Friday, November 28, 2008

My wardrobe's driving me CRAZY!

Everytime I come back,there's a mission for me to accomplish!


Sometimes I love doing it but sometimes I hate doing so.
It's just doing something with no ending!!!!!
This is because I have loads of clothes!

That's why my friends who have been to my room and seen all the clothes are jealous that I have tons of CLOTHES!
It's not something good!

Last night was the first night that I've started my mission before meeting up with my friends.
Just to pass my time~

When I'm bored enough clearing it up,I've done something interesting in my room!

And of course my bro's the victim as I don't have a lil' sis besides my childish 2 year younger sis!

He's just so cute~pretty~handsome~funny!

Entertaining????He's having fun too though!!!!

Since the first day I came home~
*my comfy bed is used to put my clothes but not for me to sleep*
I have to clear this up!
And I realised that I have more blackie than the other colours!!!!!!

*That's not all for it as I have clothes all around my room!*

I'm not done with my mission yet!!!!
I'm going insane!!!!

The unplanned Wednesday~

Lil' josh has been bugging me to bring him out since the day I came back.He's even cleverer when he knows that I've got my salary.Include my sis too!
They are just so 'GOOD' in making me declaring 'BANKRUPTCY' .

I always reward him if he's obedient enough.haha....
But he's a good boy when I'm at home as I'm the BIG SIS!He must listens to me!!!!

I've bought few clothes at a stock clearance price!!!It's not about the trend is on but the clothes that I like!
That's why my friends are so jealous at me for grabbing sales items!
I don't care if it's out-of-date as long as I have ideas to make it look good on me!!!!

Something funny happened.When lil' Josh demanding for a toy from mum,I was smart enough to convince him not to buy it.
"You want a toy or you want to eat?"
Guess what?He quickly put down the toy and said that he wanted to have food..haha...
Anything can be solved with him as long as it involves FOOD!

And here so sis started her cam whore session!

Josh is always annoyed to cam-whore with sis
A better shot from her!
see Josh's expression!He didn't even give a damn!
She's always got caught with this act..haha

And she started to take me as her 'tool' for cam-whoring~~~~

I was annoyed enough....

Next,she asked mum to take a pic~

Bursting laugh from mum as sis asked mum to pose like
She asked mum to pretend drinking her coffee!!!WTH?!?!?!
See my sis's lips!
I *heart* black & white!
Cutie Josh!
We have nothing better to do!
Then Josh insisted me to take a pic of his Nike sneakers!
The 'classic' picture which shows my BUNNY tooth!

The last pic sis 's taken before I asked her to stop cam-whoring!!

p/s:I've collected my new contact lenses just few hours before my couz's wedding and I was shocked to see the effect of the colour after wearing it.It's HONEY but it looks like FIRE RED!OMG!!!But luckily it looks good after few days..haha...
*The consequence of buying it without testing each of the colour as I was away in Sabah*

Clubbing night on Wednesday!
I kept changing my mind to go or not to go as a friend of mine seemed so desperate to club !

We went to the club for the music and the cocktails!
But ended up with beers~
And the 1st time ever I taught a guy the right way to drink a tequila shot!

Too much beers make me falling sick now!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Late post!

've been too busy during the whole week and didn't get to update the post a.s.a.p!
Always busy with lots of activities after work and got home too 'EARLY'!

I love this clubbing night as someone's got to make it even though she's owned by someone!!!
She's still the same ol' her before and after marriage!

Honestly,nowadays ,those are married have more freedom than those are in a relationship.We have example by someone in our life!!!!
*not crappin'*

A night full of alcohol!
Flaming Lamborghini~

I love this!
She's always by my side~
The night she had beers~ok,she drinks liquor but not beers~
She's still the same~~~~~~
the trilo~one has disappeared!!!!
I just love her mann~~~~
Sherlynn and cathy~
Krishna and moi~Thnx for yr compliments~you have loads of compliment for me...haha..surprise to see me like this right?!?!?!?!?!?

I bumped into loads of familiar faces during the whole night and that's the feelings I've been finding once I've got home.Home sweet home is always the best!!!!

p/s:I met with few ass hole guys inside and outside of the club!Damn fucking shit!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

My resting day after a week of work!

Finally the day for me to have enough rest and SLEEP!!!!

Be a log is my habit!!!!

Spent my time updating my blog once I woke up while waiting for someone to call me to get my salary.So,I went to get it at around 3 something.It's quite hectic for me as I've got to set off to Port Dickson to attend my cousin's wedding at 4.30p.m.

Cash in hand!!!!Damn excited!!!
And I've spent RM XXX once I've got it.OMFG!
I was informed that they will be going for 'ikan bakar' for dinner!!!!I can't make it!!!!!!!
No postpone as some of them got to go back to KL tomorrow.
Btw,I've got extra incentive for my good performance for the whole week.
Everyone kept complimenting me during the week.
Even the lady boss was kinda surprised that I could handle any situation when everyone's busy.Actually my job wasn't only doing sales but also as a helper for the lady boss..haha...
It was fun working with that bunch of gang!!!
Will update some pics soon as we took it while we were way too free.

And here's my couz's wedding!
I was so damn bored at the dinner as most of my cousins are far far away from M'sia but at least there's a close couz to chat with.We always do that when we meet and have loads of stuff to talk about!

on the way~with my lil' couzie

We reached Port Dickson quite early so my aunt and mum suggested to grab some 'food'!
I don't know what should I call it.......

This is the stuff I was talking about!

Cam-whore while waiting for the aunties~

The naughty ones~
Sis & bro~
Sis kept asking me to cam-whore with her...her habit!!!!

The kids~

with our couzy~

Get irritating with sis's phone~I miss my phone so much!!!!
The last cam-whore~

p/s:I was so damn terrible when my grandaunt spoke to me as I can't understand Hok Chew language!!!All my couzins can understand except my sis and I .In the nick of time,I quickly grab my mum to translate for me AND OF COURSE to answer what my grandaunt asked.