Friday, November 28, 2008

My wardrobe's driving me CRAZY!

Everytime I come back,there's a mission for me to accomplish!


Sometimes I love doing it but sometimes I hate doing so.
It's just doing something with no ending!!!!!
This is because I have loads of clothes!

That's why my friends who have been to my room and seen all the clothes are jealous that I have tons of CLOTHES!
It's not something good!

Last night was the first night that I've started my mission before meeting up with my friends.
Just to pass my time~

When I'm bored enough clearing it up,I've done something interesting in my room!

And of course my bro's the victim as I don't have a lil' sis besides my childish 2 year younger sis!

He's just so cute~pretty~handsome~funny!

Entertaining????He's having fun too though!!!!

Since the first day I came home~
*my comfy bed is used to put my clothes but not for me to sleep*
I have to clear this up!
And I realised that I have more blackie than the other colours!!!!!!

*That's not all for it as I have clothes all around my room!*

I'm not done with my mission yet!!!!
I'm going insane!!!!

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