It was not a right answer though.............

When I showed innocent face,I was given another chance to answer 1 more question.
"Where's Guinness from?"
"Which part?"
"I said the answer already."
"Said again la..."

And when I admited that I never noticed the logo as I always get drunk...lol..........

I got the 2 redemption coupons!!!!!!!
Total 4 coupons Ricky has one too!!!
Quickly rushed to the counter to get my hat! MAD LOVE!!!

As for the lucky draw session,we were supposed to won at leats 2 pints of Guinness Draught but we didn't have the customer's copy!!!We have nothing!!!
The system was suck!!!!!!!

Jia Shin with my HUGE hat!!!

Ricky-the drinker!

And last but not least, the 2 Malaccan young ladies.The Master in Chemical Engineering lady and
the Bachelor in International Business Lady.

Cock&Bull is the best place to wind up and down the night....

Buenos Noche.......

Happy St.Patrick's Day!