Friday, December 05, 2008


Just right after my dinner at home,I've got a call.Someone called to my house but not my mobile phone.
Only my cousins and relatives would call to my house phone when they wana look for me.
But I've got to guess who's that 'STRANGER' when he called!
Haha....Can't escape from my intelligence!!!!
And again,he came down all the way from KL without any 'notice'!!!!

We went for food,of course AND it's my 2nd round of dinner.
I had to accompany him to SEARCH for spicy food at the food court while my aunt just waited for the food to serve to her.
He just loves spicy food so much.
But too bad the 'ikan bakar' wasn't spicy enough for US!

Later then,we headed for a 'drink' at McD.
Supposed to get our order but the queue was so damn long~
Forget about it~Just rather spent our time chit-chatting with each other!

The last time we met was a year ago ~
Time flies as quick as lightning ~
And our life's changed in this one year~
He's been seeing changes in my life~

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