Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's been a long time since we had our last long chat in MSN.

We're not that close but we did talk to each other before.
You're the one who made me 'WAKE UP' in my life after those mistakes I've done.

Sometimes a human will never realise that what he/she is doing is just a piece of crap!
In our long talk,you told me that you've always wanted to tell me more about the hopeless guy but both of us are always busy.
Finally we've got to talk to each other and now I know how SHIT is his life!
For me,his life's just SHIT enough.
He's still the same since I knew him and I've never thought that he's never changed to a better person.
He's living a life which he used to be since he's born.
He's growing up in an environment which gives him no future for himself.
He's going through a lifestyle which he thinks is the best for him.
He's just never thought of his own future but wasting his time in something useless for him.

When you told me that you're happy for me after I told you about a good news,I knew I've done something right at last!
It was a difficult step for me to take in developing something new which has made me fell down times by times before this.
But I let myself to have the guts to progress it for a step ahead.
Now ,thing is getting better and it's something right for me to have the courage!

All I can say about the hopeless guy is
Or maybe you can just see him fail to succeed in life~

I have no comment about him anymore~
He's just a piece of SHIT now!
In the past,present and future!

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