Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just a memory in life~

Final countdown for the end of my war....
that's why recently I keep on posting the pics in high school which is just a memory in my life now....feeling happy to be free!!!!!!

*I might look weird for you to see me in uniform..haha..just be prepared to c this post

my best~~~est malay fren in high school
our preparation for national day

i was damn a malay girl
chief minister's giving his speech..'Jo,jaga lah tingkah laku u!!!"..haha
the fiercest prefect in school..thats why I was nominated as the most dedicated prefect among everyone in school!
the weirdo one

Last but not least,the most important 'KNOWLEDGE' for everyone!


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pity him~

This cute lil' tiny bike~belongs to a friend in shanghai !
Bad luck has put him into a sad situation right now because his bike is in the police station now.It's not because of traffic offence or riding this bike without's because of that guy whom he bough this bike from has put him into a disaster now!!!!!!!!!!!
He doesn't own the license for this bike and that guy has forgotten wher did he buy this bike!!!!!!

Honestly,I feel sad for him though ~his only transport.....haha....
I did ask him to buy me one of this and send it to me by air..haha...I DO LOVE THIS BIKE SO MUCH !

Anyway,to my dearest friend~go to the temple and pray for yr bike be safe and go back to yr life again!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My biggest lesson during exam!

Today-the 2nd day of my biggest war in my life!
I wana be FREE!!!!!!
Can i just escape from it and go for holidays around the world??????
I really cant stand it anymore!
Finally I've finished my General paper this afternoon and it's gonna be a 'BiG' lesson for me.
This is because I've wasted lot of time during the paper.When I've finished my essays,I was thinking that I still had time to rest and relax*Winks*.....

However.....................................I WAS WRONG!
I only had an hour to finish the last 2 parts of the paper which involve many calculation!!!!!
Die la this time!!!!!

I've spent 40 mins finishing my 2nd last part and guess what?????I've left 10 mins to complete the last part for the paper!!!!
I almost cried out because I was worrying that I couldn't finish my paper and the 15 marks for the last part would just 'FLY AWAY' like a bird...
'I'm not gonna let this happened as I know the answer'.thats what I've told myself eventhough there's just 10 mins left........
THANK GOD!!!!Ive got to complete the whole paper!!!
(cuz I can write damn fast)

But I'm still worrying about the paper because I'm worried that I don't get a flying colour result for it as I've put all my effort on it!!!!


Saturday, November 17, 2007


I've got my favourite singer's album!!!
Britney Spears-BLACKOUT~

I love the photos in her new album so much!!!!

*I did talk something bad about her new look but I still like her songs ..haha*

BUT............................I keep on wondering about something of her in this new album-her body figure~She looks slim in every 1st reaction to sis was:
'I think these photos were taken before she gave birth'
Such a silly me..haha...anyway she looks off the hook in those photos

Honestly,All her new songs in this album is nice!!!!!

I've bought the original cd k.....not pirated...
Sometimes we should support the original one la
my all time favourite
one of my favourite pic


I've got these new taste of Dentyne chewing gum while I was shopping this's nice!!!!!!!
Teeth whitening tool!!!!
Best kisser tool!!!!!
Fresh breathe~~~~~~~

I asked from that promoter the 2nd time for this chewing gum..haha...F.O.C!!!!!!!!
take more is better la..don't need to waste money to buy..haha

You should try it too!!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

My belated bday celebration!

cam whoring while waiting for my Darl

A dinner before my Darl heading back and that's what all I've planned for.So ,Darl suggested to go for a buffet dinner.
Bamboo Hut was our 1st option but we've changed it to Everly hotel for the dinner as the food is delicious!
They have nice food,friendly service from the chefs and waitress and waiters,nice environment too!

Honestly ,We didn't really eat much because a small portion of the food there could make you full!

Earlier,I did joke with Damien to buy a cake for me as he owed me one but he kept on saying it's too late already as my birthday's passed...haha.
*the hotel offers buy 1 free 1 cake after 8pm* i think it's worth it!

While we were digesting our food,Darl and Rivon went to buy the cake as I though it's cheap and maybe they wanted to bring it back.

After 10 mins..............................................

Something's wrong when I saw the waitress brought a cake with candles lighting to our table.The 1st thing that I was thinking about was whose birthday could it be as I've celebrated mine with them.hhmmmmmm....maybe it's Rivon's birthday cuz he was smiling and seemed like waiting for his cake..haha...then here came the cake to me...OMG!!!!
It's such a nice and big surprise!!!!!!!!!I was soooo happy!!!!!!!
Then the band came to our table and sang a bday song for me...such a nice birthday celebration~
*A big hug for my darl*

my belated bday surprise!
unforgettable moment in my life!love ya
the contented me
it's time to cut the cake!actually i didn't know when should I cut it cuz they sang non-stop..haha
the over joyful me
enjoying my bday song from the band ..hehe
thnx for the bday song!
the so-called CEO was too full after finishing the whole plate of food
Damien likes to piss off ppl..haha
he's always HOT..maybe cuz of the lead singer of the band..haha
love her to death
damien's took 20 secs to ask us get ready n this is wat happened
the girls
ya this pic is time wear skinny jeans la
1st victims:Sad Faces(we're asked to show our sad faces by Damien)
2nd victim:Sad face~:(
she's happy all the time and cheers me up
sexy back~

no comment
he insisted to take a pic from my back
damien said this is n ice...maybe his art is damn bad
just the both of us
talking abt business
i think he's fallen in love with the lead singer
admiring him?~?~?irritating at him?~?~?~haha...thats our expression
wat the hell is this?!?!?!?!albar,next time wear mini skirt..haha

'Sweet couple'~thats wat Darl said
the only pic with him during the whole night
he likes to play with girls' handbag..this pic was taken without my knowledge
'I want that girl!'

circumstances to take a nice pic..haha

was just joking abt this pose at 1st
miss belated bday girl
his 1st shot
macam dia punya~
he adores my flower
c his eyes?!?!?!?he's trying to act macho
a woman kept on forcing Rivon to buy it..haha
damien's bought this in a pic..haha
Gift from my darl al the way from it!!
the lovely blue rose from my darl

I did have a great night with u guys and thnx for the dinner!
It's an unforgettable bday celebration for me...i'M SO happy!
lots of lovexxxxxxxxxxx,